A Guide to the Office of the Vice-President, Louis A. Pardue, 1950-1963 Pardue, Louis A., Office of the Vice-President RG 3/3

A Guide to the Office of the Vice-President, Louis A. Pardue, 1950-1963

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Accession number
RG 3/3
Office of the Vice-President, Louis A. Pardue 1950-1963
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24 containers; 24.0 cu. ft.
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Collection contains 1,072 folders consisting of general correspondence, general reports, financial reports, enrollment statistics, commencement and inaugural reports, minutes, and departmental information collected by Dr. Louis A. Pardue from 1950 through 1963 while holding the offices of Vice-President and Director of Graduate Studies. There is also correspondence relating to the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Science (ORINS).

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Collection is open to research.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish material from the Pardue papers must be obtained from Special Collections, Virginia Tech.

Preferred Citation

Office of the Vice-President, Louis A. Pardue, Accession #RG 3/3, Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.

Acquisition Information

The Pardue Papers were transferred to the University Archives from the University's Records Management Services September 11, 1973 and June 30, 1978.

Processing Information

The processing, arrangement and description of the Pardue papers commenced in September 2000 and was completed in May 2005.

Biographical/Historical Information

Dr. Louis A. Pardue (1901-1963), a native of Scottsville, Kentucky, received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Kentucky and a Ph.D. in Physics from Yale University. He also taught physics at Yale University, Lehigh University, and Lincoln Memorial University. During World War II, he served both at Chicago and Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in the "Manhattan Project," which developed the atomic bomb, and along with 17 other scientists in the "Manhattan Project," signed a petition to the President of United States urging limited and responsible use of atomic weapons. He came to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1950 from the University of Kentucky, where he was Dean of the Graduate School. While at VPI, Dr. Pardue, held the offices of Vice-President and Director of Graduate Studies for roughly 13 years and is credited with playing a major role in the development of instructional and research programs at VPI. Dr. Pardue died on April 27, 1963.

Scope and Content

This collection consists primarily of correspondence relating to Pardue's duties both as Vice-President and Director of Graduate Studies. However, there also are extensive correspondence and other material of the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Science (ORINS). VPI was a member of ORINS and Pardue served on the Council and Board of Directors.

Also included in the collection are: Education Policy and Program Committee minutes (1950-51); correspondence with the General Education Board and the State Board of Education; correspondence, proposals, and committee minutes concerning establishment of joint Home Economics program for VPI and Radford; annual reports (1949-51); Southern Association of Colleges and Universities material; minutes and other items from the Board of Control for Southern Regional Education; correspondence from the Department of Health Education and Welfare; correspondence with President Newman and President Hahn; reports from the Engineering Faculty concerning military situation at VPI; notices, memoranda, and reports from the Federal Communications Commission Joint Committee on Educational Television; Graduate Committee minutes (1949-55); a list of advanced degrees given from 1889-1950; memoranda, general rules, articles and other items dealing with the Corps of Cadets and ROTC; correspondence, minutes, and other items concerning the National Collegiate Athletic Association; news releases; speech material; questionnaires on various subjects; State Board of Education material; Student Activities Committee material including charters and other items of various student organizations; correspondence and reports dealing with the VPI Educational Foundation; minutes and other material from conferences of Deans of Graduate Schools (1948-54); Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Committee material; Centennial Committee material; scattered Academic Council minutes and course proposals; Association of Land-Grant Colleges information; material concerning faculty listings, salaries, appointments, resignations, leaves of absence, and adjustments (1951 to 1962); correspondence with the agriculture, applied mechanics, applied science and business administration, architecture, biology, chemistry, engineering, English and foreign language, geology, mathematics, physics, physical education, philosophy and religion, vocational education, and veterinary medicine departments at VPI; letters to the United States Congress; information from the Atomic Energy Commission; material relating to the Fulbright program; correspondence from students and their families; correspondence to administrative departments and faculty; National Defense Education Act (NDEA) reports; scholarship, graduate assistantship, and doctoral fellowship information; correspondence from the Danville branch of VPI; National Science Foundation materials; nuclear energy information; Ford Foundation material; reports from the Association of University Professors; material used in summer programs at VPI for high school teachers; student information concerning commencement, foreign students, letters of recommendation, international exchange programs, and student censure; Science Advisory Committee reports and correspondence.

The ORINS material includes correspondence, annual reports, Board of Directors minutes, budget reports, project reports and proposals, organizational charts, news releases, and Glenwood School drawings (architectural layouts for proposed addition to ORINS).


The collection is arranged chronologically in alphabetical sequence. For all years, there may be some material dated prior to that particular year.

Contents List

Box-folder 1:1
A, General 1951

correspondence and reports concerning religion and education, accreditation, and acceleration of graduating engineering students

Box-folder 1:2
Admissions Office-Farrier 1951

admittance information and correspondence with ROTC and Architecture departments

Box-folder 1:3
Agriculture-Young 1951

consideration of expansion of curriculum and activities of Agricultural Extension Division

Box-folder 1:4
Applied Mechanics-Pletta 1951

salary survey of Virginia engineering schools

Box-folder 1:5
Applied Science and Business Administration-Johnson 1951

proposal from the dean about adding more humanities courses

Box-folder 1:6
Architecture-Cowgill 1951

possibility of losing department's accreditation

Box-folder 1:7
Association of American Colleges and Universities 1951

lack of VPI membership in A.A.C.U.

Box-folder 1:8
Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities 1951

committee reports, budgetary information, and correspondence about graduate programs

Box-folder 1:9
Biology-Wilson 1951

report on first Pan-American Veterinary Congress held in Peru

Box-folder 1:10a-d
Board of Control for Southern Regional Education 1951
4 folders;

committee reports, meeting agendas, and procedural guidelines

Box-folder 1:11
Business Manager-Cassell 1951

summary of budget requests and capital outlays as well as a budgetary report for the Engineering Experiment Station

Box-folder 1:12
C, General 1951

contains letters from Central Scientific Co., a consultant firm, and Coe College

Box-folder 1:13
Chemical Engineering-Vilbrandt 1951

survey of departments in North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia; report on graduate programs

Box-folder 1:14
Chemistry-Watson 1951

research proposals, report on the Reducing action of metals in ammonia

Box-folder 1:15
Civil Engineering-Brinker 1951

Federal grant application

Box-folder 1:16
Cooperative Program of Graduate Work in Education 1951

standardization of the Teacher Education graduate program

Box-folder 1:17
D, General 1951

list of the floor space used by the various departments

Box-folder 1:18
Deans-Agriculture, Applied Science, Engineering 1951

correspondence and faculty funding program information

Box-folder 1:19
Disciplinary Committee 1951

regulations concerning student honor code offenders

Box-folder 1:20
E, General 1951

enrollment information and correspondence concerning college programs affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America

Box-folder 1:21
Educational Policy and Program Committee 1951

meeting minutes

Box-folder 1:22
Engineering-Norris 1951

correspondence about graduate and undergraduate programs as

Box-folder 1:23
English and Foreign Language-Harrison 1951

grade percentage statistics from English and Foreign language classes

Box-folder 1:24
Extension Service-Dietrick 1951
Box-folder 1:25
F, General 1951

fellowship program, correspondence about school work load for VPI freshmen

Box-folder 1:26
Faculty Appointments, Agriculture 1951
Box-folder 1:27
Faculty Appointments, Applied Science and Business Administration 1951
Box-folder 1:28a-b
Faculty Appointments, Engineering 1951
2 folders
Box-folder 1:29
Faculty, Leaves of Absence 1951
Box-folder 1:30
Faculty, Pending Adjustments 1951

information about faculty promotions

Box-folder 1:31
Faculty, Resignations 1951
Box-folder 1:32
G, General 1951

correspondence from the General Institute of Technology and a general survey concerning religious attitudes of college students

Box-folder 1:33
General Education Board 1951

correspondence regarding VPI exchanges with the GEB of New York City about scholarships and grants

Box-folder 1:34
Geology-Cooper 1951

proposal about establishing a geology camp at Saltville, Virginia

Box-folder 1:35
Guidance and Placement-Cato 1951

correspondence concerning the Selective Service Qualification test at VPI

Box-folder 1:36
H, General correspondence from the Huston Alumni Chapter, F. Helsaback,

correspondence from the Huston Alumni Chapter, F. Helsaback, and M. Huntley

Box-folder 1:37
Higher Education 1951

statements about military draft deferments for college students, and a copy of higher education financial aid bill presented in the Senate

Box-folder 1:38
Home Economics-Tate 1951

student and staff complaints concerning Home Economics department's administration

Box-folder 2:39
Home Economics Committee 1951

correspondence and proposals concerning the establishment of a joint program between VPI and Radford, minutes of committee set up to oversee this program

Box-folder 2:40
Institute of International Education 1951

Fulbright division

Box-folder 2:41
Invitations 1951

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 2:42
K, General 1951

study of remedial reading programs

Box-folder 2:43
Library-Robb 1951

debate over binding student theses

Box-folder 2:44
Mathematics-Hatcher 1951

grade percentages and correspondence encouraging professors to teach fewer classes and conduct more research

Box-folder 2:45
Military-Merritt 1951

instructions for behavior of corps of cadets and guidelines for compulsory two year participation in corps for students

Box-folder 2:46
Minutes of Graduate Committee 1951
Box-folder 2:47
National Education Association 1951

reports and confidential memos concerning a perceived shortage of military personnel

Box-folder 2:48
Personnel Office-Richmond 1951

includes survey from American Association of University Professors concerning salary increases for teaching faculty

Box-folder 2:49
Plant Pathology and Physiology-Wingard 1951

complaints about shortage of laboratory equipment

Box-folder 2:50
President-Walter Newman 1951

Newman's involvement in a South Carolina lawsuit about racial segregation in education for more information about this lawsuit, see: files #1 and #65 in box 6 of Newman's papers

Box-folder 2:51
Public Health Service 1951

correspondence concerning financial assistance for employees attending VPI

Box-folder 2:52
Public Relations-McNeil 1951

reclassification of students' class standing (Freshmen, Sophomore,etc..); reports about history and by-laws of cadet corps

Box-folder 2:53
R, General 1951

correspondence regarding instruction in radio and television technology

Box-folder 2:54
Registrar-Slusher 1951

"survey of small classes" survey

Box-folder 2:55
Southern Association of Colleges and Universities 1951

annual reports, monthly bulletins, and circulars

Box-folder 2:56
State Board of Education 1951

annual reports and "outlines for suggested courses in government and history at Virginia's secondary schools"

Box-folder 2:57
Statistics-Harshbarger 1951

U.S. Naval funding for research

Box-folder 2:58
Student and Students' Families Correspondence 1951

re-admittance of former students and disciplinary actions against students

Box-folder 2:59
Student Affairs and Foreign Students 1951

correspondence and reports concerning students called up by draft board and regulations on student-owned vehicles

Box-folder 2:60
T, General 1951

proposal for introduction of business administration courses at the Danville branch

Box-folder 2:61
Veterinary Medicine Selection Committee 1951

placement of VPI students in the veterinary program at University of Georgia

Box-folder 2:62
VPI Educational Foundation-Hutcheson 1951

annual report to the board of directors

Box-folder 2:63
Vocational Education-Sanders 1951

reports from "34th Annual Conference of White Instructors of Vocational Agriculture"

Box-folder 2:64
W, General 1951

agricultural engineering newsletter

Box-folder 2:65
A, General 1952

circulars, bulletins, inquiries, and announcements

Box-folder 2:66
Admissions Office-Farrier 1952

statement on "Basic Division of VPI"

Box-folder 2:67
Agronomy-Dunton 1952

pasture and forage crop research

Box-folder 2:68
Applied Mechanics-Pletta 1952

Petition to Southern Regional Education Board for "establishment of a Regional Center in Applied Mechanics at VPI"

Box-folder 2:69
Architecture-Cowgill 1952

proposed expansion of facilities and cooperative office supply purchase program

Box-folder 2:70
Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities 1952

agenda for and correspondence about 66th annual meeting

Box-folder 2:71a-b
Board of Control for the Southern Regional Education Association 1952
2 folders;

VPI had no representative on Board of Directors, but received meeting minutes and newsletters

Box-folder 2:72
Business Manager-Cassell 1952

budget summary for vice-president's office

Box-folder 2:73
Ceramic Engineering-Dear 1952

minutes from Lithographer's meeting

Box-folder 2:74
Chemical Engineering-Vilbrandt 1952

report from engineering faculty regarding discontent and high levels of resignation of cadet corps members

Box-folder 2:75
Chemistry-Watson 1952

research proposals and departmental policy on "outside contract work"

Box-folder 2:76
Commission on Graduate Programs 1952

agenda and reports from meetings

Box-folder 2:77
Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools 1952

meeting agenda and reports

Box-folder 2:78
Engineering-Norris 1952

financial summary for Danville branch and redesign of merit salary increase programs

Box-folder 2:79a-b
Faculty Adjustments 1952
2 folders
Box-folder 2:80
Faculty Appointments, Agriculture 1952
Box-folder 2:81
Faculty Appointments, Applied Science and Business Administration 1952
Box-folder 3:82
Faculty Appointments, Engineering 1952
Box-folder 3:83
Faculty, Leaves of Absence 1952
Box-folder 3:84
Faculty, Library 1952
Box-folder 3:85
Faculty, Resignations 1952
Box-folder 3:86
Faculty, Summer sessions 1952
Box-folder 3:87
General Education Board 1952

correspondence regarding grants and fellowships for VPI faculty and students

Box-folder 3:88a-b
Graduate School 1952
2 folders;

list of students from VPI awarded graduate degrees from 1900-1951

Box-folder 3:89
Guidance and Placement-Cato 1952

exchange of correspondence concerning testing of students for the cooperative program

Box-folder 3:90
Guidance Programs in Virginia 1952

master's thesis on guidance services at Virginia Universities

Box-folder 3:91
Home Economic Committee-VPI and Radford 1952

copy of unified program and a list of extension service agents

Box-folder 3:92
Institute of International Education 1952

Fulbright division

Box-folder 3:93
L, General 1951-52

list of VPI faculty joining the Virginia Academy of Science

Box-folder 3:94
Military-Merritt 1952

report on ROTC camp at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

Box-folder 3:95
Mimeographs 1952

copies of campus regulations, theses, and graduate committee meetings

Box-folder 3:96
National Research Council 1952

surveys on University's patent policies and fellowship programs

Box-folder 3:97
Physical Education-Younger 1952

policy for granting college credit for Physical Education courses

Box-folder 3:98
President-Newman 1952

rejection of offer from Duke University to form a joint Forestry program

Box-folder 3:99
Questionnaires 1952
Box-folder 3:100
Registrar-Slusher 1952

enrollment statistics and list of students labeled as "academically

Box-folder 3:101
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1952

meeting reports and minutes

Box-folder 3:102
Southern Regional Education Board 1952


Box-folder 3:103
Student Activities Committee 1952

regulations about the behavior and housing situation for female guests of students

Box-folder 3:104a-b
Television 1952
2 folders;

Notices, memoranda, reports from Federal Communications Commission, and report about the use of educational television

Box-folder 3:105
University of North Carolina 1952

correspondence concerning the search for a University of North Carolina chancellor

Box-folder 3:106
Veterinary Medicine, Selection Committee 1952

letters and reports about openings for VPI students in programs at other universities

Box-folder 3:107
A, General 1953

letters and reports from advisory boards about foreign students at VPI

Box-folder 3:108
Admissions Office 1953

statistics concerning freshman enrollment in specific courses

Box-folder 3:109a-b
Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities 1953
2 folders;

reports on graduate programs, educational television, and accrediting

Box-folder 3:110
Biology-Wilson 1953

correspondence concerning faculty performance and proposals for a new microbiology program

Box-folder 3:111
Chemical Engineering-Vilbrandt 1953

summer conference agenda and research proposals

Box-folder 3:112
Civil and Sanitary Engineering-Brinker 1953

proposed changes to curriculum

Box-folder 4:113a-c
Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools 1953
3 folders;

reports and minutes from committee meetings; list of fellowship applications

Box-folder 4:114
Deans, General 1952-53

correspondence between departmental deans concerning administrative policies and instructors' salaries

Box-folder 4:115
Dean of Agriculture-Dietrick 1953

correspondence about the lack of necessary educational background of incoming freshmen

Box-folder 4:116
Dean of Applied Science and Business Administration-Johnston 1953

new program proposals

Box-folder 4:117
Dean of Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1953

recommendations relative to research and graduate study

Box-folder 4:118
Education Policy and Program Committee 1952-53

reports and meeting minutes

Box-folder 4:119
Electrical Engineering-Murray 1953

letters from Dr. Murray to Dr. Pardue regarding the restructuring of faculty involvement in policy making

Box-folder 4:120
Extension Training, Cooperative Industry 1953

participation of area industrial employees in night classes at VPI

Box-folder 4:121
Faculty, Absences 1953
Box-folder 4:122
Faculty, Adjustments 1953
Box-folder 4:123
Faculty, Appointments, Agriculture 1953
Box-folder 4:124
Faculty, Appointments, Applied Science and Business Administration 1953
Box-folder 4:125
Faculty, Appointments, Engineering and Architecture 1953
Box-folder 4:126
Faculty, Library 1953
Box-folder 4:127
Faculty, Resignations 1953
Box-folder 4:128
Faculty, Summer Session 1953

class schedules and lists of faculty from each department who participated during the summer session

Box-folder 4:129
FCC 1953

circulars, bulletins, and notices on educational TV

Box-folder 4:130
General Education Board 1953

scholarships and grants available for VPI students and faculty

Box-folder 4:131
Geology-Cooper 1953

VPI's participation in an annual science fair and its yearly summer camp

Box-folder 4:132
Guidance and Placement-Cato 1953

job placement statistics for VPI graduates

Box-folder 4:133
H, General 1953

circular about cooperative education programs

Box-folder 4:134
Industrial Engineering-Manning 1953

circular about cooperative education programs

Box-folder 4:135
Institute of International Education 1953

Fulbright division

Box-folder 4:136
Invitations 1953

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 4:137
Memorandum 1953

regarding general orders from the military

Box-folder 4:138
Military-Devine 1953

revised articles governing the cadet corps and a report on credit practices for ROTC at other educational institutions

Box-folder 4:139
Mimeographs 1953

"statement on academic freedom and tenure at VPI"

Box-folder 4:140
N, General 1953

letters and meeting minutes from the National Commission on Accrediting

Box-folder 4:141
National Collegiate Athletic Association 1953

meeting minutes

Box-folder 4:142
News Releases and Speech Material 1953

most of the material is undated and relates to school segregation, graduate studies, and research at higher educational institutions

Box-folder 4:143
President-Newman 1953

VPI acceptance of grant funding

Box-folder 4:144
Questionnaires, General 1953
Box-folder 4:145
Questionnaires, Southern Regional Education Board 1953
Box-folder 4:146
Radford College-Martin 1953

statements on Radford's relation to VPI and an outline of Radford's graduate program

Box-folder 4:147
Registrar-Slusher 1953

enrollment statistics and guidelines for reporting student disciplinary problems

Box-folder 5:148
Southern Regional Education Board 1953

new program proposals and meeting minutes

Box-folder 5:149a-b
1953 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1953
2 folders;

includes "special study of the Danville branch of VPI"

Box-folder 5:150
State Board of Education for Virginia 1953

scholarship recommendations, student graduation statistics, and annual reports

Box-folder 5:151
Statistics-Harshbarger 1953

reports on contract work done by faculty members and a report on joint meeting of Biometric Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Box-folder 5:152
Student Activities-Guthridge 1953

reports and correspondence about fraternities, student alcohol consumption, and student conduct guidelines

Box-folder 5:153
Television, Roanoke and Blacksburg 1953

possible establishment of educational television channels in Blacksburg and Roanoke

Box-folder 5:154
VPI Educational Foundation-Hutcheson 1953

budget, salary, and project reports

Box-folder 5:155
Vocational Education 1953

correspondence about program funding

Box-folder 5:156
A, General 1954

reports on education in Virginia

Box-folder 5:157
Admissions Office-Farrier 1954

enrollment statistics

Box-folder 5:158
Agricultural Experiment Station 1952-54

staff recommendations

Box-folder 5:159
Assistantship Recommendations 1954
Box-folder 5:160
Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities 1954

meeting agendas, reports, and budget information

Box-folder 5:161
Chemical Engineering-Vilbrandt 161

newsletters and an article written by Dr. Vilbrandt "Industrial and Engineering Chemistry"

Box-folder 5:162
Chemistry-Watson 1954

report from the Conference on University Research Reactors with 15 illustrations

Box-folder 5:163
Civil Engineering-Brinker 1949-54

correspondence detailing a conflict between Dr. Brinker and Dr. F. Morris spanning several years and punctuated by reciprocal personal and professional attacks

Box-folder 5:164
Doctoral Programs Offered by Southern Universities 1954
Box-folder 5:165
Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1954

reports on instructors making progress towards their PhD.

Box-folder 5:166
Engineering Experiment Station-Whittemore 1954

employment and salary changes

Box-folder 5:167
F, General 1954
Box-folder 5:168
Faculty, Adjustments 1954
Box-folder 5:169
Faculty, Appointments, Agriculture 1954
Box-folder 5:170
Faculty, Appointments, Applied Science and Business Administration 1954
Box-folder 5:171
Faculty, Appointments, Engineering and Architecture 171
Box-folder 5:172
Faculty, Library and General 1954
Box-folder 5:173
Faculty, Personnel Listing 1954
Box-folder 5:174
Faculty, Resignations 1954
Box-folder 5:175
Faculty, Tenure 1954
Box-folder 5:176
Graduate School, General 1954

report on excessive class-work load for graduate students

Box-folder 5:177
H, General 1954

denied request to establish the "Blacksburg Art Association" on VPI campus

Box-folder 5:178
I, General 1954

selected passages taken from the "Intercollegiate Press" newsletter

Box-folder 5:179
Institute of International Education 1954

Fulbright division

Box-folder 5:180
Invitations 1954

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 5:181
M, General 1954

correspondence concerning the teaching of military science at VPI

Box-folder 6:182
Military-Devine 1954

ROTC meeting minutes and correspondence about how the Army and Navy interpret the same order differently

Box-folder 6:183
N, General 1954

letters and reports from the US Navy

Box-folder 6:184
National Science Foundation 1954

financial support survey

Box-folder 6:185
Physics-Robeson 1954

correspondence concerning the lack of available classrooms

Box-folder 6:186
President-Newman 1954

list of faculty members and other personnel lost or advanced due to competitive offers from other institutions

Box-folder 6:187
Questionnaires 1954
Box-folder 6:188
Quotations 1954

quoted from W.A. Jaracz

Box-folder 6:189
Registrar-Slusher 189

enrollment statistics and graduation requirements check list

Box-folder 6:190a-b
Salary for VPI Personnel 1954
2 folders;

study comparing salaries between VPI and other US universities and colleges

Box-folder 6:191a-f
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1954
6 folders;

reports and minutes from various committees

Box-folder 6:192a-b
Southern Regional Education Board 1954
2 folders;

panel reports and conference meetings about doctoral and masters programs

Box-folder 6:193
American Council on Education 1955

meeting minutes, reports, and agendas

Box-folder 6:194
Animal Husbandry-Litton 1954-55

plans for expanding staff members and facilities

Box-folder 6:195a-c
Association of Land-Grant Colleges 1955
3 folders;

includes the association's constitution and "preliminary report of statistics of land-grant colleges and universities"

Box-folder 6:196
B, General 1954-55

British Information Services press release

Box-folder 6:197
Basic Division 1955

correspondence debating whether to eliminate or expand the program

Box-folder 6:198
Biology 1955

new course proposals and research grant application

Box-folder 6:199
Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools 1955

meeting reports and essays on the importance of graduate programs in the southern US

Box-folder 6:200
Deans, General 1954-55

policy on early examinations for students with advanced standing and a progress report from the National Commission on Accrediting

Box-folder 6:201
Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1955

enrollment statistics and fellowship offers

Box-folder 6:202
Engineering Experiment Station 1955

staff appointments to various projects

Box-folder 6:203
Faculty Adjustments 1955
Box-folder 6:204
Faculty Appointments, Agriculture 1954
Box-folder 6:205
Faculty Appointments, Applied Science and Business Administration 1955
Box-folder 7:206
Faculty Appointments, Engineering and Architecture 1955
Box-folder 7:207
Faculty Resignations 1955
Box-folder 7:208
Grade Percentages 1955
Box-folder 7:209
Graduate Assistants 1955

report on the amount of time assistants spent doing research and the amount of time spent supervising them

Box-folder 7:210
Graduate Assistants Applications 1954-55
Box-folder 7:211
Graduate Scholarship Announcements 1953-55
Box-folder 7:212
Graduate School, General 1955

classification of graduate assistantships and description of admissions procedures

Box-folder 7:213
Graphics-Castleman 1952-55

correspondence about restructuring certain programs

Box-folder 7:214
Guidance and Placement-Cato 1954-55

study on VPI's ability to retain students

Box-folder 7:215
Higher Education in Virginia 1955

includes a report entitled "the crisis in higher education"

Box-folder 7:216
IBM 1955

implementation of a computer to tabulate students' grades

Box-folder 7:217
Industrial Engineering-Manning 1955

course outlines and lists of courses required for graduation

Box-folder 7:218a-b
Institute of International Education 1955
2 folders;

Fulbright division

Box-folder 7:219
J, General 1954-55

offer from the "Jewish Chautauqua Society" to provide educational workshops on Jewish culture

Box-folder 7:220
M, General 1955

correspondence concerning US Universities such as Clemson dropping military cadet programs

Box-folder 7:221
Memo Notices Regarding the Military 1955

cadet behavior, conduct guidelines, and schedules

Box-folder 7:222
Military 1955

creation of new educational programs and policies for faculty and students

Box-folder 7:223
Mimeograph 1955

list of materials that have been mimeographed

Box-folder 7:224
Mining Engineering-Holland 1955

approval for proposed courses and correspondence about the "Basic Division" program

Box-folder 7:225
Minutes of Graduate Committee Meetings 1952-55
Box-folder 7:226
National Research Council 1953-55

problems with a proposed program to bring foreign professors to VPI

Box-folder 7:227
National Science Foundation 1955

awards for fellowships and assistantships

Box-folder 7:228
Physics-Hahn 1955

proposed changes to existing courses and the creation of new ones

Box-folder 7:229
Questionnaires, General 1955
Box-folder 7:230
Questionnaires, Junior Colleges in Virginia 1955
Box-folder 7:231
Questionnaires, from VPI 1955
Box-folder 7:232
R, General 1952-55

correspondence between VPI and RCA Service Company, Inc.

Box-folder 7:233
Residence Program 1954-55

description of the program and its application to part-time students

Box-folder 7:234a-e
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1955
5 folders;

letters, reports, minutes, and newsletters concerning executive committee meeting, committee of standards and reports meetings, and steering committee actions

Box-folder 7:235a-c
Southern Regional Education Board 1955
3 folders;

reports and correspondence mainly about agricultural education

Box-folder 8:236
Statistics-Harshbarger 1955

letters and reports from seminars and the summer session

Box-folder 8:237
Student Activities Committee 1955

reports of studies focusing on freshman and cadet corps

Box-folder 8:238
Student Life Regulation Committee 1955

proposal from cadet corps about "punishment tours" and a proposal from the Soil Conservation Society of America

Box-folder 8:239
T, General 1953-55
Box-folder 8:240
University Contract with Foreign Universities 1955
Box-folder 8:241
Veterinary Medicine Selection Committee 1953-55

cancellation of contract between VPI and Texas A & M

Box-folder 8:242
Virginia Advisory Committee on Schools and Colleges 1955

reports and proceedings from the summer conference

Box-folder 8:243
Vocational Education-Sanders 1955

program proposals and articles highlighting the need for Industrial Education courses

Box-folder 8:244
A, General 1956

letters and book reviews of "American Men of Science"

Box-folder 8:245
Accreditation 1956

reports and newsletters about non-regionally accredited institutions

Box-folder 8:246
Admissions Office-Farrier 1956

statistics of incoming freshman and transfer students

Box-folder 8:247
Aeronautical Engineering-Truitt 1956

proposed changes in the undergraduate and graduate curriculum

Box-folder 8:248
Agriculture-Dietrick 1956

proposed new courses and the State Fair committee meeting agenda

Box-folder 8:249
Agricultural Economics-Love 1956

summary of courses taught by each staff member and syllabi for proposed new courses

Box-folder 8:250
Agronomy-Dunton 1956

copy of the VPI Agronomy Club newsletter that summarizes the activities and changes that took place in this department

Box-folder 8:251
American Association of School Administrators 1956

reports from the 2/22/56 meeting

Box-folder 8:252
American Council on education 1956

agendas and minutes from the executive committee meeting

Box-folder 8:253
Applied Mechanics 1955-56

reports and memos concerning the acquisition of a new computer, departmental newsletters, and correspondence about changes to the curriculum

Box-folder 8:254
Applied Science and Business Administration-Johnston 1956

curriculum and research proposals, job opportunities for VPI students at the Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company

Box-folder 8:255
Architecture-Cowgill 1956

reports and letters about graduate programs and the transition to a new five year curriculum for undergraduates

Box-folder 8:256
Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities 1956

correspondence concerning the coordination of presenters at meetings

Box-folder 8:257
Association of Virginia Colleges 1956

correspondence between members of the executive committee

Box-folder 8:258
Business Administration-Knote 1956

course and faculty listings and new course proposal

Box-folder 8:259
Business Manager-Cassell 1956

statistics, reports, and guidelines for requesting budgetary information

Box-folder 8:260
C, General 1954-56

summary of the Conservation Foundation's meeting

Box-folder 8:261a-b
Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools 1956
2 folders;

reports on graduate education from committee meeting

Box-folder 8:262
D, General 1955-56

Denison University's newsletter

Box-folder 8:263
Dairy Husbandry-Graf 1956

outline of proposed curriculum changes and VPI Dairy Science newsletter

Box-folder 8:264
E, General 1956

correspondence from Eastern Mennonite College and the Educational Testing Service

Box-folder 8:265
Electrical Engineering-Murray 1956

correspondence to VPI administration seeking to reverse an earlier decision not to fund a new teaching position

Box-folder 8:266
Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1956

correspondence about an accreditation agency inspection of VPI

Box-folder 8:267
English and Foreign Language-Harrison 1956

correspondence about VPI students being employed as translators

Box-folder 8:268
Extension Cooperative Training 1956

list of companies' names and addresses that received cooperative training

Box-folder 8:269
Extension Service 1956

reports and schedules for agricultural summer programs

Box-folder 8:270
F, General 1955-56

letters from the Ford Foundation and a faculty organization in Maryland schools

Box-folder 8:271
Faculty Appointments, Applied Science and Business Administration 1956
Box-folder 8:272
Faculty Listing 1955-56
Box-folder 8:273
Faculty Promotions 1956
Box-folder 8:274
Faculty Resignations 1956
Box-folder 8:275
G, General 1952-56

record of military service for Amin George and information on the Glen Martin Essay Contest

Box-folder 8:276
Geology-Cooper 1956

letters and newspaper clippings about funding problems

Box-folder 8:277
Graduate Assistantships 1956
Box-folder 8:278
Graduate Faculty 1956

reports from committee meetings

Box-folder 8:279
Graduate School 1956

list of graduate students by department

Box-folder 8:280
Graduate Questionnaires 1956

questionnaires sent out by VPI

Box-folder 8:281
Guidance and Placement-Cato 1956

report on job and military placement for students

Box-folder 8:282
Home Economics-Tate 1955-56

correspondences concerning offering courses to nurses in Roanoke

Box-folder 8:283
Horticulture-Judkins 1956

letters and reports concerning proposed curriculum changes

Box-folder 8:284
I, General 1956

letters from the International Cooperative Administration

Box-folder 9:285
Invitations 1956

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 9:286
Leaves of Absence 1956

VPI policy on employees taking paid and unpaid leaves from work

Box-folder 9:287
Marshall College 1956

correspondence regarding Dr. Pardue's participation in a summer program at Marshall

Box-folder 9:288
Mathematics-Hatcher 1956

letters about modifications to the graduate-level curriculum

Box-folder 9:289
Mechanical Engineering-Jones 1952-56

letters from between VPI and the U.S. Draft Board regarding a engineering student named Robert Gay

Box-folder 9:290a-b
Military 1955-56
2 folders;

guidelines for cadets traveling to footballs, annual report for cadet company E-5 "the Pershing Rifles"

Box-folder 9:291
Military, Air Force 1956

brochures and the agenda for summer program

Box-folder 9:292
Military Colleges Association 1956

summary of meeting held on 1/17/56

Box-folder 9:293
Mimeographs 1956

copy of "tabulated report of grade percentages" for undergraduates and graduates and salary categories for assistantships

Box-folder 9:294
N, General 1956

letters from the National Academy of Sciences requesting the names of VPI deans and department heads

Box-folder 9:295
National Education Association 1956

correspondence about instructors' salaries and a list of VPI's instructors by department and gender

Box-folder 9:296
National Science Foundation 1956

newsletters describing the "summer institute program" and correspondence listing the Foundation's guidelines for receiving grant applications

Box-folder 9:297
News Releases and Speech Materials 1956

materials include topics such as faculty salary levels

Box-folder 9:298
North Carolina State College 1956

5/18/56 meeting of Commission on Graduate Education

Box-folder 9:299
North Georgia College 1956

letters and programs from Dr. Pardue's participation in "Honor's Day" activities

Box-folder 9:300
Philosophy and Religion 1955-56

course descriptions and correspondence urging VPI administration to hire more teaching staff

Box-folder 9:301
Physical Education-Younger 1950-56

course descriptions and letters detailing budgetary requirements for lacrosse equipment

Box-folder 9:302
Physics 1956

requests from VPI for nuclear energy training certification renewal

Box-folder 9:303
Plant Pathology and Physiology 1953-56

correspondence regarding a new course in the graduate program

Box-folder 9:304
Poultry Husbandry-Dietrick 1952-56

syllabus for a proposed course

Box-folder 9:305
President-Newman 1955-56

letters describing VPI policy for parking and a list of instructors' salaries at Virginia Colleges and Universities

Box-folder 9:306
Public Relations-McNeil 1952-56

reports on the use of prison labor and the Public Relations Association's annual meeting

Box-folder 9:307a-b
Questionnaires 1956
2 folders
Box-folder 9:308
Radford College-Martin 1953-56

course syllabi and statistics on Radford students' academic standing

Box-folder 9:309
S, General 1956

letters and notices of events for Sigma Xi, the VPI Science Club, and Soil Conservation Services

Box-folder 9:310a-b
Salaries 1955-56

statistics comparing VPI salary levels with other Universities

Box-folder 9:311
Scholarship Committee 1956

letters and reports on the creation of new scholarships at VPI

Box-folder 9:312a-b
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1955-56
2 folders;

committee on standards and reports meeting reports

Box-folder 9:313a-b
Southern Regional Education Board 1955-56
2 folders;

conference summaries, committee meeting minutes, and reports including a study of "differential opportunities" available to white and negro students" in several college and university departments

Box-folder 9:314
Statistics-Harshbarger 1956

departmental grant recipients list

Box-folder 9:315
Student Activities 1955-56

schedule of events for the '55-'56 school year

Box-folder 9:316
Summer School 1956

letters detailing the summer program schedule and responsibilities of faculty

Box-folder 9:317
Survival Plan 1956

letters from the 'Washington Area Survival Plan Committee' urging VPI to become a contractor for certain studies

Box-folder 9:318
Technical Institutes 1956

interim reports from U.S. technical institutes and colleges

Box-folder 9:319
Training Program 1956

proposal for expansion of nuclear energy training at VPI

Box-folder 9:320
Virginia Advisory Committee on Schools 1955-56

meeting agendas and reports; Dr. Pardue was the Chairman of this committee

Box-folder 9:321
Virginia Educational Association 1956

programs and letters from the annual meeting at which Dr. Pardue acted as a panel moderator

Box-folder 10:322
VPI Athletic Council 1955-56

budgetary information for each sport

Box-folder 10:323
Vocational Education 1956

requests from faculty for travel funds to attend conferences and

Box-folder 10:324
A, General 1957

letters from the Atomic Energy Commission and the Association of American Colleges

Box-folder 10:325
Academic Council 1957

meeting minutes

Box-folder 10:326
Accreditation 1957

reports and guidelines for giving college credits for military service

Box-folder 10:328
Agriculture-Dietrick 1957

reports from the State Fair committee and a list of students on academic probation

Box-folder 10:329
Agriculture Engineering-Swink 1957
Box-folder 10:330
Agriculture Extension Station-Young 1957

annual meeting reports and agenda

Box-folder 10:331
Agronomy 331

departmental newsletter

Box-folder 10:332
American Association of University Professors 1953-57

reports concerning tenure and firing procedures

Box-folder 10:333
American Council on Education 1956-57

executive committee meeting minutes

Box-folder 10:334
Animal Husbandry 1957

course change proposals

Box-folder 10:335
Applications 1957

for student employment and funding

Box-folder 10:336
Applied Mechanics 1957

departmental newsletter and correspondence about salary scales

Box-folder 10:337
Applied Science and Business Administration 1957

job and award references given by Dr. Pardue to faculty and other staff members

Box-folder 10:338
Architecture 1957

correspondence concerning the elimination of the graduate program and the creation of a 5 year undergraduate program

Box-folder 10:339
Business Manager-Cassell 1955-57

annual budgetary requirements for various departments

Box-folder 10:340
D, General 1955-57

annual budgetary requirements for various departments

Box-folder 10:341
Danville Branch 1955-57

teaching load surveys

Box-folder 10:342a-c
Faculty Appointments 1957
Box-folder 10:343
Faculty Committees 1957
Box-folder 10:344
Faculty Listing 1957
Box-folder 10:345
Faculty Leaves of Absence 1957
Box-folder 10:346
Faculty Merit Increases 1957
Box-folder 10:347a-c
Faculty Promotions 1957
Box-folder 10:348
Faculty Resignations and Retirements 1957
Box-folder 10:349
Geological Sciences 1957

letters stating that an unauthorized individual changed student grade reports

Box-folder 10:350
Georgia, University of 1957

letters and reports from Dr. Pardue's study of the University of Georgia

Box-folder 10:351
Grade Percentages 1957
Box-folder 10:352
Graduate Assistantships 1957

list of students with an assistantship by department

Box-folder 10:353
Governor's Committee on Employment of the Physically Handicapped 1957


Box-folder 10:354
H, General 1957

description of honors courses

Box-folder 10:355
Higher Education 1957

conference agenda

Box-folder 10:356
Home Economics 1957

correspondence describing a nutritional workshop

Box-folder 10:357
Improving Instruction 1956-57

VPI committee reports and meeting agendas

Box-folder 10:358
Industrial Engineering 1956-57

reports on teaching loads and course change proposals

Box-folder 10:359
Institute of International Education 1957

Fulbright division

Box-folder 10:360
Invitations 1957

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 10:361
Jamestown Festival 1956-57

correspondence about VPI's involvement in the 350 year Anniversary Celebration

Box-folder 10:362
Land-Grant Colleges 1957

newsletters, meeting minutes and reports

Box-folder 10:363
Library 1957

petition by library staff against the appointment of Opal A. Estes as head of the Cataloging department

Box-folder 10:364
Manual Arts Therapy 1955-57

clinical training program for students at the hospital in Roanoke proposal

Box-folder 10:365
Mechanical Engineering-Jones 1956-57

correspondence about understaffing and teaching loads

Box-folder 10:366
Metallurgy-Nevitt 1955-57

approved and proposed curriculum changes and letters debating the use of students to alleviate teaching loads

Box-folder 10:367
Military-Devine 1957

annual report for cadet company E of the 5th Regiment

Box-folder 10:368
N, General 1957

letters from the New York Academy of Science

Box-folder 10:369
National Science Foundation 1957

funding proposal to purchase computers for VPI

Box-folder 10:370
Nuclear Energy 1957

proposal for acquisition of a training reactor at VPI

Box-folder 10:371
O, General 1955-57

letters from Omicron Delta Kappa

Box-folder 10:372
P, General 1957

letters from Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Sigma

Box-folder 10:373
Parking and Traffic Committee 1955-57

correspondence and reports about the availability of parking spaces for students and faculty

Box-folder 10:374
Personnel-Evans 1955-57

correspondence detailing the insurance plan for VPI employees

Box-folder 11:375
Physics-Hahn 1957

biographical information on Dr. T. Marshal Hahn and a report on VPI's summer program for high school science teachers

Box-folder 11:376
President-Newman 1957

notice to faculty about commencement exercises

Box-folder 11:377
Public Relations 1957

information about Radford College

Box-folder 11:378a-e
Questionnaires 1957
5 folders
Box-folder 11:379a-d
Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy 1957
4 folders;

meeting minutes, programs, research proposals, and reports

Box-folder 11:380
Registrar-Slusher 1956-57

enrollment statistics and procedural guidelines for assigning grades

Box-folder 10:381
Research Assistants 1957

lists of names and pay rates of research assistants

Box-folder 11:382
Rural Sociology-Tate 1957

letter answering "what is done to meet the religious needs of VPI students"

Box-folder 11:383
S, General 1957

letters from the VPI science club, state 4-H club, and Sigma Xi

Box-folder 11:384
Scholarships 1957

correspondence concerning sources for student funding

Box-folder 11:385a-d
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1957
4 folders;

budgetary information, schedule for 1957 meetings, reports, and minutes

Box-folder 11:386
Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities 1957

committee reports and a self-evaluation of VPI

Box-folder 11:387
Southern Graduate Deans 1957

minutes, agenda, and reports from a meeting on 11/24-25/1957

Box-folder 11:388
Southern Regional Conference 1957

reports, programs from the conference on educational beyond high school

Box-folder 11:389a-d
Committee Meetings 1957
4 folders;

minutes and reports from VPI committees

Box-folder 11:390
State Board of Education 1954-57

meeting reports and minutes

Box-folder 11:391
State Council of Higher Education 1956-57

final copy of materials to be used in a brochure

Box-folder 11:392
Statistics-Harshbarger 1957

list of faculty and students for the summer session

Box-folder 11:393
Student Activities Committee 1954-57

meeting agendas, homecoming, and freshman orientation information

Box-folder 11:394
Students and Their Families 1954-57

correspondence between VPI administrators, students and their parents; includes an exchange of correspondence that exposed a teacher at Emory and Henry College who used fake credentials from VPI

Box-folder 11:395
Summer School 1957

correspondence concerning students in the summer "Highway Short Course" that made threats and caused property damage at VPI

Box-folder 11:396
Tau Beta Pi 1957

announcement of organization's president visiting VPI

Box-folder 12:397
Technical Institutes 1955-57

letters and reports about tentative establishment of a technical institute in Roanoke

Box-folder 12:398
U, General 1953-57

letters including some from the University club

Box-folder 12:399
V, General 1950-57

committees and budgetary information for the class of 1957

Box-folder 12:400
Virginia Advisory Legislature Council 1956-57

reports on high school and college students interested in a degree in the sciences or engineering

Box-folder 12:401
Virginia College Associations 1956-57

meeting minutes and reports

Box-folder 12:402
VPI Alumni Association 1955-57

letters detailing actives, meetings, and request for information regarding VPI Alumnus

Box-folder 12:403
VPI Educational Foundation-Hutcheson 1955-57

letters and reports about needed equipment and services at VPI

Box-folder 12:404
Vocational Education 1954-57

letters and committee reports concerning desired qualifications for choosing division superintendents

Box-folder 12:405
W, General 1954-57

letters from the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundations

Box-folder 12:406
YMCA 1952-57

letters about VPI funding programs and the importance of the YMCA to VPI

Box-folder 12:407
A, General 1952-1958

letters from the American Society of Training Directors

Box-folder 12:408
Academic Council Minutes 1958
Box-folder 12:409
Admissions-Fuller 1958

statistics for freshmen admitted in the fall quarter of 1958

Box-folder 12:410
Aeronautical Engineering-Truitt 1958

proposal for "permission to give doctor's degree"

Box-folder 12:411
Agriculture-Dietrick 1958

list of new faculty and proposed curriculum changes

Box-folder 12:412
Agricultural Economics-Love 1958

letter concerning the proposition of extending the graduate program

Box-folder 12:413
Agricultural Engineering-Swink 1958

letter about conference on farm materials handling

Box-folder 12:414
Agricultural Experiment Station-Young 1958

letters and statistics concerning the use of computer facilities

Box-folder 12:415
Agricultural Extension Service 1955-58

reports and training program schedules from companies seeking to send employees to training programs

Box-folder 12:416
Agronomy 1957-58

departmental committee assignments and reports on field facilities and the laboratory

Box-folder 12:417
American Association of University Professors 1958

resolutions sent to VPI about changes in retirement funds and implementation of a tuition transfer program

Box-folder 12:418
American Council on Education 1957-58

VPI did not send a representative to meetings

Box-folder 12:419
Animal Husbandry-Litton 1958


Box-folder 12:420
Applied Science and Business Administration-Johnston 1958

letters about new faculty

Box-folder 12:421
Applied Mechanics-Pletta 1958

petition for a doctoral program and letters complaining of budget short falls

Box-folder 12:422
Architecture-Currie 1958

"City and Regional Planning: meeting and committee reports

Box-folder 12:423
Association of Virginia Colleges 1958

meeting minutes and reports; Pardue delivered a speech at the annual meeting

Box-folder 12:424
Athletic Council 1957-58

annual report

Box-folder 12:425a-c
Atomic Energy 1958

symposium agenda, reports, and conference papers as well as correspondence mentioning VPI's receipt of uranium

Box-folder 12:426
Biochemistry and Nutrition-Engel 1958

research grant applications

Box-folder 12:427
Biology-Orcutt 1957-58

correspondence about sources and dispersment of funds

Box-folder 12:428
Business Administration 1957-58

list of VPI graduates working in their field of study

Box-folder 12:429
C, General 1954-58
Box-folder 12:430
Chemistry-Watson 1956-58

includes a list of PhD's awarded to 1950 and a report on graduate training in chemistry

Box-folder 12:431
Civil Engineering-Morris 1956-58

letters and syllabi for proposed courses

Box-folder 12:432
Deans 1956-58

correspondence from Deans of VPI and Danville Branch including topics like departmental policy

Box-folder 12:433
Deans of Southern Graduate Schools 1957-58

conference reports and agendas

Box-folder 12:434
Director of Development-Fisher 1958

curriculum vitae for statistics department faculty and committee minutes

Box-folder 12:435
Electrical Engineering-Widener 1957-58

proposed courses and a request to admit master sergeant Donald G. Cloud into the department

Box-folder 12:436
Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1957-58

enrollment statistics from Norfolk Branch and vitae for various faculty

Box-folder 12:437
Faculty, Committee on Graduate Forums 1958
Box-folder 12:438
Faculty, Committee on Instruction 1958
Box-folder 12:439
Faculty, Count 1958
Box-folder 12:440
Faculty, Listing and Salary 1958
Box-folder 12:441
Faculty, Promotions 1958
Box-folder 12:442
Faculty, Resignations 1958
Box-folder 12:443
Faculty, Retirements 1958
Box-folder 12:444
Ford Foundation Grant-Fisher 1958

VPI grant proposal to "study the feasibility of integrating undergraduate and graduate education"

Box-folder 12:445
Ford Foundation Press Releases 1958
Box-folder 12:446
Foreign Students 1958

roster of foreign students for fall quarter 1958

Box-folder 12:447
Geology-Cooper 1958

includes letters that refer to teaching work load statistics to justify hiring new faculty

Box-folder 12:448
Grade Percentages 1958

graduate and undergraduate combined

Box-folder 12:449
Guidance and Placement-Cato 1957-58

report on job placements of 1957 and 1958 graduated students

Box-folder 12:450
Home Economics-Tate 1958

proposed new courses and a status report on the Home Economics programs at VPI and Radford

Box-folder 12:451
Horticulture-Judkins 1958

letters concerning the creation of a schedule for use of laboratories

Box-folder 12:452
I, General 1958

I.A.E.D. newsletter

Box-folder 12:453
Inauguration 1958

of Dr. Phillips as president of Alabama College

Box-folder 12:454
Industrial Engineering-Manning 1958

report listing equipment limitations of lab operations

Box-folder 12:455
Institute of International Education 1958

Fulbright division

Box-folder 13:456
Invitations 1958

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 13:457
Junior Colleges 1958

newspaper clippings and letters

Box-folder 13:458
K, General 1958

letters concerning VPI's Dr. Krugg hosting a TV show

Box-folder 13:459
L, General 1958

report on the status of VPI's extension service

Box-folder 13:460
Labor Survey of Counties Surrounding VPI 1958
Box-folder 13:461
Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities 1958

minutes, pamphlets, and reports from annual meeting

Box-folder 13:462
Langley Field 1958

letters about the PhD program in aeronautics and space flight

Box-folder 13:463
M, General 1958

Professor Massey received the Wine Award

Box-folder 13:464
Mechanical Engineering-Jones 1958

fall examination schedule

Box-folder 13:465
Metallurgical Engineering-Eckel 1958

request to VPI administration to reconsider a rejected course proposal

Box-folder 13:466
Military-Devine 1958

annual report from company B of the 5th regiment and guidelines for cadets traveling to football games

Box-folder 13:467
N, General 1958

letters and newsletter from the National Education Association

Box-folder 13:468
National Institute of Health 1958

letter announcing the date of a conference

Box-folder 13:469
National Science Foundation 1958

letters about and applications for fellowships

Box-folder 13:470
Natural Resource Conservation Short Course 1958
Box-folder 13:471
O, General 1958

information on the Omicron Delta Kappa initiation ceremony

Box-folder 13:472
P, General 1958

lists of students eligible for membership in Phi Kappa Phi

Box-folder 13:473
Personnel-Evans 1958

details of tax laws affecting faculty and a letter criticizing a VPI questionnaire

Box-folder 13:474
Pest Control Operators Banquet 1958

includes a program and a list of attendees

Box-folder 13:475
Philosophy and Religion-Grover 1958

enrollment statistics

Box-folder 13:476
Physics-Hahn 1958

class schedules and list of participants for summer program for high school teachers

Box-folder 13:477
Plant Pathology and Physiology 1958

includes a program from a seminar

Box-folder 13:478
Poultry Husbandry-Howes 1958

details of a grant approval

Box-folder 13:479
President-Newman 1958

committee reports, a commencement schedule, and correspondence about a student failing to meet cadet requirements

Box-folder 13:480
Public Relations-McNeil 1958

"guide to Public Relations Bureau News and Publicity Services"

Box-folder 13:481
Purchasing Agent-Swink 1958

requests for micro-photo and printing equipment

Box-folder 13:482
Q, General 1958

letters from Lawrence Quarles of the University of Virginia

Box-folder 13:483a-b
Questionnaire 1958
2 folders
Box-folder 13:484
R, General 1958

includes a list of Virginia high schools with good science programs

Box-folder 13:485
Radford College-Marin 1958

includes a list of students and their majors

Box-folder 13:486a-c
Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy 1958
3 folders;

research proposals, reports, and minutes from meetings

Box-folder 13:487
Registrar-Slusher 1958

enrollment statistics

Box-folder 13:488
S, General 1958

Sigma Xi sponsored lecture

Box-folder 13:489
Salary Information 1957-58

for U.S. universities

Box-folder 13:490
Scholarships at VPI 1958

letters about the number of scholarships and the amount of each

Box-folder 13:491a-b
Science Advisory Committee 1958
2 folders;

meeting minutes and reports including one on the status of high schools in Virginia

Box-folder 13:492
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1958

November 1958 newsletter

Box-folder 13:493
Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities 1958

meeting reports concerning teaching at colleges

Box-folder 13:494a-b
Southern Regional Education Board 1957-58
2 folders;

newsletters, correspondence about teaching standards, and VPI's rejection of the "contract method" to secure instructors

Box-folder 13:495
State Board of Education 1958

memo concerning science experiments shown on TV and committee reports

Box-folder 13:496a-c
State Council on Higher Education 1958
3 folders;

list of committee members on VPI faculty and reports from VPI engineering department

Box-folder 13:497
State Fair Committee 1957-58

letters concerning VPI exhibits at the state fair

Box-folder 13:498
Statistics-Harshbarger 1958

announcements about seminars

Box-folder 13:499
Student Affairs 1958

letters including some about special parking tags for resident advisors and a freshman orientation program

Box-folder 13:500
Summer Institute for High School Science Teachers 1958

program of events

Box-folder 13:501
Symposium on Statistics 1958

includes an agenda, a program, and various reports

Box-folder 13:502
T, General 1958

letters about émigré faculty members

Box-folder 13:503
Technical Institute, Roanoke 1958

letters about locating a good site in Roanoke for construction of the institute

Box-folder 13:504
Television 1958

newsletters and pamphlets about local educational TV programs

Box-folder 13:505
University Club 1957-58

list of members and letters about club elections

Box-folder 13:506
V, General 1958

letters to and from Veterans Administration and the VPI Alumni Association

Box-folder 13:507
Virginia Academy of Science 1958

program of events for the annual meeting

Box-folder 13:508
Virginia Educational Association 1958

correspondence about VPI involvement in the VEA conference

Box-folder 13:509
Virginia Farm Bureau Federation 1958

request for information on VPI

Box-folder 13:510
Virginia Junior Academy of Science 1958

letters about VPI exhibits at a 5/8/1958 conference in Roanoke

Box-folder 14:511
Vocational Education 1957-58

newsletters, supply locations in Blacksburg area, and meeting reports

Box-folder 14:512
W, General 1958
Box-folder 14:513
Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Program 1955-58

annual report and letters stating that no VPI faculty or students applied for funding

Box-folder 14:514
YMCA 1958

correspondence about use of rooms at VPI facility to be used for visiting faculty

Box-folder 14:515
A, General 1959

letters, including some from the Association of American Medical Colleges

Box-folder 14:516
Academic Council Minutes 1959
Box-folder 14:517
Accreditation 1958-59

report on topics brought up at various conferences

Box-folder 14:518
Admissions-Farrier 1959

registration statistics and a report on cadet and civilian use of dorms

Box-folder 14:519
Advisory Board on the Budget 1959

letter stating the date for a meeting

Box-folder 14:520
Aeronautical Engineering-Truit 1959

course descriptions and list of faculty members

Box-folder 14:521
Agriculture-Dietrick 1959

conference reports

Box-folder 14:522
Agricultural Engineering-Swink 1959

program from the department's annual meeting

Box-folder 14:523
Agricultural Experiment Station Young 1958-59

grant proposal and papers presented at a VPI conference

Box-folder 14:524
Agronomy-Dunton 1959

program from the department's annual meeting

Box-folder 14:525
Alumni Association-Oliver 1959

letters about fund raising

Box-folder 14:526
American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities 1959

meeting minutes and a report on problems in extension services

Box-folder 14:527
American Association of University Professors 1959

program and reports from annual meeting

Box-folder 14:528
American Council on Education 1959

includes a nation-wide membership list and minutes from executive committee meetings

Box-folder 14:529
American Physical Society, Southeast section 1952-59

reports, minutes, and agenda from annual meeting

Box-folder 14:530
Animal Husbandry-Litton 1959

letters concerning changes in faculty staff

Box-folder 14:531
Applied Mechanics-Pletta 1957-59

departmental newsletter, proposal for new courses, and letters containing instructions for new faculty

Box-folder 14:532
Applied Science and Business Administration 1959

a list of faculty by department

Box-folder 14:533
Architecture-Currie 1959

letters warning of an inspection to VPI from the architectural accrediting board

Box-folder 14:534
Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities 1959

reports and letters concerning committee meetings

Box-folder 14:535
Association of Virginia Colleges 1959

meeting program

Box-folder 14:536
Athletic Council 1958-59

budgetary information and a copy of the council's by-laws

Box-folder 14:537
Atomic Energy Commission 1959

inventory of uranium held by VPI and an outline of proposed policies for the "Nuclear Interstate Compact"

Box-folder 14:538
B, General 1959

letters describing the academic status of certain students

Box-folder 14:539
Biology-Orcutt 1958-59

list of required courses for various biology programs

Box-folder 14:540
Business Administration-Miller 1959

letters regarding a management seminar

Box-folder 14:541
Business Manager-Cassell 1959

report entitled "Distribution of Enrollment in Instructional Programs" at VPI

Box-folder 14:542
C, General 1959

includes letters from the VPI Cosmopolitan Club

Box-folder 14:543
Chemical Engineering-Bull 1959

letters about this department using graduate students to teach graduate-level courses

Box-folder 14:544
Chemistry-Krug 1959

letters concerning the creation of "an academic year institute"

Box-folder 14:545
Chinese Scholars 1959

VPI's response to a survey inquiring about the number of Chinese faculty

Box-folder 14:546
Civil Engineering-Morris 1959

letters about graduate students teaching graduate-level courses

Box-folder 14:547
College Policy 1959

"statement on academic freedom and tenure" at VPI

Box-folder 14:548
Committee on Admission by Examination and with Advanced Standing 1959

reports and guidelines for identifying students eligible for advanced standing

Box-folder 14:549
Co-operative Engineering-Cain 1959

letters discussing the possibility of granting credit for "off-campus" courses

Box-folder 14:550
Dairy Science-Graf 1959

newsletter and letters announcing the annual departmental banquet

Box-folder 14:551
Danforth Foundation 1959

lists and names of fellowship holders

Box-folder 14:552
Danville Branch-Taylor 1959

newsletter and correspondence urging the administration to offer math courses during the summer

Box-folder 14:553
Director of Development-Fisher 1959

an application for funds from Mr. Alfred Sloan, Jr. and a report on competitive recruitment of graduate students

Box-folder 14:554
Electrical Engineering-Powley 1959

proposed course descriptions and "the final report on the 'year in industry'"

Box-folder 14:555
Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1959

proposed courses and letters concerning heavy teaching loads

Box-folder 14:556
English and Foreign Languages-Harrison 1959

a letter of sympathy for Dr. Pardue's mother's death

Box-folder 14:557
Entomology-Grayson 1959

description of a proposed course

Box-folder 14:558
Exchange Visitors Program 1959

letters and applications from exchange students and faculty

Box-folder 14:559
F, General 1959

program from the Future Farmers of America conference held at VPI

Box-folder 14:560
Faculty Appointments, Agriculture 1959
Box-folder 14:561
Faculty Appointments, Applied Science and Business Administration 1959
Box-folder 14:562
Faculty Appointments, Engineering and Architecture 1959
Box-folder 14:563
Faculty Committee on graduate Forums 1959
Box-folder 14:564
Faculty Committee on Instruction 1959
Box-folder 14:565
Faculty Leaves of Absence 1959
Box-folder 14:566a-b
Faculty Listing 1959
2 folders
Box-folder 14:567
Faculty Outside Consulting 1959
Box-folder 14:568
Faculty Promotions 1959
Box-folder 14:569
Faculty Resignations 1959
Box-folder 14:570
Ford Foundation 1959

agenda for the grant proposal committee meeting and a list of equipment needed by various VPI departments

Box-folder 14:571
G, General 1959

letters including one from an expelled student seeking re-admittance

Box-folder 14:572
Geology-Cooper 1959

proposed changes to curriculum

Box-folder 14:573
Grade Percentages 1959

for graduate and undergraduate students

Box-folder 14:574
Graphics-Castleman 1959

includes a letter about having staff perform teaching duties in other departments

Box-folder 14:575
Greenbriar Conference 1959

outline of topics addressed at the conference

Box-folder 15:576
Guidance and Placement-Cato 1959

includes a study on the causes for student academic problems as well as information on job placement for graduated students

Box-folder 15:577
H, General 1959

a tabulated report on the "occupation of accounting"

Box-folder 15:578
Health Education and Welfare 1959

information about student funding and a list of scholarship recipients nation-wide

Box-folder 15:579
Home Economics-Harper 1959

report on the future objectives of the home economics department

Box-folder 15:580
Honors Curriculum 1959

copy of the "proposed honors curriculum in Chemistry"

Box-folder 15:581
Horticulture-Judkins 1959

outline for a proposed PhD program and a letter announcing its approval

Box-folder 15:582
I, General 1959

letters to and from the Institute of Textile Technology in Charlottesville

Box-folder 15:583
Inauguration 1959

presidential inauguration at West Virginia University

Box-folder 15:584
Industrial Engineering-Manning 1959

minutes of the VPI Foundry Education Foundation

Box-folder 15:585
Institute of International Education 1959

Fulbright division

Box-folder 15:586
Insurance and Tax Information 1959

for faculty as well as graduate teaching and research assistants

Box-folder 15:587
International Education and Exchange Conference 1959

reports, a program, and letters announcing the conference

Box-folder 15:588
Invitations 1959

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 15:589
J, General 1959

newspaper clipping about VPI athlete, Carroll Dale

Box-folder 15:590
Joint Office of Institutional Research 1959

a list of VPI faculty qualified to give public presentations about a list of VPI faculty qualified to give public presentations about higher education

Box-folder 15:591
K, General 1959

letter mentioning that Dr. Lyle Kinnear received a wine award

Box-folder 15:592
L, General 1959

letters including a request from an insurance company for information on policy holders working or going to school at VPI

Box-folder 15:593
Langley Field 1959

course lists for the "Langley Research Center's Graduate Study Program"

Box-folder 15:594
Library-Robb 1959

letters including a request for funding to hire additional students

Box-folder 15:595
Lynchburg Foundry 1959

reports, booklets, and the agenda for a March 1959 conference

Box-folder 15:596
M, General 1959

letters inquiring into VPI policy for granting college credit for military service

Box-folder 15:597
Mathematics-Hatcher 1959

list of graduate courses

Box-folder 15:598
Mechanical Engineering 1959

letters about a Buick engine donated to VPI for study

Box-folder 15:599
Metallurgical Engineering-Eckel 1959

includes a letter admonishing the department for having graduate students teach graduate-level courses

Box-folder 15:600
Military-Devine 1959

includes a memo that covers VPI's anti-hazing policy and instructions for cadets traveling to football games

Box-folder 15:601
Mining Engineering-Holland 1959

revisions to curriculum

Box-folder 15:602
N, General 1959

letters from the national Association of Foreign Student Advisors and the National Bureau of Standards

Box-folder 15:603
National Education Association 1959

reports and proceeding of various meetings

Box-folder 15:604a-d
National Science Foundation 1959
4 folders;

includes information on scholarships and fellowships

Box-folder 15:605
P, General 1959

letters from Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Lambda Theta

Box-folder 15:606
Personnel-Evans 1959

letters concerning the creation of a new VPI telephone directory

Box-folder 15:607
Pest Control Operator's Short Course 1959

newsletters and program for this 3 day course

Box-folder 15:608
Physics-Hahn 1959

"proposal to the National Science Foundation for support of a...laboratory for the Physics Department" at VPI

Box-folder 15:609
President-Newman 1959

includes a short biography of Dr. Newman and various recommendations from the Board of Visitors of VPI and Radford College

Box-folder 15:610
Publications Listed 1959

list of published items written by VPI faculty

Box-folder 15:611
Public Relations-McNeil 1959

copy of VPI promotional pamphlet

Box-folder 15:612a-d
Questionnaires 1959
4 folders
Box-folder 15:613
R, General 1959

letters and applications for a position in the entomology department

Box-folder 15:615
Redstone Arsenal 1959

pictures of missiles, a diagram of instillations, and the chain of command

Box-folder 15:616a-b
Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy 1959
2 folders;

reports on a "proposed southern interstate nuclear compact"

Box-folder 15:617
Registrar-Slusher 1958-59

letters instructing faculty on procedures and deadlines for reporting students' grades

Box-folder 15:618
Religious Activities Committee 1959

results of a survey of college students' desire to join a religious club

Box-folder 15:619a-c
Rotary 1959
3 folders;

letters about funding opportunities and meetings

Box-folder 15:620
S, General 1959

letters from Sigma Xi and Sigma Pi Sigma

Box-folder 15:621
Salary Listing 1958-59
Box-folder 15:622
Speeches 1959

given by Dr. Pardue

Box-folder 15:623
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1959

includes a newsletter and correspondence about the organization's future plans

Box-folder 15:624a-c
Southern Regional Education Board 1959
3 folders;

meeting agendas and committee reports

Box-folder 15:625
State Advisory Committee on Nuclear Energy 1959

letters and reports concerning the southern interstate nuclear compact

Box-folder 15:626
State Board of Education 1959

newsletter, letters about funding opportunities, and meeting agendas

Box-folder 15:627a-b
State Council on Higher Education 1959
2 folders;

budgetary information and committee reports on academic standards

Box-folder 15:628
State Fair Committee 1959

a letter requesting expenses and a letter suggesting that VPI send two representatives to the state fair

Box-folder 16:629
Statistics-Harshbarger 1959

list of those students on academic probation or who flunked out

Box-folder 16:630
Student Activities Committee 1959

list of student and faculty members of various student organizations

Box-folder 16:631a-b
Student Affairs 1959
2 folders;

a) letters of students about charges including public drunkenness and swearing at a police officer; b) reports and letters describing how a student mob of over 200 men clashed with police while attempting to break into female dorms at VPI and Radford on 4/24/1959

Box-folder 16:632
Science Institute for High School Science Teachers-Krug 1959

includes a report summarizing the classes taught and a list of the teachers that participated

Box-folder 16:633
Summer School 1959

schedules for engineering and physics students

Box-folder 16:634a-c
Superior Student Letter 1959
3 folders;

conference reports on providing educational opportunities for gifted college students

Box-folder 16:635
Symposium 1958-59

program of events of this symposium on Darwinism

Box-folder 16:636
University Club 1959

membership list and newsletters

Box-folder 16:637
Virginia Academy of Science 1959

program from the annual meeting

Box-folder 16:638
Virginia Educational Association 1959

includes a letter encouraging VPI faculty to join this organization

Box-folder 16:639a-c
Vocational Education-Sanders 1959
3 folders;

newsletters and proposed curriculum changes

Box-folder 16:640
VPI "Its Aims, Needs, and Future" Program 1959

letters concerning faculty evaluations

Box-folder 16:641
W, General 1959

includes a brief biography on Charles W. Wampler

Box-folder 16:642
Y, General 1959

letters mentioning the hospitalization of Dr. Younger

Box-folder 16:643
YMCA-Payne 1959
2 folders;

advisory board meeting minutes and a statement of income and expenses

Box-folder 16:644
A, General 1960

letters from the Association of American Colleges and American Friends of the Middle East

Box-folder 16:645
Academic Council 1960

meeting minutes

Box-folder 16:646
Accreditation 646

newsletters and a "report to presidents of institutional members"

Box-folder 16:647
Admissions-Farrier 1960

reports on enrollment of freshmen and transfer students

Box-folder 16:648
Agriculture-Dietrick 1960

letters describing funding opportunities for Forestry majors and about an agricultural exposition at VPI

Box-folder 16:649
Agricultural Experiment Station-Young 1960

letters announcing faculty reassignments and a report on a proposed joint program in Biochemistry and Nutrition

Box-folder 16:650
Agricultural Extension Service-Dietrick 1960

announcement for the Institute of Rural Affairs program

Box-folder 16:651
Agronomy-Dunton 1960

letters about possibly reinstating graduate credits for E. S. Wise

Box-folder 16:652
Alumni Association 1960

letters about presenting miniature diplomas to alumni and correspondence from the Richmond branch

Box-folder 16:653
American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities 1960

includes a list of officers and committee members

Box-folder 16:654
American Association of University Professors 1960

letters concerning the creation of a land-grant commemorative stamp and a list of officers and committee members

Box-folder 16:655
American Council on Education 1960

meeting minutes and reports

Box-folder 16:656
American Institute of Planners 1960

accrediting report on VPI

Box-folder 16:657
Animal Husbandry-Litton 1960

request for access to a study on why enrollment in this program was declining

Box-folder 16:658
Applied Science and Business Administration-Johnston 1960

list of graduated students from 1940-1959 and a newspaper article describing the relationship between scientists and engineers

Box-folder 16:659
Athletic Association-Moseley 1960

letter mentioning that Dr. Pardue received free athletic event tickets and an annual report

Box-folder 16:660
Atomic Energy Commission 1960

inventory of uranium held by VPI, a copy of VPI's 'Byproduct material license,' and a transcript of testimony given before a U.S. Senate subcommittee

Box-folder 16:661
B, General 1960

letters and a copy of a presentation made by the Boy Scouts to VPI administration

Box-folder 16:662
Biochemistry and Nutrition-Engel 1960

a report concerning the joint program between Biochemistry and Nutrition departments

Box-folder 16:663
Biology-Orcutt 1960

includes letters describing security measures in the Biology labs as well as a description of approved and rejected course proposals

Box-folder 16:664
Board of Visitors Resolutions 1960

resolutions acknowledging deceased BOV members

Box-folder 16:665
Business Manager-Cassell 1960

letter announcing an employee meeting to discus changes to the VPI insurance plan

Box-folder 16:666
C, General 1960

letters from VPI's Civilian Student Senate and Caney Junior College

Box-folder 16:667
Ceramic Engineering-Dear 1960

letters mentioning that VPI's Dr. Metzger was elected President of the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers

Box-folder 16:668
Chemistry-Krug 1960

report on the summer program for high school teachers and a cost analysis for constructing a new laboratory

Box-folder 16:669
Civil Engineering-Morris 1960

proposal for creating a PhD program

Box-folder 16:670
Commission on Graduate Education in the Agricultural Sciences 1959-60

agenda for the annual meeting

Box-folder 16:671a-c
Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools 1959-60
3 folders;

meeting reports

Box-folder 16:672
Continuing Education Center at VPI 1960

letters and news bulletins about the 'Development Program'

Box-folder 16:673
Cooperative Engineering-Cain 1960

letters mentioning a visit to VPI by the U.S. Department of commerce

Box-folder 16:674
Council of the Southern Mountains, Inc. 1960

includes information sent to VPI by this organization and letters inviting VPI to send a representative to its annual meeting

Box-folder 16:675
D, General 1960
Box-folder 16:676
Dairy Science-Graf 1960

letters concerning the organizational meeting of the Dairy Foundation of Virginia

Box-folder 16:677
Danville Branch-Taylor 1960

includes requests for laboratory equipment, new course descriptions, and letters announcing the hiring of a new instructor for the nursing program

Box-folder 16:678
Dedication of Reactor 1960

agenda for the dedication of VPI's 'UTR-10 Argonaut Reactor'

Box-folder 16:679
Electrical Engineering-Powley 1960

outline of a "day and time grade program"

Box-folder 16:680
Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1960

summer course list and letters about the use of Ford Foundation funds to pay faculty salaries

Box-folder 16:681
English and Foreign Languages-Harrison 1960

includes a list of faculty members and a new course proposal

Box-folder 16:682
Entomology-Grayson 1960
Box-folder 16:683
F, General 1960

letters to and from Henry Ferrell, Jr.

Box-folder 16:684
Faculty Applications 1960
Box-folder 16:685
Faculty Appointments, Agriculture 1960
Box-folder 16:686
Faculty Appointments, Applied Science and Business Administration 1960
Box-folder 16:687
Faculty Appointments, Engineering and Architecture 1960
Box-folder 16:688
Faculty Committees 1960
Box-folder 16:689
Faculty Letters to Dr. Furr 1960
Box-folder 16:690
Faculty Library 1960
Box-folder 16:691a-c
Faculty Promotions 1960
3 folders
Box-folder 17:692
Faculty Resignations 1960
Box-folder 17:693
Faculty Retirements 1960
Box-folder 17:694
Faculty Tenure 1960
Box-folder 17:695a-c
Ford Foundation 1960
3 folders;

committee meeting reports and minutes

Box-folder 17:696
Foreign Students 1960

roster of foreign students at VPI

Box-folder 17:697
French Exhibit 1960

letters mentioning that a traveling exhibit from France will not go to VPI

Box-folder 17:698
Forestry and Wildlife 1960

letters, reports, and news bulletins about grants for out-of-state forestry students

Reel 17:699
G, General 1960
Box-folder 17:700
Geological Sciences-Cooper 1960

letters including one about raising academic standards to weed out poor students

Box-folder 17:701
Graduate Fellowships 1960

letters concerning funds from the Allied Chemical Corporation given to graduate students

Box-folder 17:702
H, General 1960

letters to and from A.S. Hackley of the Poly-Scientific Corporation

Box-folder 17:703a-b
Health, Education, and Welfare 1960

letters, reports, and a newsletter concerning a fellowship program see also National Defense Education Act (NDEA)

Box-folder 17:704
Home Economics-Harper 1960

proposal for creating a home economics department at VPI

Box-folder 17:705
Horticulture-Judkins 1960

includes a letter and a newspaper article about food technology

Box-folder 17:706
Industrial Engineering-Manning 1960
Box-folder 17:707
Institute for International Education 1960

Fulbright division

Box-folder 17:708
Insurance Letter for Faculty 1960
Box-folder 17:709
Insurance Letter for Graduate Students 1960
Box-folder 17:710
Invitations 1960

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 17:711
Junior Academy of Science 1960

letters about and agenda for annual meeting

Box-folder 17:712
K, General 1960

includes a somewhat risque joke by Dr. Pardue

Box-folder 17:713
L, General 1960

letters from Loudoun County High School seeking to information on graduating education majors at VPI and VPI's reply

Box-folder 17:714
Langley Field 1960

written by Dr. Pardue for students and faculty

Box-folder 17:715
Letters of Recommendation 1960

written by Dr. Pardue for students and faculty

Box-folder 17:716
M, General 1960

letter from Lockheed Nuclear Products

Box-folder 17:717
Mathematics-Hatcher 1960

list of books and periodicals "which the math department wishes to have ordered for the VPI library"

Box-folder 17:718
Metallurgical Engineering-Eckel 1960

syllabus and description of a proposed course on theory of alloy steels

Box-folder 17:719
Military-Devine 1960

includes letters to VMI about controlling cadets during VPI versus VMI sporting events

Box-folder 17:720
N, General 1960

letters form the National Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards

Box-folder 17:721a-c
National Science Foundation 1960
3 folders;

letters about fellowships awarded to VPI students and minutes from the annual meeting

Box-folder 17:722
O, General 1960

letters from Omicron Delta Kappa

Box-folder 17:723
P, General 1960

letters from Phi Kappa Phi

Box-folder 17:724
Personnel-Evans 1960

includes employee insurance information and documentation of a pay raise given to Dr. Pardue

Box-folder 17:725
Philosophy and Religion-Grover 1960

letter to student advisors concerning new course offerings

Box-folder 17:726
Physics-Gilmer 1960

new course proposals and a proposal for funding to conduct research on reactor core physics

Box-folder 17:727
Plant Pathology and Physiology-Wingard 1960

syllabus for a proposed new course

Box-folder 17:728
President-Newman 1960

meeting notices and a notice for faculty and students about automobile parking

Box-folder 17:729
Public Relations-McNeil 1960

letters about selecting a VPI "campus man of the year" as well as letters outlining the procedure for bulk mailing

Box-folder 17:730
Poultry Husbandry-Howes 1960
Box-folder 17:731a-e
Questionnaires 1960
5 folders
Box-folder 17:732
R, General 1960

letters from the Red Cross

Box-folder 17:733
Radford College-Martin 1960

budgetary report

Box-folder 17:734
Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy 1960

agenda and reports from annual meeting

Box-folder 17:735
Registrar-Slusher 1960

letters to instructors about procedures and deadlines for reporting students' grades and letters about problems with registration for summer school

Box-folder 17:736
ROTC Program 1960

correspondence and reports detailing changes made to VPI's ROTC program

Box-folder 17:737
Rural Sociology-Tate 1960

"outline for a study of useful sociology"

Box-folder 17:738
S, General 1960

letters from Sigma Xi

Box-folder 17:739
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1960

guidelines "for the institutional self-study" program

Box-folder 17:740
Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities 1960

committee reports and recommendations

Box-folder 17:741
Southern Interstate Compact on Nuclear Development 1957-60

includes a description of the compact and its by-laws

Box-folder 17:742
Southern Regional Education Board 1960

meeting minutes, list of grant recipients, and letters concerning a proposal to waive out-of-state tuition for certain students

Box-folder 17:743
Speeches 1960

given by Dr. Pardue

Box-folder 17:744
State Board of Education 1960

applications for "pupil scholarships"

Box-folder 17:745
State Council on Higher Education 1959-60

instructions for producing a new, "uniform statement of enrollment"

Box-folder 17:746
State Fair Committee 1960

meeting minutes and correspondence revealing that VPI decided not to participate in any more state fairs

Box-folder 17:747
Statistics-Harshbarger 1960

application "for funds to support a cooperative research project"

Box-folder 17:748
Student Activities Committee 1960

list of extra-curricular activities for the school year

Box-folder 17:749a-b
Student Affairs
Physical Location: 1960

reports including one that outlines what steps to be taken by dormitory councilors during a riot and correspondence about students arrested by Blacksburg police

Box-folder 18:750
Student Correspondence-Graduate Students 1960
Box-folder 18:751
Student Correspondence-Undergraduates 1960
Box-folder 18:752
Summer School 1960

curriculum changes and enrollment statistics

Box-folder 18:753
T, General 1960

letters from Tau Epsilon Kappa

Box-folder 18:754
University Club 1960

schedule of events for the spring and summer

Box-folder 18:755
Virginia Academy of Science 1960

call for conference papers

Box-folder 18:756
Virginia Education Association 1960

includes a list of participants in a conference on instruction methods

Box-folder 18:757
VPI Educational Foundation-Hutcheson 1960

letters about funding shortages for certain programs

Box-folder 18:758
Vocational Education-Sanders 1960

correspondence concerned with graduate students' work load

Box-folder 18:759
Washington, D.C. 1960

proposals to the U.S. Congress for increased land-grant school funding

Box-folder 18:760
A, General 1961

letters concerning an agricultural conference

Box-folder 18:761
Academic Council 1961

requests for new courses in science programs

Box-folder 18:762
Accreditation 1960-61

reports from the National Commission on Accreditation

Box-folder 18:763
Admissions-Farrier 1960-61

enrollment statistics

Box-folder 18:764
Aeronautical Engineering-Truitt 1961

new course proposal

Box-folder 18:765a-b
Agriculture-Dietrick 1961
2 folders;

departmental reports and correspondence complaining of poor class attendance by undergraduate students

Box-folder 18:766
Agricultural Economics-Tate 1961

new course proposal

Box-folder 18:767
Agricultural Engineering-Swink 1960-61

agenda from a departmental conference and correspondence about retaining faculty

Box-folder 18:768
Agricultural Experiment Station-Young 1960-61

letters concerning applications for faculty positions and visits to VPI by various organizations

Box-folder 18:769
Agricultural Extension Service 1961

information on the Institute of Rural Affairs and correspondence about the pre-veterinary program

Box-folder 18:770
Agronomy-Dunton 1960-61

includes a departmental meeting agenda and a Christmas newsletter from the VPI agronomy club

Box-folder 18:771
Alumni Association 1961

minutes from the meeting of the board of directors and letters discussing the Wine Award

Box-folder 18:772
American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities 1960-61

copy of testimony given before U.S. Congressional subcommittee seeking increased funding

Box-folder 18:773
American Association of University Professors 1960-61

meeting announcements and committee reports

Box-folder 18:774
American Council on Education 1960-61

letters and reports concerning the establishment of the "Peace Corps"

Box-folder 18:775
Animal Husbandry-Litton 1960-61

a petition to VPI administration seeking approval for a PhD program and letters mentioning awards given to Dr. George Litton

Box-folder 18:776a-b
Annual Reports 1960-61
2 folders;

from student organizations, administration, and individual departments

Box-folder 18:777
Applied Science and Business Administration-Johnston 1960-61

letters concerning faculty promotions and new faculty openings

Box-folder 18:778a-b
Architecture-Currie 1960-61
2 folders;

correspondence to and from graduate students seeking to attend VPI

Box-folder 18:779
Association of Graduate Studies 1960-61

committee report

Box-folder 18:780
Association of Virginia Colleges 1960-61

agenda and announcement for annual meeting

Box-folder 18:781
Athletic Council 1961

letters about appointments to the board of directors and letters from alumni criticizing VPI football coach

Box-folder 18:782
Atomic Energy Commission 1960-61

schedules for conferences and summer programs and a letter mentioning that President Newman had a heart attack

Box-folder 18:783
B, General 1961

letters from VPI in response to inquiries about its guidance and placement program

Box-folder 18:784
Biology-Orcutt 1960-61

letter rejecting VPI request for funding for summer programs and letters from faculty complaining about heavy work loads

Box-folder 18:785
Board Resolutions 1960-61
Box-folder 18:786
Business Manager-Cassell 1960-61

departmental budgetary information and plans for improving student housing

Box-folder 18:787
C, General 1960-61

includes letters describing how a cadet was punished for writing an editorial in the school newspaper that criticized the corps

Box-folder 18:788
Capital Outlay Commission 1961

list of commission's members and budgetary information

Box-folder 18:789
Chemical Engineering-Bull 1960-61

report that lists each professor's teaching load

Box-folder 18:790
Chemistry-Krug 1960-61

course syllabi and proposed changes to curriculum

Box-folder 18:791
Civil Engineering-Morris 1960-61

proposal for the creation of a PhD program

Box-folder 18:792
Commencement 1961

letters appointing faculty to commencement committee and a schedule for commencement

Box-folder 18:793a-c
Conference of Southern Graduate Deans 1961
3 folders;

meeting minutes and reports from the conference

Box-folder 18:794
Council on American Graduate Schools 1961

copy of this organization's tentative constitution

Box-folder 18:795
Council of Graduate Schools in the United States 1961

letters concerning executive committee meetings and new committee members

Box-folder 18:796
Council of State College Presidents 1961

meeting minutes

Box-folder 18:797
D, General 1961

letters regarding admitting transfer students with bad grades

Box-folder 18:798
Dairy Science-Graf 1961

agenda and report from a conference on dairy manufacturing in Virginia

Box-folder 18:799
Danville Branch-Taylor 1960-61

letters announcing a pay increase for Edna Loving Young, instructor in the nursing program

Box-folder 18:800a-b
Director of Development-Fisher
2 folders;

funding requests and a report about the "VPI Pre-Centennial Development" program

Box-folder 18:801
E, General 1960-61

includes a report on the status of VPI's cadet corps

Box-folder 18:802
Educational Foundation-Hutcheson 1960-61

requests and approvals for funding

Box-folder 18:803
Electrical Engineering-Powley 1960-61

formal proposal for the creation of a PhD program

Box-folder 18:804
Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1960-61

list of faculty receiving pay increases and administration's policy for VPI sponsored field trips

Box-folder 18:805
Engineering Mechanics-Pletta 1961

departmental meeting minutes

Box-folder 18:806
English and Foreign Languages-Peacock 1960-61
Box-folder 18:807
English Speaking Union 1961

letters regarding Dr. Pardue's acceptance of an offer to join this organization

Box-folder 18:808
Entomology-Grayson 1961

letters announcing a visitor to VPI from the National Institute of Health-Division of Research Grants

Box-folder 18:809
F, General 1961
Box-folder 19:810a-c
Faculty Appointments 1960-61
3 folders
Box-folder 19:811
Faculty Library 1960-61
Box-folder 19:812
Faculty Resignations 1961
Box-folder 19:813
Faculty Retirements 1960-61
Box-folder 19:814
Faculty Tenure 1959-61
Box-folder 19:815a-d
Ford Foundation 1960-61
4 folders;

grant and loan proposals and letters mentioning VPI's participation in the "forgivable student loan program"

Box-folder 19:816
Health, Education, and Welfare 1960-61

includes a press release regarding the total number of master's and doctoral degrees awarded in the U.S. see also National Defense Education Act

Box-folder 19:817
G, General 1961

correspondence concerning Dr. Pardue's participation in student organization meetings

Box-folder 19:818
Geology-Cooper 1957-61

letters including a few in which Dr. Cooper attempted to stop a research assistant from access an official copy of his transcript

Box-folder 19:819
Grade Percentages 1961

for graduate and undergraduate students in the spring quarter

Box-folder 19:820
Guidance and Placement-Cato 1960-61

annual report

Box-folder 19:821
H, General 1961

letters to VPI's school of business concerning U.S. Congressional reports

Box-folder 19:822
History and Political Science-Jones 1960-61

course descriptions

Box-folder 19:823
Home Economics-Harper 1961

list of faculty eligible for pay increases and information on departmental workshops

Box-folder 19:824
I, General 1961

information about tax laws that apply to VPI employees

Box-folder 19:825
Inauguration 1961

of D. Y. Paschall as President of William and Mary College

Box-folder 19:826
Industrial Engineering-Manning 1960-61

correspondence regarding fellowship recipients

Box-folder 19:827
Institute of International Education 1960-61

Fulbright division

Box-folder 19:828
Invitations 1961

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 19:829
K, General 1961

letters mentioning study abroad programs for VPI students

Box-folder 19:830
L, General 1961

letters requesting information on students who dropped out of VPI

Box-folder 19:831
Letters of Recommendation 1961

for faculty

Box-folder 19:832
M, General 1960-61

correspondence to VPI requesting funding to allow foreign students to travel to VPI

Box-folder 19:833
Mathematics-Hatcher 1960-61

includes a recommendation urging that Dr. E.E. Posey receive a pay raise

Box-folder 19:834
Mechanical Engineering-Jones 1960-61

Robert G. Leonard's application and letters of recommendation for an open faculty position

Box-folder 19:835
Military-Devine 1960-61

includes a list of instructions

Box-folder 19:836
N, General 1961

correspondence from the National Research Council

Box-folder 19:837a-b
National Conference on Higher Education 1961
2 folders;

meeting agendas and reports

Box-folder 19:838a-b
National Science Foundation 1961
2 folders;

information about fellowships and fellowship applications from VPI students

Box-folder 19:839
Nuclear Advisory Board 1961

meeting minutes

Box-folder 19:840
P, General 1960-61

letters from Phi Kappa Phi

Box-folder 19:841
Personnel-Evans 1960-61

correspondence regarding a change in VPI employee's insurance plan and a report explaining VPI's merit pay raise policy

Box-folder 19:842
Philosophy and Religion-Grover 1960-61

course descriptions

Box-folder 19:843
Physical Education-Younger 1961

letters about the VPI employee retirement program

Box-folder 19:844
President-Newman 1960-61

includes a letter seeking Dr. Newman's approval to allow an African-American male attend a VPI summer workshop

Box-folder 19:845
Public Relations-McNeil 1960-61

correspondence about the "campus man of the year" award

Box-folder 19:846
Questionnaires 1960-61
Box-folder 19:847
R, General 1960-61

includes requests for information on VPI

Box-folder 19:848a-b
Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy 1961
2 folders;

newsletters and meeting minutes

Box-folder 19:849a-b
Regional Council on Graduate Education in Agriculture 1961
2 folders;

meeting minutes and reports

Box-folder 19:850
Registrar-Slusher 1961

includes correspondences and a copy of an editorial for VPI's student newspaper that criticize the Registrar's office and Ms. Slusher for incompetence

Box-folder 19:851
Roanoke Technical Institute 1961

course lists and reports on enrollment

Box-folder 19:852
Rural Sociology-Tate 1960-61

includes a report on the status of the sociology department

Box-folder 19:853
S, General 1961

letters from Sigma Xi and correspondence regarding VPI students who received scholarships

Box-folder 19:854
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1961

newsletters and correspondence about funding opportunities

Box-folder 19:855
Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities 1960-61

meeting minutes and reports

Box-folder 19:856a-b
Southern Regional Education Board 1961
2 folders;

meeting reports and a grant proposal from VPI to study soil mineralogy

Box-folder 19:857a-b
Southwest Institute on Institutional Research 1961
2 folders;

meeting minutes and reports

Box-folder 20:858
Speeches 1960-61

delivered by Dr. Pardue

Box-folder 20:859
State Board of Education 1960-61

includes a list of "art personnel" at VPI

Box-folder 20:860
State Council on Higher Education 1960-61

report on VPI's "current purposes and programs"

Box-folder 20:861
Statistics-Harshbarger 1960-61

announcement for a VPI-sponsored symposium and letters inviting outside scholars to attend

Box-folder 20:862a-b
Student Activities Committee 1960-61

correspondence granting official status of various student organizations and by-laws for some of these groups

Box-folder 20:863
Student Affairs, Disciplinary Letters 1960-61

includes several letters and reports describing how a VPI student was forced to leave school by administrators who believed he was a homosexual

Box-folder 20:864
Student Affairs, Foreign Students 1961

includes a "campus guide for students from foreign countries"

Box-folder 20:865
Student Life Regulation Committee 1961

a report detailing residence hall regulations, dining hall regulations, personal behavior guidelines, and disciplinary actions as applied to African-American students at VPI

Box-folder 20:866
T, General 1961

includes an article written by Marten ten Hoor

Box-folder 20:867
U, General 1960-61

list of VPI University Club members

Box-folder 20:868
U.S. Naval Weapons Lab, Dahlgren, VA 1960-61

letters about employees teaching at VPI in math and engineering

Box-folder 20:869
U.S. Steel Foundation Fellowship 1959-61

letters mentioning VPI students who received this fellowship

Box-folder 20:870
Veterinary Science 870

correspondence containing a list of VPI students applying to the University of Georgia's program

Box-folder 20:871
Virginia Education Association 1960-61

includes a list of VPI faculty and their home addresses

Box-folder 20:872
Virginia Farm Bureau 1960-61

letters and newspaper article about "getting the forces of education actively engaged in the world-wide ideological struggle" against communism

Box-folder 20:873
Vocational Education-Sanders 1958-61

letters about faculty teaching duties, course descriptions, and budgetary information for the summer programs

Box-folder 20:874
W, General 1959-61

includes replies to requests for information including a statement from Westinghouse Electric Co. about an anti-trust lawsuit

Box-folder 20:875
Wine Awards 1961

report on modifications to the award criteria and news bulletins announcing award recipients

Box-folder 20:876
YMCA-Payne 1960-61

letters and memos regarding budgetary information and an internship position

Box-folder 20:877
A, General 1962

letters from the American Association of University Women and a membership list of the VPI Alumni Association's board of directors

Box-folder 20:878
Agricultural Experiment Station-Young 1962

agenda for a departmental conference

Box-folder 20:879
Animal Husbandry-Litton 1962

correspondence mentioning the inauguration of T. Marshall Hahn as president of VPI

Box-folder 20:880
Athletic Council 1961-62

includes the council's by-laws and letters concerned with hiring a new football coach and a new basketball coach

Box-folder 20:881
Board Resolutions 1962

concerning deceased and retired employees of VPI

Box-folder 20:882a-b
Budget Material 1960-62
2 folders
Box-folder 20:883
Business Administration-Mitchell 1961-62

departmental reports and a list of graduate students in this department

Box-folder 20:884
Business Manager-Cassell 1961-62

information on the estimated operating expenses for VPI

Box-folder 20:885
C, General 1961-62

includes letters from the committee on international exchange of persons, the center for applied linguistics, and the cooperative education department at Northeastern University

Box-folder 20:886a-b
Centennial Committee 1962
2 folders;

reports and letters about VPI's 90th anniversary celebration

Box-folder 20:887
Chemical Engineering-Bull 1962

letters requesting that more instructors be hired, newspaper articles, and syllabi

Box-folder 20:888
Chemistry-Krug 1961-62

letters requesting that more instructors be hired, newspaper articles, and syllabi

Box-folder 20:889
Citation Group 1959-62

correspondence about citations given to outstanding VPI alumni and a list of recipients

Box-folder 20:890
Civil Engineering-Morris 1962

letters and reports about proposed new courses

Box-folder 20:891a-b
Commencement 1962
2 folders;

lists of graduating students

Box-folder 20:892
Community Colleges 1961-62

letters concerning community colleges in Virginia that are associated with VPI

Box-folder 20:893
Congress 1962

reports and correspondence about the availability of Federal funding for higher education

Box-folder 20:894
Continuing Education-Keller 1961-62

letters and reports sent by Pennsylvania State University concerning Federal funding programs

Box-folder 20:895
Co-operative Engineering-Smith 1962

includes a summary of grades for freshman co-operative students

Box-folder 20:896
Council on Graduate Schools in the U.S. 1962

meeting agendas and reports

Box-folder 20:897
D, General 1962

includes letters concerning mistakes on diplomas and ordering replacement diplomas

Box-folder 20:898
Dairy Science-Graf 1962

departmental newsletters and the agenda for the Dairy Science Career Day

Box-folder 20:899
Danville Branch-Taylor 1962

letters about summer course offerings and faculty merit pay increases

Box-folder 20:900
Director of Development-Fisher 1962

list of award citations given to alumni at VPI's 90th anniversary celebration

Box-folder 20:901
E, General 1961-62

letters from the Educational Testing Service and the English Speaking Union of the U.S.

Box-folder 20:902
Economics-Miller 1962

request for permission to take students on a field trip

Box-folder 20:903
Education Foundation-Hutcheson 1962

summary of a meeting between the Education Foundation and the Alumni Association

Box-folder 20:904
Electrical Engineering-Powley 1962

syllabus and a proposal to create a PhD program

Box-folder 20:905
Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1962

includes letters regarding faculty changes

Box-folder 20:906
English-Peacock 1962

course description

Box-folder 20:907
Engineering Mechanics-Pletta 1961-62

letters about faculty changes and a conference report on engineering education

Box-folder 20:908
Entomology-Grayson 1962

correspondence concerning Phi Sigma awards

Box-folder 20:909
F, General 1961-62

letters from T. R. Ferguson, C.C. Feagin and the Walter D. Fuller Company

Box-folder 20:910
Faculty Applications 1961-62
Box-folder 20:911
Faculty Appointments 1962
Box-folder 20:912
Faculty Merit Increases 1961-62
Box-folder 20:913
Faculty Promotions 1961-62
Box-folder 20:914
Faculty Resignations 1962
Box-folder 20:915
Faculty Retirements 1962
Box-folder 20:916
Field Trip Letters 1962

list of class field trips by department

Box-folder 20:917
Forestry and Wildlife-Hosner 1961-62

course lists and proposed new course descriptions

Box-folder 20:918
G, General 1961-62

includes letters about visiting professors and research grant awards

Box-folder 20:919
Geological Sciences-Cooper 1962

includes letters about faculty changes and a report on "the geological orientation study"

Box-folder 20:920
Grade Percentages 1962

for undergraduates and graduates

Box-folder 20:921
Guidance and Placement-Cato 1961-62

annual report and a survey of 1961-62 graduates

Box-folder 20:922
H, General 1961-62
Box-folder 20:923
Health, Education, and Welfare 1961-62

newsletters and correspondence concerning funding and enrollment in graduate programs (see also National Education Defense Act)

Box-folder 20:924
History and Political Science-Jones 1961-62

proposed curriculum changes and letter asking for permission to hire graduate students to grade undergraduate papers

Box-folder 20:925
Home Economics-Harper 1961-62

includes letters about students leaving school without notifying the school and a description of Dr. Harper's duties

Box-folder 20:926
Horticulture-Judkins 1961-62

letters giving approval for students to use courses from other departments toward their major

Box-folder 20:927
I, General 1961-62

newsletter from IBM and letters from the University of Kentucky asking Dr. Pardue to represent them at a conference

Box-folder 20:928
Industrial Engineering-Manning 1962

letters and proposed changes to the graduate program

Box-folder 20:929
Institute of International Education 1961-62

Fulbright division

Box-folder 20:930
Invitations 1962

accepted and rejected

Box-folder 20:931
L, General 1961-62

letters mentioning the death of Seymor Robb and the hospitalization of Claudius Lee

Box-folder 20:932
Langley Field 1961-62

announcement for committee meetings and a publication for visitors

Box-folder 20:933
M, General 1961-62

letters requesting VPI to send a band to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Box-folder 20:934
Mechanical Engineering-Jones 1962

includes a research proposal and a course description

Box-folder 21:935
Military-Schewe 1961-62

includes a list of awards given to cadets and the annual report from cadet Company C

Box-folder 21:936
N, General 1962

letters from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Box-folder 21:937
National Education Association 1961-62

press releases

Box-folder 21:938a-c
National science Foundation 1961-62
3 folders;

information on fellowships and the "undergraduate instructional equipment program"

Box-folder 21:939
O, General 1961-62

letters from George Oliver and Omicron Delta Kappa

Box-folder 21:940
P, General 1962

meeting minutes from the VPI President's Council

Box-folder 21:941
Personnel Evans 1962

letter warning of eminent high clerical staff turnover

Box-folder 21:942
Physics-Jacobs 1962

letters regarding the creation of a graduate cooperative program and "a proposal for a conference on artificial satellites"

Box-folder 21:943
President-Hahn 1961-62

includes letters mentioning Dr. Hahn's appointment as President, a proposed PhD program in Mechanical Engineering, and a review committee on student housing

Box-folder 21:944a-b
President-Newman 1961-62
2 folders;

includes letters regarding Dr. Newman's retirement and VPI's 90th anniversary celebration

Box-folder 21:945
Questionnaires 1961-62
Box-folder 21:946
Registrar-Slusher 1961-62

enrollment statistics, diploma replacement procedures, and grade report distribution information

Box-folder 21:947
Radford College 1962

proposed new courses

Box-folder 21:948
Roanoke Technical Institute 1961-62

letters and reports regarding estimated enrollment figures and a teaching load study

Box-folder 21:949
Science and General Studies 1961-62

includes a report "in support of liberal arts majors at VPI"

Box-folder 950a-b
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1961-62
2 folders;

committee resolutions and materials from an evaluation

Box-folder 21:951
Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities 1962

meeting report

Box-folder 21:952a-b
Southern Interstate Nuclear Board 1961-62
2 folders;

newsletters and meeting reports

Box-folder 21:953a-b
Southern Regional Education Board 1961
2 folders;

meeting agendas and reports

Box-folder 21:954
Space Radiation Effects Lab 1962

letters, reports and Board of Visitors' resolutions concerning a joint program between VPI and William and Mary College

Box-folder 21:955
State Advisory Committee on Nuclear Energy 1958-62

meeting agenda, reports, and letters about funding for VPI representatives to travel to conferences

Box-folder 21:956
State Board of Education 1962

includes "a summary of major legislation affecting public education"

Box-folder 21:957a-b
State Council on Higher Education 1961-62
2 folders;

meeting reports

Box-folder 21:958
Student Activities Committee 1961-62

includes a list of committee members and copies of student organization's constitutions

Box-folder 21:959a-c
Student Affairs-Crawford 1961-62
3 folders;

includes letters mentioning student deaths, proposed changes to the freshman orientation program, and guidelines for foreign exchange students

Box-folder 21:960
Student Correspondence 1960-62

includes several that are highly critical of the Registrar-Ms. Slusher

Box-folder 21:961
Television 1961-62

newsletters and reports about educational TV broadcast services at VPI

Box-folder 21:962
V, General 1962

letters from the Virginia Academy of Science and includes a list of students who applied to the veterinary school at the University of Georgia

Box-folder 21:963
Vocational Education-Sanders 1961-62

new course and teaching position creation proposals

Box-folder 21:964
W, General 1961-62

includes letters of congratulations to Wine Awards recipients

Box-folder 21:965
Water Resources Study 1962

includes a "VPI Water Resources Study for Virginia"

Box-folder 21:966
YMCA-Payne 1961-62

committee meeting minutes and reports and a list of YMCA advisory board members

Box-folder 21:967
A, General 1962-63

letters to the atomic energy commission and the VPI agricultural experiment station

Box-folder 21:968a-d
Academic Council 1962-63
4 folders;

meeting agendas and reports, syllabi, and proposed changes to graduate programs

Box-folder 22:969
Accreditation 1962-63

newsletters, reports and a "list of accrediting association recognized by the national commission on accrediting

Box-folder 22:970
Admissions-Ferrier 1962-63

freshman enrollment statistics

Box-folder 22:971
Agricultural Extension Service-Daughtrey 1962-63

tenative agenda for the Pest Control Operators short course and "a statement by the VPI before the Virginia Advisory Council on educational TV"

Box-folder 22:972
Agriculture-Bell 1962-63

list of graduate students working at the extension service

Box-folder 22:973
Atomic Energy Commission 1962-63

reports on nuclear equipment grants to VPI and a list of uranium loaned to VPI

Box-folder 22:974
Board of Visitors 1962-63

list of members

Box-folder 22:975
Conference of Southern Graduate Deans 1962-63

meeting minutes

Box-folder 22:976
Education Foundation-Furr 1961-63

list of board of directors members and a report on VPI's engineering programs

Box-folder 22:977
Engineering and Architecture-Whittemore 1962-63

meeting reports concerning curriculum changes

Box-folder 22:978
Geological Science-Cooper 1962-63

letters regarding VPI's water resources study

Box-folder 22:979a-b
Graduate Committee 1961-63
2 folders;

meeting minutes and proposed changes

Box-folder 22:980
Health, Education, and Welfare 1962-63

newsletters and letters concerning fellowships see also National Education Defense Act

Box-folder 22:981
Horticulture-Judkins 1962-63

"a proposed individual work-study program"

Box-folder 22:982
Library-Shirk 1960-63

includes budgetary information

Box-folder 22:983
Mathematics 1962-63

list of funding opportunities for students

Box-folder 22:984
Mechanical Engineering-Jones 1962-63

a proposal for the creation of a PhD program

Box-folder 22:985
Military-Schewe 1962-63

guidelines for cadets at football games, list of cadet officers, and a report on freshmen cadets

Box-folder 22:986
National Education Association 1962-63

"biennial review of the occupation of each doctor's degree graduate"

Box-folder 22:987
National Science Foundation 1962-63

list of VPI fellowship recipients

Box-folder 22:988
Plant Pathology and Physiology-Wingard 1961-63

materials used to recruit students and a petition to create a PhD program

Box-folder 22:989
President-Hahn 1963

copy of the program from Dr. Hahn's inauguration and a report from the "president's review committee on student classification and assignment"

Box-folder 22:990a-b
Salary Listings 1959-63
2 folders
Box-folder 22:991
Southern Interstate Nuclear Board 1962-63

"statement of cash receipts and disbursements" and letters about increasing the executive director's salary

Box-folder 22:992
Southern regional Education Board 1963

meeting minutes

Box-folder 22:993
State Council of Higher Education 1962-63

list of members and a letter giving approval to certain proposed departmental changes at VPI

Box-folder 22:994
Statistics-Harshbarger 1962-63

includes correspondence concerning the new computer center coordinator's duties as interpreted by the retiring coordinator

Box-folder 22:995
Student Activities Committee 1962-63

includes the constitutions for various student organizations

Box-folder 22:996
Virginia Associated Research Center 1962-63

meeting minutes and a copy of a contract between this group and NASA

Box-folder 22:997
YMCA 1962-63

meeting agendas and reports

Box-folder 22:998
NDEA, Actual and Estimated Operation Costs 1959-60
Box-folder 22:999
NDEA, Actual and Estimated Operation Costs 1960-61
Box-folder 22:1000
NDEA, Actual and Estimated Operation Costs 1961-62
Box-folder 22:1001a-b
NDEA, Actual and Estimated Operation Costs 1962-63
2 folders
Box-folder 22:1002a-b
NDEA, Actual and Estimated Operation Costs 1963-64
2 folders
Box-folder 22:1003
NDEA, Fellowship Program, Applications and Approvals 1958-59
Box-folder 22:1004
NDEA, Fellowship Program, Applications and Approvals 1959-60
Box-folder 22:1005
NDEA, Fellowship Program, Applications and Approvals 1961-62
Box-folder 22:1006
NDEA, Fellowship Program, Applications and Approvals 1962-63
Box-folder 22:1007
NDEA, Fellowship Program, Applications and Approvals 1963-64
Box-folder 23:1008
NDEA Fellowship Program, General 1958
Box-folder 23:1009a-b
NDEA Fellowship Program, General 1959
2 folders
Box-folder 23:1010a-b
NDEA Fellowship Program, General 1959-61
2 folders
Box-folder 23:1011
NDEA Fellowship Program, General 1961-62
Box-folder 23:1012
NDEA Fellowship Program, General 1962-63
Box-folder 23:1013
NDEA Fellowship Program, General 1963-64

these "general" folders contain informational publications, newsletters, and correspondence and reports regarding funding programs for students and faculty

Box-folder 23:1014
NDEA, Fellowship Program, Questionnaires 1961-62
Box-folder 23:1015
NDEA, Refunds 962
Box-folder 23:1016
ORINS, Application Forms 1952-55
Box-folder 23:1017
ORINS, By-Laws, Employee Guidelines, and Activity Reports 1947-48
Box-folder 23:1018
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1949
Box-folder 23:1019
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1950
Box-folder 23:1020
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1951
Box-folder 23:1021
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1952
Box-folder 23:1022
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1953
Box-folder 23:1023
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1954
Box-folder 23:1024
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1955
Box-folder 23:1025
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1957
Box-folder 23:1026
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1958
Box-folder 23:1027
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1960
Box-folder 23:1028
ORINS, Correspondence, General 1961

includes requests for information, notifications of personnel changes and a description of a new security clearance level

Box-folder 23:1029
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1949
Box-folder 23:1030
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1950
Box-folder 23:1031a-b
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1951
2 folders
Box-folder 23:1032a-b
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1952
2 folders
Box-folder 23:1033
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1953
Box-folder 23:1034
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1954
Box-folder 23:1035
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1955
Box-folder 23:1036
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1956
Box-folder 23:1037
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1957
Box-folder 23:1038
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1958
Box-folder 23:1039
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1959
Box-folder 23:1040
ORINS, Executive Director-Pollard 1960

includes diagrams of the ORINS leadership hierarchy, activities reports, salary lists, and budgetary information

Box-folder 23:1041a-b
ORINS, Meetings 1947-50
2 folders
Box-folder 23:1042
ORINS, Meetings 1951
Box-folder 23:1043a-b
ORINS, Meetings 1952
2 folders
Box-folder 24:1044
ORINS, Meetings 1953
Box-folder 24:1045
ORINS, Meetings 1954
Box-folder 24:1046
ORINS, Meetings 1955
Box-folder 24:1047
ORINS, Meetings 1956
Box-folder 24:1048a-b
ORINS, Meetings 1957
2 folders
Box-folder 24:1049a-b
ORINS, Meetings 1958
2 folders
Box-folder 24:1050a-b
ORINS, Meetings 1959
2 folders
Box-folder 24:1051a-b
ORINS, Meetings 1960
2 folders
Box-folder 24:1052a-b
ORINS, Meetings 1961
2 folders
Box-folder 24:1053
ORINS, Meetings 1962

includes reports, proposals, salary information, construction plans, meeting minutes, and correspondence concerning travel to the meetings for the board of directors and various committee meetings

Box-folder 24:1054
ORINS, Newsletters 1949-61
Box-folder 24:1055
ORINS, Patent Policy n.d.
Box-folder 24:1056
ORINS, Petition to the President of the United States 1945

signed by 18 of the scientists who helped create the atomic bomb (including Dr. Pardue), this petition urged the President to consider certain factors before using it on Japan; signed July 13, 1945

Box-folder 24:1057
ORINS, Project Proposals and Authorization Forms 1952
Box-folder 24:1058
ORINS, Radioactive Isotopes-Obenshain 1947-49

Collection is open for research. Because the collection is located in the storage facility, it must be requested through the Special Collections Department at least 2 working days in advance of use. and experiment results

Box-folder 24:1959
ORINS, University Relations 1949
Box-folder 24:1060
ORINS, University Relations 1950
Box-folder 24:1061
ORINS, University Relations 1951
Box-folder 24:1062
ORINS, University Relations 1952
Box-folder 24:1063
ORINS, University Relations 1953
Box-folder 24:1064
ORINS, University Relations 1954
Box-folder 24:1065
ORINS, University Relations 1955
Box-folder 24:1066
ORINS, University Relations 1956
Box-folder 24:1067
ORINS, University Relations 1957
Box-folder 24:1068
ORINS, University Relations 1958
Box-folder 24:1069
ORINS, University Relations 1959
Box-folder 24:1070
ORINS, University Relations 1970
Box-folder 24:1071
ORINS, University Relations 1971

includes letters providing requested information, reports, student fellowship applications, workshop announcements, and budgetary information

Box-folder 24:1072
ORINS, VPI Considers Membership in ORINS 1946