A Guide to the Thomson Mason Papers, 1804-1912 Mason, Thomson, Papers, 1804-1912 135

A Guide to the Thomson Mason Papers, 1804-1912

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Alexandria Library, Local History/Special Collections
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Thomson Mason Papers 1804-1912
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2 boxes.

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Thomson Mason Papers, Accession #135, Alexandria Library, Local History/Special Collections, Alexandria, Va.

Acquisition Information

William F. Smith, 2003.

Biographical/Historical Information

Thomson Francis Mason (1785 - 1838) was the grandson of George Mason IV of Gunston Hall and the son of Thomson Mason of Hollin Hall. He dedicated his life to public service for the town of Alexandria. Mason served on the Alexandria Common Council, was elected Mayor of Alexandria four times, served as Justice of the Peace three times, and was the first judge of the Criminal Court of the District of Columbia. He also practiced law and served as President of both the Alexandria Canal and Middle Turnpike Corporation.

Scope and Content

This collection contains numerous documents, either personal or business, of Thomson Mason. All correspondence is Mason's unless otherwise indicated. Other documents found are legal ones dealing with all phases of Mason's practice, both in and out of Virginia. Several items are from his period as Mayor of Alexandria and President of Middle Turnpike Corporation. Early documents deal with the buying and selling of slaves.


Arrangement is chronological by year.

Index Terms


  • Mason, Thomson Francis, 1785-1838
  • Smoot, W.A.
  • Subjects:

  • Administration of estates
  • Coleman family
  • Cornnwell family
  • Farquhar family
  • Slavery--Virginia

Contents List

Promissory Note, Robert Robertson to Robert and John Gray, 1 May 1804.. 135:1, Box-folder
Bill of Complaint, Marine Insurance Association against James Wilson, 1806.. 135:2, Box-folder
Frederick Tridle Estate Document, 1809.. 135:3, Box-folder
Documents re: Sally Price and Henry Taylor, February 1809.. 135:4, Box-folder
Promissory Note, Joseph Milligan to Robert Gray, 17 September 1811.. 135:5, Box-folder
Merchandise Receipt, Rebeckah Griffith to John Hamilton, 1811.. 135:6, Box-folder
Thornton Estate Suit, 1812.. 135:7, Box-folder
Stock Share, Snickers Pike Turnpike Company, 1813.. 135:8, Box-folder
Lawsuit, Churchman v. Price & Tucker, 14 December 1813.. 135:9, Box-folder
Lawsuit, Upton Beall v. Washington Drane, 3 March 1814.. 135:10, Box-folder
Miscellaneous Receipts, 1814.. 135:11, Box-folder
Promissory Note, George Awman to Benjamin Price, 25 December 1814.. 135:12, Box-folder
Receipt, T.F. Mason to Chas. Decton, 7 January 1815.. 135:13, Box-folder
Promissory Notes, 1815.. 135:14, Box-folder
Rental Agreement, Walter Brookes to Capt. Benjamin Price, 12 August 1815.. 135:15, Box-folder
Document retaining T.F. Mason's Services, 15 August 1815.. 135:16, Box-folder
Promissory Note, Thompson Violett to Robert Gray, 7 October 1815.. 135:17, Box-folder
Slave Sale, William Lender to T.F. Mason, 20 December 1816.. 135:18, Box-folder
Business Correspondence and Receipts, 1816.. 135:19, Box-folder
Promissory Note, Jno. [?] to Robert Gray, 19 June 1816.. 135:20, Box-folder
Business Correspondence and Receipts, 1817.. 135:21, Box-folder
Correspondence, William Robinson retaining T.F. Mason to handle matter of runaway slave, 1818.. 135:22, Box-folder
Receipts, 1818.. 135:23, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1819.. 135:24, Box-folder
Indenture, John Mason from Edgar Marty, 13 March 1819.. 135:25, Box-folder
Bill for Merchandise, Presley Cordell to Sarah Price, 23 January 1819.. 135:26, Box-folder
Indenture, Lawrence Simpson to Samuel Catts, 30 June 1820.. 135:27, Box-folder
Indenture, William Miles to Thomson Mason,20 July 1820.. 135:28, Box-folder
Chancery Court Suit, William Yeaton v. David Lenox,May 1820.. 135:29, Box-folder
Correspondence and Receipts, 1820.. 135:30, Box-folder
Promissory Note, Charles Farquhar to Lawrence Myers, 1820.. 135:31, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1821.. 135:32, Box-folder
Estate Accounting, John May Estate, 8 October 1821.. 135:33, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1822.. 135:34, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1823.. 135:35, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1824.. 135:36, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1825.. 135:37, Box-folder
Estate Inventory, Constant Cornwell Estate, 12 December 1825.. 135:38, Box-folder
Administrators Bond, Robert Lang for Estate of Robert Casey, 12 May 1826.. 135:39, Box-folder
Estate Appraisal, Jesse Cornwell Estate - lists slaves. 20 May 1826.. 135:40, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1826.. 135:41, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1827.. 135:42, Box-folder
Correspondence, Personal, Mayoral, Legal. 1828.. 135:43, Box-folder
Ledger (part of), Middle Turnpike Road Construction, 1829.. 135:44, Box-folder
Mayoral Correspondence, 1829.. 135:45, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1829.. 135:46, Box-folder
Personal Correspondence, 1829.. 135:47, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1830.. 135:48, Box-folder
Indenture, William McCarty to George Mason, 1 October 1830.. 135:49, Box-folder
Receipt for Merchandise, William Fowle from Charles Farquhar, 10 December 1830.. 135:50, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1831.. 135A:1, Box-folder
Bill for Services/Goods, Horatio Day (shoemaker) to Charles Farquhar, June-December 1832.. 135A:2, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1832.. 135A:3, Box-folder
Insurance Policy, Fire Insurance Company of America, 25 February 1833.. 135A:4, Box-folder
Deed, 604 King Street, Elizabeth Coleman to Charles Farquhar. 13 May 1833.. 135A:5, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1833.. 135A:6, Box-folder
Indenture, Thomas and Margaret Coleman to Charles Farquhar, 1 March 1833.. 135A:7, Box-folder
Bills/Receipts, Charles Farquhar, 1833.. 135A:8, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1834.. 135A:9, Box-folder
Literature Lottery Drawing - Wilmington, Delaware, 28 August 1834.. 135A:10, Box-folder
Receipts, Charles Farquhar, 1834.. 135A:11, Box-folder
Accounting for Services, Charles Farquhar to George Swaine, 1834.. 135A:12, Box-folder
Promissory Note, Charles Farquhar to George Swaine, 1835.. 135A:13, Box-folder
Receipts, Charles Farquhar, 1835.. 135A:14, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1835.. 135A:15, Box-folder
Receipts, Charles Farquhar, 1836.. 135A:16, Box-folder
Promissory Notes, 1836.. 135A:17, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1836.. 135A:18, Box-folder
Receipts, Charles Farquhar, 1837.. 135A:19, Box-folder
Promissory Note, Charles Farquhar, 1837.. 135A:20, Box-folder
Judgement for suit against Jesse Cornwell estate, 1837.. 135A:21, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1837.. 135A:22, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1838.. 135A:23, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, 1842.. 135A:24, Box-folder
Bills of Lading, Hilles, Boyd & Company, 1868.. 135A:25, Box-folder
Bills of Lading, Smoot & Company, 1870.. 135A:26, Box-folder
Checks written by William Smoot, 1882.. 135A:27, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, William Smoot & Company, 1891.. 135A:28, Box-folder
Business Correspondence, William Smoot & Company, 1901.. 135A:29, Box-folder
Personal Correspondence, William A. Smoot, 1901.. 135A:30, Box-folder
Letter from L.E. Smoot to father, 1910.. 135A:31, Box-folder
Letter from C.C. Randolph to brother, 1912.. 135A:32, Box-folder
Miscellaneous Documents, not dated.. 135A:33, Box-folder
Miscellaneous Correspondence, not dated.. 135A:34, Box-folder
Alexandria Gazette, 30 May 1862.. 135A:35, Box-folder
Alexandria Gazette, 12 July 1864.. 135A:36, Box-folder