A Guide to the Armistead Boothe Papers, 1803-1990 Boothe, Armistead, Papers 164-173B

A Guide to the Armistead Boothe Papers, 1803-1990

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Accession Number
Armistead Boothe Papers 1803-1990
Physical Characteristics
12 boxes (10 linear feet)

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Armistead Boothe Papers, Accession #164-173B, Alexandria Library, Local History/Special Collections, Alexandria, Va.

Acquisition Information

Gifts of Julie Boothe Perry, 1989-1993.


Additional materials processed in 2008 were added to the manuscript collection: Box 173C, one oversize item in Box 173, and 13 photographs (Box 173C, Folder 43).

Biographical/Historical Information

Armistead Boothe (1907-1990) was an Alexandria lawyer and politician who got his start practicing law with his father, Gardner Lloyd Boothe (1872-1964). Armistead Boothe's law career in Alexandria lasted from 1929 to 1970 with a two year break while he served as special assistant to the U.S. Attorney General from 1934 to 1936 and a 2 1/2 year stint in the U.S. Navy during World War II on the second Hornet aircraft carrier. Boothe represented Alexandria in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1948-1956 and in the State Senate from 1959-1964, and served as City Attorney in the early 1940s. Boothe married Elizabeth (Bettie) Ravenel Peelle in 1934.

Gardner Lloyd Boothe also featured prominently in Alexandria not only as an attorney, but as president of the First National Bank and the Citizens National Bank, as a member of the Virginia Theological Seminary board of trustees from 1916 to 1956, and as a vestryman at Christ Church from 1895 to 1956. He married Eleanor Harrison Carr (1881-1968) of Petersburg, Virginia in 1906. They lived at 711 Prince Street in Alexandria.

Gardner Boothe's parents, Captain William Boothe (1818-1894) and Mary Leadbeater Boothe (1839-1914), also figure in Alexandria history. Captain Boothe went to sea at an early age and worked up to ship's captain. He later served as president of the Alexandria Water Company, vice-president of the First National Bank, and General Superintendent of the American Coal Company. Mary Boothe came from the Leadbeater Apothecary Shop family.

Scope and Content

These papers reflect Armistead Boothe's advocacy of civil rights legislation, and his political activity with such issues as public schools, transportation, segregation and other political issues in Virginia, especially during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Personal papers in this collection relate to family matters such as Gardner Boothe's courtship of Eleanor Carr and Armistead Boothe's school and military experiences. The collection includes scrapbooks, journals, albums, memorabilia and other forms of personal papers from various family members. One scrapbook documents Joseph Armistead Carr's career and death as a Rough Rider (Box 173B).

Among the highlights of the business, legal, and financial papers in this collection are Captain William Boothe's ship logs.

Genealogical papers relate to the Boothe, Carr, Harrison, and other families of Virginia and Alexandria.


Roughly chronologically and thereunder topically. Oversized items are grouped by size rather than by subject.

Separated Material

Approximately 143 photographs have been removed to the Boothe Photograph Collection.

Approximately seven issues of Alexandria Gazette newspapers (1864-1869) have been removed to the Newspapers Collection (Box 47).

Index Terms

  • Boothe family
  • Boothe, Armistead, 1907-1990
  • Boothe, Eleanor Harrison Carr, 1881-1968
  • Boothe, Gardner, 1872-1964
  • Boothe, William, 1818-1968
  • Carr family
  • Harrison family
  • Integration - Virginia
  • School integration - Virginia
  • Ship registers - Alexandria, Va.

Contents List

Box-folder 164:1
West Point brochure & Walker Keith Armistead (Class of 1803) photocopy.
Box-folder 164:1A
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1827-1864.
Box-folder 164:2
Letter to John Leadbeater, 1845.
Box-folder 164:2A
Samuel Green naturalization paper.
Box-folder 164:3
Deeds for the block of Princess, Columbus, Washington, and Oronoco, 1840s-1850s. 8 items.
Box-folder 164:4
Ship's log, Brig Noble,June 1848 - December 1848.
Box-folder 164:5
Ship's log, Brig Noble,January 1849 - May 1849.
Box-folder 164:5A
Letter(s) relating to the honeymoon trip of William J. Boothe and Mary Grace Leadbeater, 1849.
Box-folder 164:6
Alexandria Water Company Annual Reports, 1851-1879.
Box-folder 164:7
Autograph album of Mary [Leadbeater?], 1853-1863.
Box-folder 164:8
William J. Boothe's check book accounts, 1858.
Box-folder 164:9
Potomac, Piedmont and Valley Agricultural Society, membership certificate, 1860.
Box-folder 164:10
Alexandria Canal Company, minutes, 1867.
Box-folder 164:12
Alexandria & Maryland Steam Ferry Company, stock, 1867.
Box-folder 164:13
Bill in Maryland House of Delegates to amend charter of Cumberland and Pennsylvania Rail, 1868.
Box-folder 164:14
American Coal Company to William J. Boothe, 1866-1890. 7 items.
Box-folder 164:15
Will of Eliza T. Fowle, 1869.
Box-folder 164:16
Eliza T. Fowle estate papers, 1860s-1870s. 29 items.
Box-folder 164:17
William J. Boothe administration papers of the Eliza T. Fowle Estate, 711 Prince Street, 1870s. 15 items.
Box-folder 164:18
Lines written on the death of William Henry Harrison, 9th U.S. President, by L.L. Bailey, Alexandria, Va. April 6, 1841.
Box-folder 165:1
Checks from Atlanta, 1873-1873. 4 checks.
Box-folder 165:2
Correspondence between William J. Boothe and S.B. Spencer, Atlanta, 1870s. 12 items.
Box-folder 165:3
Letter from W.A. Slaymaker, University Publishing Co., Atlanta, 1872.
Box-folder 165:4
To George K. Witmer from St. Louis Mutual Life Insurance Co., 1872.
Box-folder 165:5
Stock certificate, Janney Car Coupling Co., 1874.2 items.
Box-folder 165:6
Northern Pacific Railroad Company bonds, 1874-1875. 9 items.
Box-folder 165:7
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1870s. 11 items.
Box-folder 165:8
William J. Boothe records for land in Nuckolls County, Nebraska, 1870s-1880s. 14 items not counting envelopes.
Box-folder 165:9
Correspondence related to property in Georgia, 1870s-1880s. 8 items.
Box-folder 165:10
Correspondence between William J. Boothe and B.F. Church, 1880s. 3 items.
Box-folder 165:11
Correspondence with S. Ferguson Beach, 1880s. 8 items.
Box-folder 165:12
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1880s. 11 items.
Box-folder 165:12A
Kate Harrison's journal and scrapbook, 1881.
Box-folder 165:13
William J. Boothe: tax records, correspondence, and lot map relating to property in Stutsman County, Dakota Territory, 1880-1891. 14 items.
Box-folder 165:14
William J. Boothe to Alexandria City Council about Alexandria Water Company, 1882. 4 items.
Box-folder 165:15
Deeds in Alexandria. 3 deeds (of indebtedness?): Robert N. Crook, Susan H. Crook, Hillary A. Crook. 1884.
Box-folder 165:16
Potomac Academy certificates of distinction for Gardner L. Boothe, 1885-1890. 4 certificates.
Box-folder 165:17
Personal account book, 1885-1895.
Box-folder 165:18
Will of William J. Boothe, 1889. 2 copies.
Box-folder 166:1
William J. Boothe obituary, 1889. 2 copies.
Box-folder 166:2
Receipts from Potomac Shoe Co. to William J. Boothe and Gardner L. Boothe, 1890. 9 items.
Box-folder 166:3
Burke & Herbert blank checks in book, 1890s.
Box-folder 166:4
Miscellaneous papers (notes), 1890s. 4 items.
Box-folder 166:5
Letter from Alexandria Hospital to Mary L. Boothe regarding ambulance use, 1904.
Box-folder 166:6
Thomas Waddy Stove and Furnace Work invoice, 1908.
Box-folder 166:7
Miscellaneous papers (poem, invoices), 1910s. 8 items.
Box-folder 166:8
Miscellaneous papers (road drawing, blank stock certificate, notes), undated. 11 items.
Box-folder 166:9
Harrington Livery Stable invoice, 1910.
Box-folder 166:10
Long grocery order to Leadbeater, 1910.
Box-folder 166:11
Watkins Butcher order, 1910.
Box-folder 166:12
Checks from First National Bank, Mary G. Boothe, 1909-1912.
Box-folder 166:13
Fees book, 1907-1920.
Box-folder 166:14
Laundry machinery proposal, 1910.
Box-folder 166:15
Checks from Burke & Herbert, Mary G. Boothe, 1907-1910.
Box-folder 166:16
Checks from Burke & Herbert, Mary G. Boothe, 1911.
Box-folder 166:17
Armistead Boothe's savings book with First National Bank, 1912.
Box-folder 166:18
Gardner L. Boothe correspondence to Armistead L. Boothe, 1920s. 5 letters, 1 extra envelope.
Box-folder 166:19
Correspondence to Armistead L. Boothe, 1920s-1930s. 5 letters.
Box-folder 166:20
St. Margaret's church bulletin, 1928.
Box-folder 167:1
Class prophecy, Potomac School, late 1920s(?).
Box-folder 167:2
Armistead Boothe expense book and 6 separate sheets, 1929-1931.
Box-folder 167:3
Gardner L. Boothe wallets, containing business and membership cards, 1930s.
Box-folder 167:3A
Lafayette Hotel deed, 1937.
Box-folder 167:4
Armistead Boothe's scrapbook: political and international issues, 1929-1930.
Box-folder 167:5
Armistead Boothe, Young Democrats records, 1930s-1940s.
Box-folder 167:6
Account book, 1938-1955.
Box-folder 167:7
New York World's Fair: Hotel McAlpin certificate to Armistead Boothe.
Box-folder 167:8
Correspondence to Armistead Boothe, 1939. 4 items.
Box-folder 167:9
Newspaper clippings re: health certificates for marriage and Armistead Boothe candidacy for City Attorney.
Box-folder 167:10
Deed of land from Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary to Armistead L. Boothe and Elizabeth P. Boothe (lot 7 of subdivision of Chapel Hill), 1943.
Box-folder 167:11
Letter to Gardner L. Boothe from Rev. B.B. Comer Lile, 1944.
Box-folder 167:12
Letters from Armistead Boothe to his wife Betty, 1943-1945. 14 letters.
Box-folder 168:1A
Armistead Boothe press releases and speeches, May 9-19, 1966.
Box-folder 168:1B
Armistead Boothe press releases and speeches, May 20-31, 1966.
Box-folder 168:1C
Armistead Boothe press releases and speeches, June 1-19, 1966.
Box-folder 168:D
Armistead Boothe press releases and speeches, June 20-30, 1966.
Box-folder 168:1E
Armistead Boothe press releases and speeches, July 1966.
Box-folder 168:2
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit. Alexandria Division. Briefs for Appellant and briefs for Appellees, 1934-1940. 6 booklets.
Box-folder 168:3
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit. 3 briefs,1934.
Box-folder 168:4
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Sixth Circuit. 2 briefs, 1933, 1935.
Box-folder 168:5
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Eighth Circuit. 1 brief, 1935.
Box-folder 168:6
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit. 5 briefs, 1934-1935.
Box-folder 168:7
Supreme Court of Appeals in Virginia at Richmond. 1 brief, 1953.
Box-folder 168:8
U.S. Supreme Court. 2 briefs, 1934, 1956.
Box-folder 168:9
U.S. Supreme Court, petition for a writ of certiorari, 1956.
Box-folder 169:1
Law licenses for Gardner L. Boothe: 1920, 1928.
Box-folder 169:2
Deeds from state of Georgia, 1870s. 4 items.
Box-folder 169:3
Deeds from Stutsman County, Dakota Territory, 1870s-1880s. 5 items.
Box-folder 169:4
Ship's log, Brig Noble,February 1847 - July 1847.
Box-folder 169:5
Ship's log, Ship Columbia,1844-1845.
Box-folder 169:6
Account book, 1879-1886.
Box-folder 169:7
Account book, 1876-1878.
Box-folder 169:8
Account book, 1870-1875.
Box-folder 170:1
Armistead Boothe certificate of appreciation, Selective Training and Service Act, 1943.
Box-folder 170:2
U.S.S. Hornet (Navy ship), 1945. 9 items.
Box-folder 170:3
Article, Gardner Boothe honored by attorneys, 1946.
Box-folder 170:4
Cards (3), Armistead Boothe for Virginia House of Delegates, 1947.
Box-folder 170:5
Article, Gray plan, 1949.
Box-folder 170:6
Alexandria First Day Covers, 1949. 12 envelopes.
Box-folder 170:7
Alexandria Bicentennial: program and certificate, 1949.
Box-folder 170:8
Armistead Boothe articles (2), 1950s.
Box-folder 170:9
Newspaper clipping on Eisenhower campaign, 1952.
Box-folder 170:10
Armistead Boothe correspondence with Brasenose College, 1953.
Box-folder 170:11
Public schools: proposal, referendum, newspaper clippings relating to integration of Virginia schools, 1954.
Box-folder 170:12
Williamsburg award to Winston Churchill. Papers, souvenirs, clippings, 1955.
Box-folder 170:13
Gardner L. Boothe testimonial dinner (2 copies), 1952.
Box-folder 170:14
Clipping, Gardner L. Boothe / Boys harbor day, 1956.
Box-folder 170:15
Gardner L. Boothe correspondence, 1957-1959. 4 items.
Box-folder 170:16
Gardner L. Boothe personal property tax, 1960.
Box-folder 170:17
Informational sheets (5), sale of 711 Princess Street and 921 Vicar Lane, 1960.
Box-folder 170:18
Armistead Boothe / Virginia Episcopal Theological Seminary ephemera, 1960s-1970s.
Box-folder 170:19
Armistead Boothe campaign for Lieutenant governor. Statement and letters. Segregation controversy. 1961.
Box-folder 170:20
Armistead Boothe testimonial dinner, registration book and program, 1963.
Box-folder 170:20A
Howard Smith, Jr. and Smoot Estate case, 1965.
Box-folder 170:21
Armistead Boothe, tax reform and private colleges finances, 1961-1973.
Box-folder 170:21A
Literary Society, manuscript for "Country Lawyer,"1973-1978.
Box-folder 170:22
Armistead Boothe honored at Urban League award banquet, 1978.
Box-folder 170:22A
Armistead Boothe correspondence, 1970s.
Box-folder 170:23
Articles (2), "Betty Boothe Bill" and horse racing/betting bill, 1977-1978.
Box-folder 170:23A
Armistead Boothe speeches and articles, 1970s.
Box-folder 170:23B
Armistead Boothe and "New South" television program, 1977.
Box-folder 170:24
Certificate from Virginia State Bar to Armistead Boothe, 1980.
Box-folder 170:25
Cecil Woods letter, 1983.
Box-folder 170:26
Armistead Boothe: autobiography and genealogy; obituary. 1983; February 14, 1990.
Box-folder 170A:1
Pamphlet, "America & India" by Edward Thompson, 1930.
Box-folder 170A:2
Scrapbook, human interest stories, 1934-1940.
Box-folder 170A:3
Kipling's autobiography. Series of newspaper articles. 1937.
Box-folder 170A:4
Armistead Boothe, military service in World War II.
Box-folder 170A:4A
Gardner Lloyd Boothe, Jr., military service in World War II, 1944-1950.
Box-folder 170A:5
Economic survey of Alexandria, 1947.
Box-folder 170A:6
Alexandria City Charter Bill, 1950.
Box-folder 170A:7
Governor Battle speech, 1950.
Box-folder 170A:8
Education in Virginia. 1946-1950.
Box-folder 170A:9
Education in Virginia, 1950-1952.
Box-folder 170A:10
Education clippings, 1948-1951.
Box-folder 170A:11
Virginia Education Association. Research Service. 1948-1951.
Box-folder 170A:12
General Assembly and political clippings, 1950.
Box-folder 170A:13
Gubernatorial campaign clippings, 1949.
Box-folder 170A:14
Governor Tuck clippings, 1950.
Box-folder 170B:1
Health in Virginia clippings, 1949-1952.
Box-folder 170B:2
Highways clippings, 1951.
Box-folder 170B:3
House bill to change Code of Virginia: elections, 1948.
Box-folder 170B:4
Housing - rent control, 1949.
Box-folder 170B:5
Benjamin Muse commentaries, 1950s.
Box-folder 170B:6
Non-partisan party, 1948.
Box-folder 170B:7
Planning and economic development, 1951.
Box-folder 170B:8
Virginia legislature budget, 1948-1952.
Box-folder 170B:9
Labor issues clippings, 1949-1950.
Box-folder 170B:10
Segregation and race issues clippings, 1950-1951.
Box-folder 170B:11
Tax issues clippings, 1950.
Box-folder 170B:12
Trade: correspondence and press release, 1950.
Box-folder 170B:13
Voting records, Virginia House of Delegates, 1950.
Box-folder 170B:14
Welfare: bill, correspondence, notes clippings. 1951-1952.
Box-folder 170B:15
Armistead Boothe's legislative record, 1948-1959.
Box-folder 170B:16
Clippings, Armistead Boothe vs. Marshall B. Beverly, Virginia Senate campaign, 1959.
Box-folder 170B:17
"Justice John M. Harlan & the values of Federalism" by J. Harvie Wilkinson, 1971.
Box-folder 170C:1
Christening gown (unidentified).
Box-folder 170C:2
Silk maps and charts relating to the Pacific theater during World War II.
Box-folder 170C:3
Military officer's hat of World War II period belonging to Armistead Boothe.
Box-folder 171:1
Carr family: correspondence and genealogical information. Joseph G. Carr, Joseph Armistead Carr, Mary C. Carr, Emily C. Carr, Fanny Harrison Carr. 1812-1905.
Box-folder 171:2
Carr family correspondence, mid 1800s-early 1900s.
Box-folder 171:3
Emily C. Carr correspondence, 1860s-1911.
Box-folder 171:4
Emily C. Carr's scrapbook (1898) and papers of her estate.
Box-folder 171:5
Emily C. Carr, estate papers, pre-1934.
Box-folder 171:6
Emma and Ella Carr, deed for lot 4, block 10 of "Kalorama Heights" in Washington D.C., 1909.
Box-folder 171:7
Joseph G. Carr (1812-1878), Alexandria Washington Lodge certificate, 1853.
Box-folder 171:8
Joseph G. Carr (1812-1878), papers, 1830-1878.
Box-folder 171:9
Joseph A. Carr (1836-1902), correspondence, 1864-1879.
Box-folder 171:10
Joseph A. Carr, correspondence to Miss Mary C. Carr, 1886.
Box-folder 171:11
Joseph A. Carr, correspondence, 1880-1902.
Box-folder 171:12
Joseph A. Carr, journal, 1890.
Box-folder 171:13
T. Roosevelt letter to Joseph A. Carr and other Carr correspondence, 1900.
Box-folder 171:14
Fanny Harrison Carr, correspondence, 1865-1902.
Box-folder 171:15
Fanny Harrison Carr, journal, 1890-1897.
Box-folder 171:16
Manuscript, "To California in '52, a tale" by Stanley C. Peele, 1893.
Box-folder 172:1-11
Letters to Eleanor Harrison Carr from Gardner L. Boothe during courtship and early marriage. 1904-1908.
Box-folder 172A:1-6
Other correspondence to Eleanor Harrison Carr. 1899-1952.
Box-folder 172B:1
Armistead, Harrison, Cocke, Browne, Stanley families: service records and notes from the Genealogical Bureau of Virginia.
Box-folder 172B:2
Armistead family.
Box-folder 172B:3
Correspondence of W.H. Armistead and Lucy (Armistead) Carr, 1839-1848.
Box-folder 172B:4
Baylor family.
Box-folder 172B:5
Bernard family.
Box-folder 172B:6
Boothe family.
Box-folder 172B:7
Bowles family.
Box-folder 172B:8
Christian, Susan M., letter, September 8, 1871
Box-folder 172B:9
English sovereigns since 1066.
Box-folder 172B:10
Harrison family.
Box-folder 172B:11
Hartshorne family.
Box-folder 172B:12
Order of Statutes, First Families of Virginia, 1923-1924.
Box-folder 172B:13
Painter family.
Box-folder 172B:14
Randolph, Buckner Magill.
Box-folder 172B:15
Stabler/Leadbeater family.
Box-folder 172B:16
Stanley family.
Box-folder 172B:17
Stanley family letters, 1813-1829.
Box-folder 172B:18
Tatum family.
Box-folder 172B:19
Trezevant family.
Box-folder 172B:20
Trezevant family correspondence, 1836-1870s.
Box-folder 172B:21
Unidentified correspondence, 1867-1890.
Box-folder 173:1
University of Virginia distinguished students (lists Armistead Boothe), 1927-1928.
Box-folder 173:2
Surveyor's certificate showing Vicar and Bishop Lanes, 1946. 2 copies.
Box-folder 173:3
Three issues of "The Virginian," Volume 3 Numbers 1-3, January - March, 1957. [Anti-segregation, anti-communist newsletter.]
Box-folder 173:4
Newspaper accounts of Churchill in Alexandria, 1955.
Box-folder 173:5
Newspaper clippings, Colby school integration controversy, 1959-1961.
Box-folder 173:6
Newspaper clippings, Armistead Boothe political races, 1959-1966.
Box-folder 173:7
Indenture and plats, Alexandria, 1844, 1846, 1853.
Box-folder 173:8
Shipping articles and crew of the ship Columbia,1845.
Box-folder 173:9
John Stanley (1774-1833) obituary on silk.
Box-folder 173:9
Armistead Boothe certificate, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit, January 18, 1935.
Box 173A
Sound recordings, circa 1959-1962.

Audio and video tapes of political speeches and campaign spots. Topics include "The Future of Southern Liberalism" from 1961 and 1962 forums at Harvard; radio spots for Armistead Boothe's political campaigns; "Cityside" radio program with candidates for Virginia State Senate. Also included are three copies of a 45 RPM record, "Know the Truth, Elect Armistead Boothe." The box contains working copies on compact discs or videocassette of all original materials.

Box 173B
Roosevelt's Rough Riders. Scrapbook of Joseph Armistead Carr, 1898.
Box-folder 173C:1
Letter (including poem) to Mrs. Stanton C. Peele from "Armie,"n.d.
Box-folder 173C:2
News Clippings (largely re: Peelle family), n.d.
Box-folder 173C:3
Booklet - Home Addresses and Home and Business Phones of Members of the General Assembly, 1962.
Box-folder 173C:4
Cartoon Christmas card, n.d.
Box-folder 173C:5
Letter to Mrs. Stanton Peelle, September 3, 1937.
Box-folder 173C:6
Poetry by Armistead Boothe, 1948-1969.
Box-folder 173C:7
Letter to Miss McGonigle(?) from Armistead Boothe, February 22, 1969.
Box-folder 173C:8
Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Gardner L. Boothe from Gunston Hall supporters, n.d.
Box-folder 173C:8A
Ancestral chart of Elinor Harrison Carr Boothe.
Box-folder 173C:9
Sons of the Revolution application of Gardner L. Boothe, Jr., 1941.
Box-folder 173C:10
Genealogical information on Harrison family.
Box-folder 173C:12
Genealogical information on Trezevant family.
Box-folder 173C:13
News clippings: Peelle, Carr.
Box-folder 173C:14
Genealogical information on Harrison family.
Box-folder 173C:15
Letter to Mrs. George L. Boothe from Genealogical Bureau of Virginia, February 29, 1940.
Box-folder 173C:16
Letter to Mrs. Gardner Boothe from sister Frances (includes Harrison family information), April 9, 1940.
Box-folder 173C:17
Correspondence to Mrs. Gardner Boothe from Genealogical Bureau of Virginia, 1940-1941.
Box-folder 173C:18
Sons of the Revolution verification for Gardner L. Boothe, 1958.
Box-folder 173C:19
List of silver in closet.
Box-folder 173C:20
Booklet, "The Family of Armistead of Virginia, "1899.
Box-folder 173C:21
News clippings - obituaries for Eleanor Carr Boothe and Gardner L. Boothe, 1968, 1964.
Box-folder 173C:22
Genealogical information, Tatum line.
Box-folder 173C:23
Genealogical information, Carr line.
Box-folder 173C:24
Letter to Admiral Stanley from William Carr, March 30, 1878.
Box-folder 173C:25
Essays written by John Carr, 1832-1835.
Box-folder 173C:25A
Essays (undated) written by John Carr, ca. 1830s.
Box-folder 173C:26
Letter to Armistead Boothe from Stanton Peelle, June 7, 1956.
Box-folder 173C:27
Letter from Joseph Armistead Carr to his father, July 17, 1898.
Box-folder 173C:28
Letter to Stanton Peelle, Jr. from Sons of the Revolution, March 4, 1938.
Box-folder 173C:29
News clippings: Ravenel, Carr.
Box-folder 173C:30
Letter to Mrs. Anna Warwick from Nanon L. Carr, February 9, 1956.
Box-folder 173C:31
Miscellaneous correspondence re: Carr family genealogy, 1950s.
Box-folder 173C:32
Publication on Carr genealogy.
Box-folder 173C:33
Invitation to dinner honoring Queen Elizabeth II and seating list for dinner, October 16, 1957.
Box-folder 173C:34
Genealogical information on Harrison family.
Box-folder 173C:34A
Alexandria Bar Association, Resolution on death of Gardner L. Boothe, 1964.
Box-folder 173C:35
Letter to Gardner L. Boothe, Jr. from Armistead Boothe, March 2, 1970.
Box-folder 173C:36
Cartoon for Lion's Charter Night in Alexandria.
Box-folder 173C:37
Document appointing Fabius Stanly of North Carolina an acting midshipman in United States Navy, December 20, 1831.
Box-folder 173C:38
Program: Dedication of the Armistead Boothe addition to Bishop Payne Library, Virginia Theological Seminary, November 11, 1980.
Box-folder 173C:39
"An Uncommon Law Marriage," article re: merger of two law firms, from New Dominion, Spring 1987.
Box-folder 173C:40
Sons of the Revolution membership certificate and card for Gardner L. Boothe, 1928.
Box-folder 173C:41
Miscellaneous Carr family information.
Box-folder 173C:42
Genealogical information on Thoroughgood family.
Box-folder 173C:43