A Guide to the Emil and Betty Hager Collection, American Rhododendron Society Hager, Emil and Betty, American Rhododendron Society Collection 10553-bk

A Guide to the Emil and Betty Hager Collection, American Rhododendron Society

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Emil and Betty Hager Collection American Rhododendron Society

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Emil and Betty Hager Collection, American Rhododendron Society, Accession #10553-bk, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.

Acquisition Information

Upon the death of Emil and Betty Hager, this material was given to the Special Collections Library, University of Virginia, by Ed Collins, their Power of Attorney, through Sandra McDonald, Hampton, Virginia, on June 24, 2009.

Scope and Content

The Papers of Emil and Betty Hager, 4,700 items (5 Hollinger boxes, 1 Oversize Folder, ca. 2 linear feet), ca. 1948–1998, consists primarily of photographs and slides of people and events connected with the New York Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. There are also slides of varieties of azaleas and rhododendrons. Also included are slides of vacation trips taken by the couple in Europe, Alaska, Canada, Virginia, U.S. National Parks, and the American West.

Both Emil and Betty Hager were recognized as outstanding hybridizers in the New York Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. Betty Hager served as the New York Chapter President in 1968–1969 and won the American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal in 1971.


The slides are grouped topically when a common subject could be determined and any original order retained. Sandra McDonald identified as many of the people and subjects as she could prior to arrangement.

Contents List

Box-folder 1:1
1965 Certificate of Appreciation - To Betty Hager from New York Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, as Corresponding Secretary
Box-folder 1:2
N.D. Photographs - Miscellaneous Flowers, including: Anna Kehr, Azaleas, Brachycardum, Cibachrome, Clara Raustein, Cynthia, Hybrids, Medusa, Metternichi, Norma, Peggy Ann, Pink Twins, Rustica Flore, Wheatley, White Find, and White Rosebud.
Box-folder 1:3
N.D. Photographs - Rhododendrons
Box-folder 1:4
1948–1981 Photographs - Rhododendron People and Groups, including: Awards - Dorothy Schlainier to Jane McKay, Fred Galle to Edmund Mezitt, Bill Tiefjen, Betty Hager, Clara Burns, Edith Griffin, Flower Shows, Franklin West, Fred Rees, George Ring, Hans Bussnik, Jerry Goodman, Laurelwood Gardens - Dorothy Knippenberg, Leslie Tonge, Mal Marum, Mount Mansfield, Opening of Mary Mountford Gift and Garden Shop at Clark Garden - Joseph Guarino, Lemuel Hegwood, John Mountford, Roberta Shavel, and Louisa Spencer, and Planting Fields Arboretum - Emil Hager, Joe Kennedy, Hally McKay, and Pete Sciurba.
Box-folder 1:5
1966–1998 Photographs - Rhododendron People and Groups, including: Al Fuqua, Betty Fuqua, Betty Hager, Betty Hager's Mother, Britt Smith, Clara Burns, Dick Murcott, Edith Griffin, Edmund Mezitt, Emil Hager, Frank Arsen, Fred Galle, Fred Knapp, Fred Rees, Gay Arsen, Gordon Jones, Jane McKay, Jo Hausser, Robert Gartrell, Sid Burns, and Wally McKay.
Box-folder 1:6
1971–1982 Slides - Acadia National Park, including: Bass Harbor, Gardens, Maine Scenery, Mountain Desert, Reid State Park, and South Bubble Erratic
Box-folder 1:7
1975–1986 Slides - Arboretums and Gardens, including: Arsen, Brookgreen, Cape Cod, Clark Memorial Garden, Heritage Plantation, Murcott, National Arboretum, Pilkington Garden, Planting Fields, Raustein, and Robinhill
Box-folder 1:8
1969–1987 Slides - ARS National Chapter Activities, including: Azalea Group Study, Chapter Meetings, Flower Shows, Flower Shows- Potomac Valley Chapter, Gardens, Rhododendron People, and the Valley Forge Convention
Box-folder 2:1
1976–1987 Slides - Azaleas and Rhododendrons, including: Asticou Azalea Garden and Bar Harbor
Box-folder 2:2
1966–1981 Slides - Azaleas and Rhododendrons
Box-folder 2:3
1966–1994 Slides - Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and Various Plants, including: National Arboretum, Phipps Conservatory, and Planting Fields
Box-folder 2:4
1976–1987 Slides - Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and Various Plants, including: Daffodils, Daylilies, and Orchids
Box-folder 2:5
1978–1979 Slides - Bailey Arboretum
Box-folder 2:6
1971–1986 Slides - C.W. Post, Mount Desert, National Arboretum, and National Parks, including: Acadia National Park, Asticou Gardens, Banff National Park, Planting Fields, and Yellowstone
Box-folder 2:7
1964–1986 Slides - Daylilies, including: Daylily Conventions, Seedlings, and Various Plants
Box-folder 2:8
1975–1982 Slides - Family Photos, including: Birthday Party and Snowstorm
Box-folder 3:1
1964–1985 Slides - Flower Shows and Plant Sales, including: Arrington Tour, Gardens, and Garden Shows
Box-folder 3:2
1964–1985 Slides - Flower Shows, including: ARS Truss Show, Coliseum, Planting Fields Center, Roosevelt Fields, and Walt Whitman Mall
Box-folder 3:3
1968–1987 Slides - Flower Shows and Plant Sales, including: ARS Truss Flower Show and National Meetings
Box-folder 3:4
1968–1982 Slides - Gardens, including: Arsen, Dumper, Fuqua, Hager, Herbert Picnic, Kruse Garden, Longwood Conservatory, Phipps, Planting Fields, and the Valley Forge Convention
Box-folder 3:5
1971–1985 Slides - Gardens, including: Flower Shows and People
Box-folder 3:6
1976–1980 Slides - Longwood Gardens, including: Planting Fields
Box-folder 3:7
1962–1979 Slides - National Arboretum, including: Azaleas, New York Chapter Activities, and Various Plants
Box-folder 3:8
1964–1985 Slides - National Chapter Meetings and Rhododendron People
Box-folder 3:9
1967–1978 Slides - Phipps Garden, including: Burns, Murcott, and National Convention
Box-folder 4:1
1968–1979 Slides - Planting Fields Arboretum - Various Plants
Box-folder 4:2
1968–1979 Slides - Planting Fields - Rhododendrons and Scenery
Box-folder 4:3
1960–1983 Slides - Plants and Wildflowers, including: Clematis, Dandelions, Magnolias, Primrose, and Sumac
Box-folder 4:4
1978-198 Slides - Plants - Clark Garden - Roses, Daylilies, and Other Plants
Box-folder 4:5
1964–1986 Slides - Rhododendrons - Garden Tours and Planting Fields
Box-folder 4:6
1968–1977 Slides - Rhododendrons, including: Fall Foliage, Flower Shows, and Rhododendron People
Box-folder 4:7
1969–1976 Slides - Snow and Family Photos, including: Fall Foliage in Snow, Scenery,
Box-folder 4:8
1970–1979 Slides - Trips, including: Acadia, Arizona, Canada, Long Island, Montana, Oregon, Skyland, Virginia, Washington, and Williamsburg, Virginia
Box-folder 4:9
N.D. Slides - Trips - Alaska and Canada, including: Anchorage, Kotzebue, Skagway, Valdez, and Whitehorse
Box-folder 4:10
N.D. Slides - Trips - Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway, including: Basel
Box-folder 5:1
N.D. Slides - Trips - Italy, Niederland, Norway, and Switzerland, including: Davos, Florence, Rome, Siberse, St. Moritz, and Venice
Box-folder 5:2
N.D. Slides - Trips - Italy, Spain, and France, including: Barcelona, Madrid, Naples, Paris, and Pisa
Box-folder 5:3
N.D. Slides - Trips - Mount Rushmore, including: Canyons and Yosemite
Box-folder 5:4
N.D. Slides - Trips - Mount Rushmore and New York, including: Family Photos
Box-folder 5:5
N.D. Slides - Trips - New York City and Paris, France
Box-folder 5:6
1960–1994 Slides - Vacation Trips and Various Flowers, including: Bear Mountain, Islip Meadows County Nature Preserve, The Muttontown Preserve, The Sandpoint Preserve, Shenandoah Skyland Drive, and Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge
Box-folder 5:7
1959–1994 Slides - Various Gardens and Plants, including: Azaleas, Dogwood, Raustein Garden, and Satsuki Azaleas
Box-folder 5:8
1972–1980 Slides - Various Plants, including: Bloodroot, Flowers, Herbs, and Rhododendron People, and Snowdrop
Box-folder 5:9
1971–1993 Slides - Various Plants and Personal Photos, including: Artwork, Franklinia, Garden Planting, Hager's Personal Home, Landscapes, Snow, and Queen Anne's lace Oversize Folder
N.D. Flower Prints Natalie Eller & Sharon Defibaugh