A Guide to the Lewis F. Powell Jr. Collection 1937-1999 Powell, Lewis F. Collection, 1937-1999 002

A Guide to the Lewis F. Powell Jr. Collection 1937-1999

A Collection in
Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Archives
Collection Number 002


Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Archives, Washington and Lee University

Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Archives
Washington and Lee University
School of Law
Lexington, Virginia 24450-0303
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Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Archives, School of Law, Washington and Lee University
Collection number
Lewis F. Powell Jr. Collection 1937-1999
Physical Characteristics
c. 21 cubic feet

These materials relating to Lewis F. Powell's life come from a variety of miscellaneous sources and are collected by the Powell Archives. This collection should not be confused with the Lewis F. Powell Jr. Papers, Ms 001. The Powell Papers contain the documentation of Powell's life which he created and maintained.

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Lewis F. Powell Jr. Collection, 1937-1999, Ms 002, Lewis F. Powell Jr. Archives, Lexington, VA

Scope and Content Information

This open-ended collection comprises discrete gifts of usually small amounts of documentation relating to the life of Justice Powell. These materials come from a variety of sources including friends, associates, and the geneal public. The Powell Archives staff have also added news clippings. Materials separated from the Powell Papers that would, in most cases, have been discarded, are also housed here for possible exhibition or other use not directly related to research. These materials include duplicate speeches,clippings, and Supreme Court slip opinions.

Contents List

Articles re Powell 1971-2000
Box 1
Box 1
Biographical Summaries
Box 1
Interviews 1990-1991
Box 1
Box 1
Letter: Powell to Chief Justice Preston V. Campbell June 13, 1936
Box 1
Letter: Powell to Dr. Charles D. Haskell January 16, 1937
Box 1
James D. Farrar Correspondence, 1972-1989
Fitzgerald Bemiss Correspondence 1955-1994
Box 1
Box 1
George Blow letters (2) 1972 & 1989
Box 1
Lewis F. Powell Jr. letters to Virginius Dabney (111 leaves), 1971-1994

These letters were removed by the donor from the Virginius Dabney Papers, before those papers were given to the University of Virginia Special Collections.

Box 1
Louis F. Oberdorfer Corresponcence, October 1989

This single exchange begins with Judge Oberdorfer's letter of October 20, 1989 (copy) enclosing a copy of Henry W. Anderson's 1931 report of the Wickersham Commission concerning prohibition of alcohol. Justice Powell's letter of acknowledgement (original) of October 24, 1989 is also here.

Box 1
ABA Business Law Section Remarks April 12, 1991
Box 1
Baltimore Orioles Baseball Game May 20, 1993
Box 1
Lewis F. Powell Oral History Interview July 27, 1993
Box 1
Sally Smith Oral History Interview November 7, 1996
Powell Death and Funeral 1998
  • Box 1
    Lewis F. Powell III Eulogies for His Mother and Father 1996, 1998
  • Box 1
    Funeral Program August 31, 1998
  • Box 1 & oversize folder # 2 in map case
    Clippings 1998
  • Box 1
    Memorial Service at U.S. Supreme Court May 18, 1999
  • Box 1
    Symposium in Honor Of Lewis F. Powell's Birth Centenary. National Press Club. Video (dvd) Recording by C-Span2 April 6, 1991
  • Box 1
    Duplicate Portrait Photographs of Lewis F. Powell Jr. 1972-1976
  • Box 2
    Audio and Video Tape Recordings 1998
Angus Powell Diploma and Cerificate 1936, 1944
Box 1
FBI File 1964-1988

This is a copy of Lewis F. Powell Jr.'s file provided to the Powell Archives by the Federal Bureau of Investigation through a Freedom of Information Act request.

  • Box 3
    General Correspondence 1964-1983
  • Box 3-4
    Supreme Court Background Check
  • Box 4
    Threat Investigations 1974-1988
Powell Wing Dedication and Symposium April 2-4, 1992
  • Box 5 & oversize folder #1 in map case
    Printed Materials and Memorabilia
  • Box 6
    Video Recordings
Video Recordings of Constitutional Law Classes at Washington and Lee School of Law March - April, 1989
Box 7

Justice Powell taught seven Constitutional Law classes at Washington and Lee University School of Law between March 15 and April 27, 1989. These recordings are on 3/4" videotape.

Duplicate and Separated Materials from the Lewis F. Powell Jr. Papers
  • Box 8-11A
    Speeches and Writings 1956-1987
  • Box 12-12A
    Published Materials 1968-1993

    Duplicate copies of Ultra and the Army Air Forces in World War II, and of journals or reprints containing writing by or about Powell.

  • Published Court Opinions
    • Box 13-30
      Supreme Court Slip Opinions 1970-1989
    • Box 31
      United States Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit 1987-1992
  • Box 32
    Bakke Decision Scrapbook 1977-1978

    Four copies of the scrapbook of documents and clippings re the 1978 Supreme Court "reverse discrimination" case.

  • Materials Retained for Exhibit Potential
    • Box 33
      Artifacts and Duplicate Documents
    • Box 43-35
      Photos and Captions from Supreme Court "Justices In World War II" Exhibit
  • Box 36
    Scrapbooks re Retirement from U. S. Supreme Court, 1987-1988

    Duplicate materials removed from 001 Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Papers at 10.9.3

  • Box 36
    U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit Printed Opinions, 1987-1992

    Duplicate materials removed from 001 Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Papers at All of these opinions were written by Powell. Though all are printed, some are "unpublished."