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Inventory of the Papers of Judge Pierce Lively 1972-1997 Lively, Judge Pierce, Papers, 1972-1997 MSS 98-2

Inventory of the Papers of Judge Pierce Lively 1972-1997

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Special Collections, University of Virginia Law Library
Collection number
MSS 98-2
Inventory of the Papers of Judge Pierce Lively 1972-1997
Physical Characteristics
This collection contains 50 boxes of files (21 linear feet).
The Papers of Judge Pierce Lively document his service on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit from 1972-1997. In addition to selected case files the collection contains documentation of judicial administration and committee work.

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Inventory of the Papers of Judge Pierce Lively, 1972-1997, MSS 98-2, Box Number, Special Collections, University of Virginia Law Library.

Biographical/Historical Information

Pierce Lively was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on August 17, 1921 to Ruby Keating and Henry Thaddeus Lively, a lawyer. He studied at Centre College in Danville, where he graduated magna cum laudewith a B.A. in History and English Literature. From 1943 to 1946 he served in the U.S. Navy and while in the service married his college sweetheart, Amelia Harrington. After the war he studied law at the University of Virginia where he served on the editorial board of the Law Review and received the honors of membership in the Order of the Coif and the Raven Society.

After graduating in 1948, he returned to Kentucky. He first clerked for U.S. Sixth Circuit Judge Shackelford Miller, Jr. in Louisville, and then settled in Danville where he practiced law for twenty-two years. In 1958 he formed a partnership with Nelson Rhodes, and together they specialized in litigation, tax law, and business counseling. At one point Lively sat as a special trial judge of the Boyle Circuit Court during the illness of Judge Kendrick S. Alcorn. Aside from his law practice Lively served the community in a number of other ways. In 1952 he joined the Board of Trustees of Centre College and has since been appointed a trustee for life. During the sixties and seventies, he was a member of the biracial Human Relations Council, the Kentucky Commission on Economy and Efficiency in Government, and the Kentucky Judicial Advisory Committee.

On September 12, 1972, he was appointed by President Nixon to the Sixth Circuit and served as chief judge of that court from 1983 to 1988. At the time of his retirement Lively noted that a number of the cases he had heard were "pacesetting" cases in areas such as abortion rights, affirmative action, desegregation, environmental protection, free speech and separation of church and state.. A former law clerk, J. Kevin Buster, characterized Lively as "an old-fashioned Republican. He's for the little guy, for individual rights, [and] established himself as a fiery defender of civil liberties, using his power to restrain governments and religions from forcing themselves on individuals." In Lively's words: "Some of the worst abuses in human history have been committed by governments in the name of religion. Our Founding Fathers wisely understood this and acted to prevent it, in no uncertain terms, in the Constitution." Lexington Herald-Leader, A12, January 4, 1998.

Judge Lively was a role model for his clerks and staff. In 1989 when his portrait was presented to the Court in Cincinnati, his former law clerk Kay Randall spoke at the ceremony. She concluded her remarks by saying, "Judge Lively continues to demonstrate all of those qualities which so impressed me as a young clerk: integrity, experience, judicial temperament, scholarship, and a love of the law, and also the human qualities of fairness, compassion and patience. With all of these qualities, the Judge has earned our respect and admiration." 946 F.2d cxxiv.

Judge Lively took senior status in January 1989 and retired from the bench December 31, 1997.

Scope and Content Information

Judge Lively donated his papers to the University of Virginia Law Library in January of 1998. In a letter dated January 22, he described the papers he was sending to the library:

. . . the office files [contain] cases in which I wrote either a majority or dissenting opinion. There are relatively few case files from the earliest years of my tenure on the court, because many files of that period were discarded routinely. More recently, since it has come to my attention that the archives would be interested, I have retained many more files. These files, while of varying importance, serve to illustrate the broad range of subject matter dealt with by the United States Court of Appeals. The files also illustrate my particular way of working. Each file contains my notes at the hearing and most contain both a pre-hearing and a post-hearing memorandum by a law clerk. I wrote by hand a draft of each opinion and after it was typed out, a copy was given to a law clerk who worked with me in producing the final draft. . . .

I did not include case files from any of the cases where the court issued an unpublished opinion. As our docket grew, we considered more and more cases without oral argument and these usually produced unpublished opinions. The cases in which we issued such unpublished opinions were usually quite routine and repetitive or were totally fact-specific.

While he served on the bench, Judge Lively performed many administrative duties for his circuit, as well as for the Judicial Conference. For the latter, he served on the Advisory Committee on Federal Rules for Appellate Procedure (FRAP) and the Standing Committee of Rules of Practice and Procedure. The Sixth Circuit administrative work as well as these committee activities are documented in the collection.


The Lively papers have been kept in the order in which they were received, and his folder headings have been preserved. The 50 boxes (21 linear feet) of files are organized in these groups:

Selected Case Files, 1972-97, Boxes 1 - 32, including Mozert v. Hawkins County Board of Education, a book banning case which alleged violation of First Amendment rights to exercise of religion; Detroit Police Officers' Association v. Young, an affirmative action case; City of Akron v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health, Inc., an abortion case which addressed the state's ability to regulate the abortion procedure; and Demjanjuk v. Petrovsky, the case concerning the deportation to Israel of an alleged Nazi prison guard.

Sixth Circuit Administrative Files, predominantly 1980s, Boxes 32 - 40, organized by the judge into these categories: general administrative, court and council meetings, chief judge -- general, and chief judge -- bankruptcy.

Judicial Conference, Boxes 41 - 47, arranged in three categories: General, 1976-9; Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, 1987-89; and Advisory Committee on Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, 1979-90.

Correspondence, Speeches, etc. and Miscellany, 1973-97, Boxes 47-49.

Published Materials, 1984-89, Box 50.

Contents List

Case Files: .
No. 91-6353. Adkins, Margie Jo v. Board of Education of Magoffin County, Kentucky and Carter Whitaker as superintendent. 1991-1992. 1, Box
No. 90-3047. Aetna Life and Casualty Co. v. Huntington National Bank. 1991. 1, Box
Nos. 79-3700/01 and 79-3757. Akron Center for Reproductive Health v. City of Akron. 1980. 1, Box
No. 89-1889. Allstate Insurance Company v. Mercier, Mair and others. 1990. 1, Box
No. 84- 1637. American Civil Liberties Union v. City of Birmingham, Michigan. 1980. 1, Box
No. 81-5316. American Fidelity Bank & Trust Co., et al v. John Heimann, Comptroller, et al. 1982. 2, Box
No. 86-1860. Americans United for Separation of Church and State, et al, Phyllis Ball, et al v. The School District of the City of Grand Rapids, et al. 1987-1988. 2, Box
Nos. 90-2337, 91-1448, 91-1391. Americans United for Separation of Church and State, et al v. City of Grand Rapids v. Chabad House of Western Michigan, Inc. Nos. 90-2337, 91-1448, 91-1391. 1992. 2, Box
Nos. 90-2337, 91-1391 II. Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Benjamin Baum, Phillis Ball, Walter Bergman; John Charles Bearden; Gilbert R. Davies and James T. Weaver v. City of Grand Rapids, MI, Chabad House of Western Michigan, Inc. 1990-1993. 2, Box
No. 89-2393. The Anspec Company, Inc. And Hugh Montgomery v. Johnson Controls, Inc., Hoover Universal, Inc., Hoover Group, Inc. And Ultraspherics, Inc. 1989-1990. 2, Box
No. 94-1875. Anusbigian, Michael K. v. TrueGreen/Chemlawn, Inc. 1994-1995. 3, Box
Nos. 87-3568/88-3411/87-415. Re: Arkamel Sales v. R. C. Marshall, et al and William Hunter v. Huey Blair, et al. 1989. 3, Box
No. 83-3384. Austin, Amy v. Brown Local School District, et al. 1984. 3, Box
No. 94-2237. Baca, Antonio J. v. Bruce King, et al. 1993-1996. 3, Box
No. 92-5107. Bank One v. Woolum. 1992. 3, Box
No. 74-201, No. 74-2020. Big Rivers Electric Corporation, et al v. Tennessee Valley Authority v. EPA. 1975. 3, Box
Nos. 76-2149 and 76-2294. Blaylock, Gary, et al v. Cheker Oil C. 1976. 3, Box
No. 85-6109. Boddy, Pinkie v. Charles Dean et al. 1987. 3, Box
No. 91-1222. Boger, Diane v. Wayne County, MI, Vernice Davis-Anthony. 1991. 3, Box
No. 83-1773. Boyton v. TRW, Inc. 1988. 4, Box
No. 75-1244. Bronson, Mona et al v. Board of Education of City School District of Cincinnati, et al. 1975. 4, Box
No. 91-3597. Buck v. U.S. Department of Agriculture. 1992. 4, Box
No. 80-1412. Butler, Robert C. v. Jim Rose, warden. 1982. 4, Box
No. 87-5275. Calvert Investments v. Louisville & Jefferson County Sewer, et al. 1988. 4, Box
No. 73-1081. Cantrell, Margaret v. Forest City Publishing. 1973. 5, Box
No. 89-5341. Carver v. Knox County v. Ned Ray McWherter, et al. 1989. 5, Box
No. 92-3952. Charash, Helen v. Oberlin College. 1992-1994. 5, Box
Nos. 89-6416/17. In Re: Chattanooga Wholesale Antiques, Inc., Still v. Rossville Bank. 1991. 5, Box
No. 90-1233, 81-3292. Cherokee Express v. Cherokee Express. 1990. 5, Box
No. 92-5566. Circuit City Store, Inc. v. Pioneer Investment Services Co. 1992-1993. 4, Box
No. 86-3140. Cleveland Newspaper Guild v. Plain Dealer Publishing. 1987. 5, Box
No. 92-1139. Cline, Boyd L. v. U.S. 1992-1993. 5, Box
No. 81-3292. Coastal Tank Lines, Inc. v. ICC. Interstate Commerce Commission. No. 81-3292. 1982. 6, Box
No. 92-4016. Congregation Luvavitch Rabbi Shalom B. Kalmanson v. City of Cincinnati. 1992-1993. 6, Box
No. 89-1036. Cottages Savings Association v. Commissioners of Internal Revenue. No. 89-1036. 1989. 6, Box
No. 88-1079. Dalm, Frances L. v. U.S. 1988. 6, Box
No. 83-1378. Day, James v. Wayne county Board of Auditors, et al. 1984. 6, Box
No. 85-3435. Demjanjuk, John v. Joseph Petrovsky, et al. 1985, 1992. 7 - 12, Box
No. 89-1167. Desonier v. Sullivan, Secretary of Health and Human Services. 1989-1990. 13, Box
No. 78-1163. Detroit Police Officers Association, et al v. Coleman A. Young, Mayor of the City of Detroit, et al. 1979. 13, Box
No. 82-1890. Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad Company and Grand Trunk Western v. Consolidated Rail Corporation. 1983. 13, Box
No. 8413-67. Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad Company and Grand Trunk Western v. Consolidated Rail Corporation. 1985. 13, Box
No. 78-1056. Doe, Joe and Jane, Thomas B. Grost and Cora Grost v. Cathy E. Irwin, et al. No. 78-1056 1979-1980. 13, Box
Nos. 82-3617-28. Dowling, Steven et al v. Richardson-Merril, Inc. 1983. 13, Box
No. 72-1892/3. Dunlop Co. v. Kelsey - Hayes Co. 1973. 13, Box
Nos. 87-6102/03/04. Duvoisin v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. . 1988. 14, Box
Nos. 92-2009/92-2539. Echlin, Raymond Joseph, Ronald Bishop, Donald Johnson v. Robert LeCureux. 1992-1993. 14, Box
Nos. 74-1007/08/09 and 74-1675. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. The Detroit Edison Co. 1974-1977. 14, Box
No. 88-5711. Estate of Minnie Hale v. U.S. 1989. 14, Box
No. 77-0021. Ewing, John et al v. Kentucky High School Athletic Association. 1976-1977. 14, Box
No. 89-3236. Friedreich, Michael J. v. Secretary of Health and Human Services. 1990. 14, Box
No. 86-4114. Farmer, Laura v. Lawrence Rogers. 1987. 14, Box
No. 91-6087. Fausek, Thomas A. J. v. Robert E. White. 1992. 15, Box
No. 94-2161. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation v. Prince George Corporation, et al. 1994-1995. 15, Box
No.96-1207. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation v. William K. Rahn and Franklin H. Smith, et al. 1996-1997. 15, Box
No. 94-4108. Ferndale Laboratories, Inc. v. Robert D. Cavendish, et al Members of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. 1994-1996. 15, Box
No.94-3200. Foy, Cynthia D. v. City of Berea, Oh., James H. Hinners, et al. No.94-3200 1994-1995. 15, Box
Nos. 93-3285/3286/ 94-1190. Gamma-10 Plastics, Inc. v. American President Lines, Ltd., American President Companies, Ltd. 1993-1994. 15, Box
No. 75-2114. Garrett, Sarah Sims, et al v. City of Hamtramck, et al. 1975. 15, Box
No. 73-1862. Garrett, Sarah S. et al v. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, et al. 1974. 16, Box
No. 87-1488. Gaunlett, Roger v. Frank Kelley. 1987. 16, Box
No. 85-3466. Glen Back v. Benefits Review Board. 1986. 16, Box
No. 83-1165. Glen Eden Hospital v. Blue Cross-Blue Shield. 1984. 16, Box
No. 76-2204. Gordon, Harold v. City of Warren, MI. 1978. 16, Box
No. 83-5508. In Re: Grand Jury Empaneled March 18, 1983. 1983. 16, Box
Nos. 95-1940/41. Green, Rose Mary et al v. Larry Nevers, et al. 1997. 16, Box
No. 84-6055. Grier, Rita v. Lamar Alexander. 1986. 16, Box
No. 77-1148. Hall, Hattie v. HEW. 1978. 17, Box
No. 93-3056. Harris, John v. City of Akron, et al. 1993-1994. 17, Box
No.94-6042. Harrison, Robert Dale v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, TN and Board of Health. 1995-1996. 17, Box
No. 90-6585. Heflin, Allen D. et al v. Stewart County, TN, David Hicks, Joe Henry Crutcher and Wanda Luffman. 1992. 17, Box
No. 79-3635. Hill, Donald and Ronald v. The Duriron Company, Inc. 1981. 17, Box
No. C76-0353 L(4). Howe, Delbert et al v. Margarite Younger, et al. No. C76-0353 L(4). 1976. 17, Box
Nos. 92-3276, 92-1717. Charter Township of Huron, MI v. Thomas C. Richards, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, et al, City of Dearborn, MI v. Richards, et al. 1992-1993. 11, Box
No. 72-1386. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 369 & Jesse Horges v. Olin Corporation. 1972. 18, Box
Nos. 94-6349/6351. International Union, United Automobile Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Worker of America, Local 737; Martha Poston; Virginia Ligon; et al v. Auto Glass Employees Federal Credit Union; National Credit Union Administration Board, et al. 1994-1996. 18, Box
No. 8805634. Jackson, Robert and Robert Gettys v. The Law Firm of O=Hara et al. 1989. 18, Box
No. 83-3128. Jet Courier Service, et al v. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, et al. 1983. 18, Box
No. 83-5097. Jones, Doyle v. Al C. Parken, Warden. 1983. 18, Box
No. 72-1485. In the Matter of KDI Corporation. 1972-1973. 18, Box
No. 92-4064. Kelly, Michael P. and John T. Kelly v. The Secretary, US Department of Housing and Urban Development and Dionne Staples. 1992-1993. 18, Box
Nos. 95-3107/4141. Kelly, Michael P. and John T. Kelly v. The Secretary, US Department of Housing and Urban Development and Dionne Staples. 1995-1996. 18, Box
No. 76-1095. Krause, Arthur et al v. James Rhodes, et al. 1977. 19, Box
No.92-5631. Landgraf, Patricia v. McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co., et al. 1993. 19, Box
No. 85-3471. Leaman, Mary v. Ohio Department of Mental Retardation. 1986. 19, Box
No. 95-1930. Lochman, Carl; Elaine Lochman in behalf of Kelly and Kyle Lochman v. County of Charlevoix, MI. and Philo Sumner. 1995-1996. 19, Box
Nos. 85-1684 and 86-1599. In Re: Long Distance Telecommunications Litigation. 1987. 19, Box
No. 93-1891. Mackey, Wendell Shane v. Dennis Dyke, Assistant Deputy Director of the Bureau of Correctional Facilities, MI. 1993-1994. 19, Box
No. 94-1607. Malone & Hyde, Inc. and Subdividers v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue. 1994-1995. 20, Box
No. 90-3558. Mallory v. Eyrich. 1990. 20, Box
No. 46-4195. Mararri v. WCI Steel, Inc. 1996-1997. 20, Box
No. 88-5477. Masters, Karen B. v. Bobby C. Crouch, et al. 1989. 20, Box
No. 95-3919. In Re: Robert C. McCafferty, Debtor v. Marion McCafferty. 1995-1996. 20, Box
No. 86-1008. Estate of A. McCoy v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue. 1986. 20, Box
No. 95-2234/ 2269/ 96-1017. McPhearson, Douglas C. and Connie K. v. Arthur T. Kelsey, Thomas Scott and Richard Boushong, Steve Sowle and G. Michael Hocking. 1995-1997. 20, Box
No. 86-1239. Michigan Road Builders Association v. William G. Milliken. 1988. 21, Box
No. 95-1114. Monette, Roger and Doris v. Electronic Data Systems Corporation. 1995-1996. 21, Box
No. 84-5235. In Re: Morgansten, David and Fred Grand Jury Proceedings. 1985. 21, Box
Nos. 89-3473/3475. Mosley, Phillis v. Roland Hairston, Director of Ohio Department of Human Services, et al. 1989-1990. 21, Box
No. 90-1496. Moses v. Business Card Express, Inc. 1991. 21, Box
Nos. 86-6144/79, 86-6180, 87-5024. Mozert, Bob and Alicia v. Hawkins County, TN Board of Education. 1987. 22, Box
No. 73-1686. National Steel Corporation v. Kinsman Marine Transit. 1973. 22, Box
No. 82-1513. Nichols, Roland and Gaylene v. Toledo Equipment Company, Inc. 1983. 22, Box
No. 79-1145. NLRB [National Labor Relations Board] v. Unit Train Coal Sales, Inc. 1980. 22, Box
Nos. 92-5265/66/68. Ockerman, Fred v. May Zima Company, et al. 19592-1994. 23, Box
No. 82-3822. Ohio Contractors Association v. William Keip and National Association of Minority Contractors. 1983. 23, Box
No. 74-1203. Olympic Fastening Systems v. Textron. 1974. 23, Box
No. 74-1496. Orleans, Joseph V. v. U.S. 1974-19755. 23, Box
No. 78-1140. Parke, Davis and Co. v. Joseph Califano, Secretary of HEW [Health, Education and Welfare]. 1980. 23, Box
No. 80-3231. Pate, James v. Steve Smith, et al. 19805. 23, Box
No. 94-1028. Peacock, John C. v. Landquest Limited, et al. 1994-1995. 23, Box
No. 96-3890. Penny, James R. v. United Parcel Service. 1996-1997. 23, Box
No. 90-3953. Petkiewytsch, Leonid v. Immigration and Naturalization Service. 1991. 23, Box
No. 86-1423. Pilarowsky, John v. Macomb County Health Department, et al. 1987. 24, Box
No. 84-3332. Polo Fashions, Inc., et al v. Stock Byers International, etc. 1985. 24, Box
No. 95-1402. Raddatz, Matthew Eric and Jessey Wayne Raddatz (child) v. Shonie Beaubien, et al. 1995-1996. 24, Box
No. 82-5028. Ranger Insurance Co. v. Knox Equipment Inc. 1982. 24, Box
No. 72-1519. Redmon, Mildred v. U.S. [First Opinion of Judge Lively]. 1972. 24, Box
No. 78-3218. Reed, Robert Anthony et al v. Cleveland Board of Education. 1978. 24, Box
No. 78-3520/3522. Reed, Robert Anthony et al v. Cleveland Board of Education. 1979. 24, Box
No. 80-3574. Reed, Robert Anthony et al v. Cleveland Board of Education. 1980. 24, Box
Nos. 79-3131. Reed, Robert Anthony et al v. Cleveland Board of Education. No. 79-3132. Reed, Robert Anthony, et al v. Ohio Board of Education. 1980. 24, Box
Nos. 81-3417/18. Reed, Robert A. et al v. James A. Hodes, et al v. Ohio State Board of Education, et al. 1982. 24, Box
No. 78-1154. Reminga, Gertrude v. U.S. 1980. 25, Box
No. 93-3884. Reynolds, Harry L. Jr. v. International Amateur Athletic Association, The Athletic Congress, et al. 1993-1994. 25, Box
No. 82-3218. Rowland, Marjorie v. Mad River Local School District, Montgomery County, OH, a public school corporation, et al. 1983. 25, Box
No. 86-4158, 873005. Schrand, Carl v. Federal Pacific Electric. 1988. 25, Box
No. 80-1090. Schultz, Leonard v. Newsweek, Inc. and The Evening News Association. No. 80-1090. 1981. 25, Box
No. 88-1980. Schwartz v. Electronic Data System. 1990. 25, Box
No. 79-1633. Sequoyah, Ammoneta v. Tennessee Valley Authority. 1979. 25, Box
No. 74-1823. Shack, Charles v. Charles Southworth, at al. 1974-1975. 26, Box
Nos. 93-3239, 93-4087. Sims, Debra and Lyle Stephens v. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; U.S. Department of Transportation and Federico Pena. 1993-1994. 26, Box
No. 95-4261. Smith, Sandra S. v. Ted W. Sushka. 1995-1997. 26, Box
No. 79-3352. Southern Ohio Building Systems, Inc. v. US Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. 1981. 26, Box
No. 94-3850, 94-3932. Stacey, Ted v. Richard S. Fraser and William D. Koehler. 1992-1996. 26, Box
Nos. 91-1901/02. State of Michigan and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency v. The City of Allen Park, MI, et al. 1992. 26, Box
No. 84-3667. State of Ohio v. William D. Ruckelshaus, Environmental Protection Agency. 1985. 26, Box
No. 84-3181. State of Ohio, et al v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Case Financing Administration. 1985. 26, Box
No. 83-57-47. Storey, Robert et al v. Local 326, International Brotherhood, etc. 1985. 26, Box
No. 95-9528. Teamsters Local Union No. 435 v. National Labor Relations Board. 1995-1996. 26, Box
No. 90-5945. Tennessee Asphalt Company, et al v. Robert E. Farris, et al. 1990-1991. 27, Box
No. 78-3054. Tolar, Michael v. Kinsman Marine Transit. 1980. 27, Box
No. 87-5245. Traub, Gordon v. Commonwealth of Kentucky. 1987. 27, Box
No. 80-1572. Tuohy, Jerome F. v. Ford Motor Company. 1982. 27, Box
No. 81-1681. United Coin Meter Co. v. Seaboard Coastline Railroad. 1983. 27, Box
No. 89-3912. United Steelworkers of America v. New Idea Farm Equipment Corporation. 1989-1990. 27, Box
No. 89-3344. United Transportation Union v. CSX Transportation, Inc. 1989-1990. 27, Box
No. 79-1342. Universal Electrical Co. v. A. O. Smith Corporation. 1980. 27, Box
No. 77-1621. University of Tennessee v. Rita Geir, et al. 1978. 27, Box
No. 75-2477. U.S. v. Fred Abraham, et al. 1975. 27, Box
No. 91-5314. U.S. v. Terry Keith Arthur. 1991-1992. 27, Box
Nos. 90-1978/79/98/99. U.S. v. Bakke, Rau, Morris and Deuries. 1991-1992. 28, Box
No. 93-5017. U.S. v. Cecil Borroughs, Jr. 1993. 28, Box
No. 84-3737. U.S. v. John Charles Blankenship. 1985. 28, Box
No. 89-3136. U.S. v. Michael Bryant. 1989-1990. 28, Box
Nos. 95-3242, 95-3513. U.S. v. Anthony Caicedo and William A. Ryan. 1995-1996. 28, Box
No. 81-3031. U.S. v. City of Parma, Ohio. 1981. 28, Box
Nos. 73-1876-83. U.S. v. James Dye, et al. 1973-1974. 28, Box
Nos. 90-6589/90. U.S. v. James Lee Evans. 1991. 28, Box
Nos. 88-5392, 85-5528. Re: U.S. v. William K. Frazier and Mark B. DeBusk. 1989. 28, Box
No. 96-1339. U.S. v. Leslie A. Grable. 1996. 29, Box
No. 70-5036. U.S. v. William James, Jr. 1983. 29, Box
No. 95-6218. U.S. v. Gilbert Antonio Jarquin. 1995-1996. 29, Box
No. 78-5288. U.S. v. James Love. 1979. 29, Box
No. 95-3794. U.S. v. Thomas A. Malcuit. 1995-1997. 29, Box
No. 75-2121. U.S. v. One 1975 Mercury 4-Door Automobile, Maroon in Color, etc. 1976. 29, Box
No. 91-5581. U.S. v. Nichols. 1992. 29, Box
Nos. 94-1364, 94-1553. U.S. v. Anthony James Palazzolo and Richard Rosenbaum. 1994-1995. 29, Box
No. 95-2169. U.S. v. John A. Rapanos. 1995-1997. 29, Box
No. 94-1032ND. U.S. v. Dennis B. Sather, Jr. 1994. 30, Box
No. 82-5200. U.S. v. Leslie B. Schlansky. 1983. 30, Box
No. 93-248. U.S. v. James Spinelle. 1993-1994. 30, Box
No. 94-4117. U.S. v. Gregory Surrat. 1994-1996. 30, Box
No. 86-5409. U.S. v. Howard Underhill, et al. No. 86-5412. U.S. v. Pat Tata, et al. 1986. 30, Box
Nos. 73-1588-1593. U.S. v. Wac, Dennis, et al. 1974. 30, Box
No. 89-5494. U.S. v. Warner Bros. Well Drilling. 1990. 30, Box
No. 75-1347. U.S. v. Anthony Williams. 1974-1975. 30, Box
No. 85-1324. Utica Packing v. Robert Bergland, Secretary of US Department of Agriculture. 1985. 30, Box
No. 80-3351. Van Curen , George D. v. A. R. Jago, et al. 1980. 30, Box
No. 83-1368. Vaughn, Mendell et al v. The City of Flint. 1984. 30, Box
Nos. 90-2249, 91-1273. Virtual Maintenance Inc. v. Prime Computer, Inc. 1993. 31, Box
No. 89-3331. Warren, Robert v. Society National Bank. 1990. 31, Box
No. 74-2095. Weldon, Dahlari, et al v. Monroe County Probate Court, et al. 1976-1977. 31, Box
No. 75-1985. Wells, John, et al v. Murray State University. 1970. 31, Box
Nos. 82-1362/1385. Wilson v. Beebe. 1985. 31, Box
No. 94-2373. Wixson, Georgiana A., et al v. Dowagiac Nursing Home, et al. 1994-1996. 31, Box
No. 77-1546. Wright, John v. State of Tennessee. 1980. 31, Box
No. 93-3061. Wulf, Russell and Ronald Reutsehler v. Quantum Chemical Corporation, Quantum Employee Stock Ownership Plan for Hourly Represented Employees. 1993-1994. 32, Box
No. 93-3488. Yellow Freight System, Inc. v. Robert B. Reich, Secretary of Labor and Willie W. Smith. 1993-1994. 32, Box
Sixth Circuit Administrative Files: .
Ad Hoc Court Committees. 1986. 32, Box
Advisory Committee on Rules. 1984-1988. 32, Box
Advisory Committee Meeting. 1986. 32, Box
Chambers Assignments. 1985. 32, Box
Committees of the United States Court of Appeals. Sixth Circuit. 1983-1984. 32, Box
Committee to Recommend Senior Staff Attorney. 1976. 32, Box
Docket Control Committee. 1979-1982. 32, Box
Docket Control Committee. 1984-1988. 33, Box
Gramm, Rudman, Hollins Legislation. [Reduction of court costs] 1986. 33, Box
Library Committee. 1983. 33, Box
Motions Practice Subcommittee. 1986. 33, Box
Sixth Circuit Court and Council Meetings: .
Court Meeting. [Court practices and procedures] 1983. 34, Box
Court Meeting Minutes. 1984-1988. 34, Box
Circuit Council. Powers, Functions, Duties. 1974. 34, Box
Council Meetings. Chief Judge Lively. 1983-1988. 35-36, Box
Chief Judge - General: .
Circuit Executive. Correspondence. (Illustrative Materials) 1978-1983. 37, Box
Change-Over. Judge Lively Stepped Down as Chief Circuit Judge. 1988. 37, Box
Clerks= Office. Correspondence. (Illustrative Materials) 1983. 37, Box
Conference of Chief Judges. 1983. 37, Box
Conference of Chief Judges. Minutes. 1983. 37, Box
Conference of Chief Judges. 28 USC 372(c). Judicial Misconduct and Disability. 1984-1986. 37, Box
Death Penalty Rule. 1985. 37, Box
Division of Duties between Clerk and Circuit Executive. (Illustrative Materials) 1985. 37, Box
Interview with Judge Lively. 1986. 37, Box
Judge James Ryan. 1986-1987. 37, Box
Judges Meeting. Detroit. 1984. 38, Box
Louisville Courthouse Construction. 1987. , Box
Miscellaneous Chief Judge Materials. 1983-1986. 38, Box
New Procedures. 1983-1991. 38, Box
Non Appropriated Funds. 1984. 38, Box
Pre-Argument Conference. 1984. 38, Box
Reassignment of Cases Following a Death of a Judge. Cases Assigned to Judge Phillips. 1985. 38, Box
Testimonies Before Congressional Committees. 1984-1986. 38, Box
Testimonies Before the Intercircuit Tribunal. 1984-1985. 39, Box
Time-consuming Issues for Chief Judges. Examples. 1987-1988. 39, Box
Chief Judge - Bankruptcy: .
Ad Hoc Screening Committee. Bankruptcy Appointments. 1985. 39, Box
Bankruptcy Act of 1984. 1984. 39, Box
Bankruptcy Appointments. 1984-1985. 39, Box
Bankruptcy Interim Model. 1984. 39, Box
Bankruptcy Interim Model. Kentucky. Western. 1987. 39, Box
Bankruptcy Interim Model. Ohio. Southern. (The Bankruptcy Amendments of 1984 placed responsibility in the courts of appeals for appointing bankruptcy judges) 1986-1987. 40, Box
Bankruptcy Judge Procedure - Ad Hoc Committee. 1982-1983. 40, Box
Bankruptcy Screening Committees. 1985-1986. 40, Box
Bankrupts Legislation. Reform Act of 1978 and Act of 1980. 1977-1983. 40, Box
Committee on Bankruptcy Judge Appointments. 1983-1984. 40, Box
Committee to Review Bankruptcy Judge Positions. 1982. 40, Box
Lighter Caseloads. Bankruptcy Judges. 1986. 40, Box
Retirement for Bankruptcy Judges. 1987. 40, Box
Judicial Conference -- General: .
Committee Survey. 1987. 41, Box
Conference of Chief Judges. 1984. 41, Box
Conference of Chief Judges. Ad Hoc Committee on Attorney Fees. 1984. 41, Box
Conference of Chief Judges. Study Committee. Work of Circuit Councils. 1986. 41, Box
Conference Review Committee. 1986-1989. 41, Box
Judicial Conference of the United States. 1984-1987. 41, Box
Judicial Conference of the United States. Committees. 1987. 41, Box
Judicial Conference of the United States. Study Committee. 1986-1987. 41, Box
Judicial Conference of the United States. Committee Membership and Jurisdiction. 1988. 41, Box
Judicial Conference. Planning Committee. Studies of Other Conferences. 1976-1985. 41, Box
Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. 1983-1985. 42, Box
Sixth Circuit Judicial Court of the United States Conferences. 1980-1987, 1989, 1992. 42, Box
Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Judicial Conference: . , Box
Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure. Meetings. 1987-1989. 43-44, Box
Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure. General Correspondence. 1987-1989. 44, Box
Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure. Subcommittee on Local Rules. 1988. 44, Box
Advisory Committee on Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (FRAP): .
Advisory Committee. 1980. 45, Box
Advisory Committee. Correspondence. 1981-1982. 45, Box
Advisory Committee. Meeting 12/14/1979 1979. 45, Box
Advisory Committee Meeting, 11/15-16/1982. [Judge Lively First Meeting as Chairman of FRAP Committee] 1982. 45, Box
Advisory Committee Meeting, 12/1983 1983. 45, Box
Advisory Committee Meeting, 4/23/1985 1985. 46, Box
Advisory Committee Meeting, 12/3/1986. [Judge Lively=s Final Meeting as Chairman of FRAP Committee]. 1980. 46, Box
Advisory Committee. Membership. 1982-1986. 46, Box
Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure Standing Committee. 1982-1983. 46, Box
Committee Report. Carol Ann Mooney. 1985-1987. 46, Box
Committee Report. Ken Ripple. 1986-1987. 46, Box
Correspondence. 1985-1990. 46, Box
Federal Magistrate Act. Rules Changes Finally Adopted. 1982-1983. 46, Box
Judge Lively=s Clerks= Meeting. 1982. 46, Box
Rule 30 Report. 1984. 47, Box
Rules Adopted, 11/15/1982 with changes in Magistrates Rules as 6/16/1983. 1982-1983. 47, Box
Correspondence, Speeches, etc.: .
American Inns of Court Professionalism Award. 1997. 47, Box
Antitrust Institute. 1984. 47, Box
Archival Note. 1996. 47, Box
Congressional Testimony. 1984-1986. 47, Box
Correspondence. 1974-1992. 47, Box
Judge Anthony J. Celebrezze. 1983-1993. 48, Box
Detroit Law School. 1986-1987. 48, Box
Judge George Edwards. 1986. 48, Box
Federal Civil Litigation Seminar. 1996. 48, Box
Federal Court Study Committee. 1989-1992. 48, Box
Federal Judicial Center. 1973. 48, Box
Justice Wendell H. Ford. 1988. 48, Box
Chief Judge Boyce F. Martin. 1997. 48, Box
Judge Romano Mazzoli 1987-1988. 48, Box
Mitch McConnell. 1985-1991. 48, Box
Wade H. McCree Memorial. 1987. 48, Box
Chief Judge Gilbert S. Merritt. 1988-1989. 48, Box
National Seminar for Judges of US Courts of Appeals. 1988. 48, Box
David Nelson. 1985. 48, Box
Justice Sandra O=Connor. 1985-1991. 48, Box
Judge John Peck. 1993. 48, Box
Judge Harry Phillips. 1984. 48, Box
Portrait Presentation. Ruth Nestor Painter. 1991. 48, Box
Justice Lewis Powell. 1988-1989. 48, Box
Ken Ripple. 1990. 48, Box
Speeches. 1973-1991. 48, Box
Justice Potter Stewart. 1994. 49, Box
Judge Mac Swinford 1984-1985. 49, Box
Miscellany: .
Continuing Judicial Education, Seminars for Federal Judges. Example; Federal Judicial Center Seminar on Constitutional Adjudication and the Judicial Process in the Federal courts. 1986. 49, Box
Notes of the US Law Week Supreme Court Reports. n.d.. 49, Box
Notes about the briefs in each case. Examples. 1988-1992. 49, Box
Retirement Newspaper Articles. 1997. 50, Box
Unpublished Decisions Prior to 1985 that do not appear in WestLaw, with few exceptions. n.d.. 50, Box
Published Materials: .
Hearing before the Subcommittee on Courts of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate, 95th Cong., 1st Sess., S.704 (1985) (Witness Pierce Lively, chief judge, US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit) . 50, Box
Oversight Hearing before the Subcommittee on Courts, Civil Liberties, and the Administration of Justice of the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives, 95th Cong., 1st Sess. (1985) (Pierce Lively, chief judge, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Prepared Statement) . 50, Box
Pierce Lively, A Tribute and Challenge to Exceptional Law Students, 77 Ky L. J. (1988-89) . 50, Box
Pierce Lively, A View from Below, 4 Det. C. L. Rev. (1986) . 50, Box
Pierce Lively, Forward, 15 U. Tol. L. Rev., (1984) . 50, Box
Practitioners= Handbook for Appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Prepared by the Cincinnati Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, 4 ed., May 1984. . 50, Box
Report of the Proceedings of the Judicial Conference of the United States. March 17, 1987. Washington, D. C., 1987. . 50, Box
Sixth Circuit Federal Practice Manual. (Prepared by the Cincinnati Chapter-Federal Bar Association. Cincinnati, Anderson Publishing Co., 1993. . 50, Box
2 Large Card Files of Cases, organized in alphabetical order. . 50, Box
Card Files organized by subject. . 51, Box