A Guide to the John Garibaldi Papers 1862-1864 Garibaldi, John, Papers MS 0284

A Guide to the John Garibaldi Papers 1862-1864

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MS 0284
John Garibaldi Papers 1862-1864
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John Garibaldi Papers, MS 0284, Virginia Military Institute Archives, Lexington, Virginia

Acquisition Information

The collection was donated to the VMI Archives by the Lee-Jackson Foundation in 1989.

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The Garibaldi Papers are available in full-text format on the VMI Archives website at: http://www.vmi.edu/archives


Prior to its donation to VMI, the collection was on deposit at the George C. Marshall Foundation in Lexington, Virginia. The Lee-Jackson Foundation originally purchased the papers (the name of the manuscripts dealer or auction house and date of purchase are unknown).

Biographical/Historical Information

John Garibaldi, Confederate soldier, was born in Genoa, Italy, on April 30, 1831. He immigrated to the United States 1851, where he married Sarah Ann Virginia Poor of Botetourt County, Virginia. During the Civil War, Garibaldi served as 3rd Sergeant, Co. C, 27th Virginia Infantry Regiment (Stonewall Brigade). He enlisted May 1861; was captured at Kernstown March 23, 1862 and sent to Ft. Delaware prison; was exchanged August 5, 1862; and returned to duty until captured at Spotsylvania Courthouse, May 12, 1864. He was again imprisoned at Ft. Delaware and was exchanged for the second time on October 30, 1864. After the war, Garibaldi was a teacher and farmer in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He died at Big Island, Bedford Co., Virginia, on September 8, 1914 and is buried in Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, Lexington.

Scope and Content Information

The bulk of the collection consists of 38 letters, 1862-1864, written by Garibaldi to his wife Sarah during his service in the Confederate Army (27th Virginia Infantry Regiment). Primary topics include camp life, the hardships of war for both soldiers and civilians, battles and skirmishes (including Chancellorsville and Gettysburg), other members of the 27th Virginia Infantry Regiment, and family news. The papers also include 1 letter from William H. McPherson to Sarah Poor Garibaldi (1863) and 3 letters from Garibaldi to his daughter, written in 1904.


The collection is arranged chronologically.

Contents List

Correspondence Inventory.

All letter are addressed to Garibaldi's wife Sarah, unless noted otherwise.


  • Letter, 1862 January 28. 1:1A, Box-folder

    Written from Camp near Winchester, VA. Concerns the Romney Campaign.

  • Letter, 1862 October 24. 1:1A, Box-folder

    From Camp near Bunker Hill. Concerning camp life.

  • Letter, 1862 November 2. 1:1A, Box-folder

    From Camp Allen, Clarke County, Virginia. Concerning camp life, payday, rumors of enemy movements.

  • Letter, 1862 November 20. 1:1A, Box-folder

    From Camp Bailor. Concerning orders to prepare to march, affection for Sarah, payday, family.

  • Letter, 1863 January 4. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp Winder. Concerning money; doubtful that he can come home on furlough

  • Letter, 1863 January 18. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp Winder. Concerning money; received socks.

  • Letter, 1863 January 27. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp Winder. Request for Sarah to write often; unit under marching orders; Garibaldi in good health; needs soap and thread.

  • Letter, 1863 February 26. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp Winder. Concerning sending of money and supplies.

  • Letter, 1863 March 24. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp Winder. Concerning money, supplies, family.

  • Letter, 1863 March 29. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp Winder. Spring campaign to begin soon; furloughs suspended.

  • Letter, 1863 April 14. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp Winder. Wages increased; unit preparing to move; hasn't received letters from her.

  • Letter, 1863 April 30. 1:1B, Box-folder

    Unit drawn up in line of battle; expecting fight tomorrow.

  • Letter, 1863 May 9. 1:1B, Box-folder

    Battle of Chancellorsville

  • Letter, 1863 May 11. 1:1B, Box-folder

    Battle of Chancellorsville; death of General Stonewall Jackson

  • Letter, 1863 May 28. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp near Hamilton Station. He is well; doesn't know when they will next march.

  • Letter, 1863 June 3. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp Paxton. Unit has received marching orders.

  • Letter, 1863 June 16. 1:1B, Box-folder

    From Camp Stephenson, Frederick County, VA. Battle of Winchester.

  • Letter, 1863 July 10. 1:2, Box-folder

    From Washington Co., Maryland. Battle of Gettysburg.

  • Letter, 1863 July 19. 1:2, Box-folder

    From Camp Near Darksville, Berkeley County, Va. Comments on kindness of people in Pennsylvania and wealth of countryside there.

  • Letter, 1863 July 19. 1:2, Box-folder

    From Camp Near Darksville, Berkeley County, Va. Comments on civilians in Pennsylvania and wealth of countryside there.

  • Letter, 1863 August 4. 1:2, Box-folder

    From Camp Stonewall Brigade. Difficulty in receiving mail; encamped near Orange Court House

  • Letter, 1863 August 14. 1:2, Box-folder

    From Camp Stonewall Brigade. Still encamped 2 1/2 miles from Orange Court House, on the plank road; needs socks, woolen gloves for next winter; also soap.

  • Letter, 1863 mid-August. 1:2, Box-folder

    From Camp Stonewall Brigade. Still in camp; no prospect of fighting; he has chance for a furlough next winter.

  • Letter, 1863 August 27. 1:2, Box-folder

    From Camp Stonewall Brigade. News of prisoners from Northern paper.

  • Letter, 1863 September 3. 1:2, Box-folder

    From Camp Stonewall Brigade. Still in camp doing guard duty; reports news about various other soldiers who were wounded, killed, or taken prisoner.

  • Letter, 1863 September 25. 1:2, Box-folder

    Has been on march for ten days and expects battle soon; unit constructing breastworks; news of other soldiers; is tired of fighting but expects war to go on.

  • Letter, 1863 October 6. 1:2, Box-folder

    He is on the march twenty miles below Orange Court House; Yankees are tearing up nearby railroads.

  • Letter, 1863 October 21. 1:2, Box-folder

    Camp near Culpeper Court House. Reports various engagements against yankees; prisoners taken.

  • Letter, 1863 November 1. 1:2, Box-folder

    Drawn up in line of battle.

  • Letter, 1863 November 4. 1:2, Box-folder

    In winter camp about seven miles east of the Rappahannock, five miles west of Culpeper Courthouse

  • Letter, 1863 November 15. 1:2, Box-folder

    Camp near Orange Court House; rations low.

  • Letter, 1863 November 21. 1:2, Box-folder

    His unit is on the move, rarely stopping more than a few days in one place; a new supply of winter clothes arrived for the brigade, best clothing in some time.

  • Letter, 1863 December 5. 1:2, Box-folder

    George Poor wounded; unit still in camp.

  • Letter, 1863 December 16. 1:2, Box-folder

    Still in camp; needs socks, red pepper, soap.

  • Letter, 1864 January 9. 1:3, Box-folder

    Camp near Orange Court House. In winter quarters, doing guard and picket duty; rations reduced; has no shoes but hopes to get some.

  • Letter, 1864 March 8. 1:3, Box-folder

    Camp news; needs socks.

  • Letter, 1864 March 24. 1:3, Box-folder

    Deep snow; units have snowfights.

  • Letter, 1864 April 5. 1:3, Box-folder

    Weather bad and rations very poor; he has obtained a Catholic prayer book.

  • Letter, 1864 April 22. 1:3, Box-folder

    War news; spring campaign to start soon; meat very scarce; religious revival among troops.

  • Letters, 1904. 1:4, Box-folder

    3 letters to his daughter

  • Letter from William McPherson to Sarah Garibaldi, 1863 July 15. 1:5, Box-folder
  • Covers/stamps, 1862-1864. 1:5A, Box-folder

    Civil War envelopes