A Guide to the Jerome Blair Papers, 1852-1916 Blair, Jerome, Papers 1990.2

A Guide to the Jerome Blair Papers, 1852-1916

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Special Collections, Kegley Library
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Jerome Blair Papers 1852-1916
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Jerome Blair Papers, Mss. Collection 1990.2, Kegley Library, Wytheville Community College, Wytheville, VA

Acquisition Information

Donated by Gladys Blair, Ann Blair, and Eleanor Sue Murphy in 1990.

Biographical Information

Destined to become a prominent Wythe County merchant, Jerome Blair was born on 12 April 1819 in the Walton Furnace area. Blair evidently intended on studying law and migrating to Texas or Oregon. In an 1845 letter (Kegley Library Vertical File, Families-Blair #34), he admits to William Blair that "if times get any better perhaps I may stay in this county." Blair supported himself by teaching.

On 13 December 1848, Jerome Blair married Emily H. Caldwell (1828-1897). They raised several children together including Isabella Margaret Blair (1852-1917, Hannah E. Blair (1862-1956), Susan Blair, Charles David Blair (1869-1928), and John Blair.

Blair operated general merchandise stores in Grayson and Wythe counties. His Wythe County stores included Brown Hill, Hutsons Creek, and Walton Furnace while his Grayson County stores included Cherry Grove and Spring Valley.

His Walton Furnace property also proved lucrative for Blair. In 1872 he leased it to Millon Howard and Dr. Richard Walton Sanders. The Lobdell Car Wheel Company rented the property in 1879. Blair received preference for hauling goods and providing supplies.

Jerome Blair served as justice of the peace for the eastern part of Wythe County as well as postmaster for Ivanhoe. He died on 2 March 1900.

Scope and Content

The Jerome Blair Papers complements the Jerome Blair Collection (Mss. 1990.1) of ledgers and account books for his general merchandise stores. The Papers described here consist of individual documents such as correspondence, warrants, summons, receipts, and education records. The Papers are arranged into five series.

Series I, Correspondence (1852-1916, undated) contains an 1883 letter written by Jerome Blair to his family as well as an 1852 letter from Peter Leinback to his father John. Also included are letters of Charles David Blair and Hannah e. Blair.

Series II, Legal Records (1883-1894, undated) consists of warrants, summons, and other documents pertaining to Jerome Blair's tenure as justice of the peace for the eastern district of Wythe County. The warrants in particular offer a glimpse into theft and violent crime in Wythe County. Further information on cases may be found in the judgement and execution book in the Jerome Blair Collection(Mss. Collection 1990.1, Set Id).

Series III, Financial Records (1853-1893, undated) contains an 1853 excerpt from Andrew Blair's account book as well as an excerpt from the accounts of Charles David Blair circa 1893.

Report cards from Sullins College in Bristol, Virginia for Hannah E. Blair and Nellie Jordon, notes on mathematics by Jerome Blair, and a penmanship exercise book on the Spencerian System comprise Series IV, Education Records (1852-1883, undated).

Series V, Miscellaneous Records includes undated speeches on patriotism and temperance, a drawing of an unidentified man, and advertisements for Arm & Hammer Soda and Saleratus Baths, and Dr. Walker's Vinegar Bitters.

Related Material

The Jerome Blair Collection, Mss. Collection 1990.1, contains ledgers and account books from several general merchandise stores and businesses owned by Blair. Included are records for Peirce Forege (Cripple Creek Forge), Hutsons Creek Store, Brown Hill Furnace Store, and Walton Furnace Store in Wythe County an dCherry Grove Store and Blair and Hall Store in Grayson County.

Contents List

Series I. Correspondence. 1852-1916 .
  • Folder 1. Correspondence. 1852-1916 .
    • Letter. Peter Leinback, Bethania, N.C. to John Leinback, Jacksons Ferry, Va. 30 April 1852. . 1:1, Folder-item

      Re: illness of father, sale of Peter Leinback's property, and request for jugs and clay.

    • Letter. Jerome Blair, Max Meadows, Va. to "Daughters." 10 September 1883. . 1:2, Folder-item

      Re: trip to Elk Creek, Grayson County by Jerome Blair and son Charley to visit potential school for Charley, Elk Creek Academy. He was to board with the Cornett family.

    • Letter. Charles David Blair, Blair & Company, Walton Furnace, Va. to S. Laffoon. 25 July 1893. . 1:3, Folder-item

      Re: grain drill recommended by Blair.

    • Letter. Charles David Blair, Blair & Company, Walton Furnace, Va. to Max Meadows Pharmacy, Max Meadows, Va. 25 July 1893. . 1:4, Folder-item

      Re: order of sulphuric acid and potash.

    • Letter. Charles David Blair, Aultman & Taylor Machinery Company, Roanoke, Va. to Hannah E. Blair, Max Meadows, Va. 15 September 1916 . 1:5, Folder-item

      Re: shipment of sugar and butter; illness of Lillie Blair.

    • Letter. William Eversole to Jerome Blair. Undated. . 1:6, Folder-item

      Re: house owned by Mr. Watts.

Series II. Legal Records. 1883-1895 .
  • Folder 1. Legal Reocrds - Warrants. 1883-1894 .

    Jerome Blair served as justice of the peace for the eastern part of Wythe County and held court at Walton Furnace.

    • Warrant for arrest of Jeremiah Carter. 1883. . 1:1, Folder-item

      Charged with stabbling John Howard on 20 June 1883.

    • Warrant for arrest of David Rhodes. 9 June 1889. . 1:2, Folder-item

      Charged with assaulting Ned Cochran with a knife on 8 November 1889.

    • Warrant for arrest of Thomas Brally, Guy Leffew, and Gus Leffew. 10 December 1889. . 1:3, Folder-item

      Charged with beating and cutting James A. Mitchell and W. T. Sangster on 10 December 1889.

    • Warrant for arrest of Cally Hale. 31 March 1891. . 1:4, Folder-item

      Charged with stealing chickens and cabbages from Nancy Miller in November 1890.

    • Warrant for arrest of James Puckett. 31 March 1891. . 1:5, Folder-item

      Charged with stealing horses from Sterling F. Watts in November 1890.

    • Warrant for arrest of John Leffew. 31 March 1891. . 1:6, Folder-item

      Charged with stealing chickens and cabbages from Nancy Miller in November 1890.

    • Warrant for arrest of James Puckett. 31 March 1891. . 1:7, Folder-item

      Charged with stealing chickens and cabbages from Nancy Miller in November 1890.

    • Warrant for arrest of Alf Malone. 31 March 1891. . 1:8, Folder-item

      Charged with stealing chickens and cabbages from Nancy Miller in November 1890.

    • Warrant for the arrest of Ronnie Walker. 31 March 1891. . 1:9, Folder-item

      Charged with stealing chickens and cabbages from Nancy Miller in November 1890.

    • Warrant for arrest of Bert Wright. 8 April 1892. . 1:10, Folder-item

      Charged with assaulting wife and children of James Painter on 4 April 1892.

    • Warrant for arrest of Trig White. 2 April 1894. . 1:11, Folder-item

      Charged with stealing goods from James T. Warden on 31 March 1894.

    • Warrant for the arrest of William Caudle. 8 May 1894. . 1:12, Folder-item

      Charged with assaulting the wife and children of Lee Caudle on 3 May 1894.

  • Folder 2. Legal Records - Miscellaneous. 1885-1893, undated. .
    • Summons for Jerome Hale. 20 June 1885. . 2:1, Folder-item

      To answer complaint of debt by Dr. J. E. Tarter. Itemization attached.

    • Appointment of I. Ross, Charly Jones, and Charley Austin. 8 November 1889. . 2:2, Folder-item

      Appointed to "keep peace" at Ross' church.

    • Order to Wythe County jailer. 11 Novemer 1889. . 2:3, Folder-item

      To guard prisoner David Rhodes.

    • Summons for John Ayers, John L. Thomas, C. F. Sanders, W. J. Raper, and Hardin Wilson. 13 June 1893. . 2:4, Folder-item

      Summoned as witnesses in case against John Leffew who was charged with stealing hogs.

    • Summons for James Pinter. Undated. . 2:5, Folder-item
Series III. Financial and Land Records. 1853-1893. .
  • Folder 1. Financial and Land Records. 1853-1893, undated. .

    Folder contains: an 1853 excerpt from account book regarding notes due Andrew Blair & Company, Cook Springs, Wythe County; 1867 receipt to A. Thompson from I. P. N. Simmerman; excerpt from account book, J. C. Raper in account with Charles David Blair & Company for April-June 1893; list of tracts owned by S. F. Watts and children; and time table used for compilation of items purchased on credit.

Series IV. Education Records. 1852-1883. .
  • Folder 1. Education Records. 1852-1883, undated. .

    Folder contains: 1852 blank account statement of Jerome Blair from School Commissioners of Wythe County for his tuition of poor children; exercise book for Spencerian System of Penmanship; quarterly reports for Hannah E. Blair (March 1893) and Nellie Jordan (November 1883) from Sullins College, Bristol, Va.; and notes on mathematics by Jerome Blair for a Mr. Leonard.

Series V. Miscellaneous Records. Undated. .
  • Folder 1. Miscellaneous Records. undated. .

    Folder contains speeches on patriotism and temperance; excerpt from account book index; pencil drawing of unidentified man; advertisement for Arm & Hammer Brand Soda and Saleratus Baths; and flyer for Dr. J. Walker's California Vinegar Bitters, stamped "Blair & Hall, Dealers in General Merchandise, Brown Hill, Wythe County, Virginia."