Inventory of the Barraud Family Papers 1799-1904 Barraud Family, 1799-1904 Mss. 65 B26

Inventory of the Barraud Family Papers 1799-1904

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Special Collections, Earl Gregg Swem Library, College of William and Mary
Collection number
Mss. 65 B26
Barraud Family Papers, 1779-1904.
66 items.
Barraud Family, Philip Barraud, Ann Blaws Hansford Barraud, Daniel Cary Barraud, Otway Byrd Barraud, John Taylor Barraud, St. George Tucker, Thomas Jefferson.
Correspondence and other papers, mostly 1810-1860, of the Barraud family of Norfolk, Virginia.

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Biographical/Historical Information

The head of the family, Philip Barraud was the son of Daniel Barraud of Norfolk, Va. Born 8 October 1757. Served as a surgeon in the American Revolution. Moved to Williamsburg in 1782. Married Ann Blaws Hansford in 1783. Moved back to Norfolk in 1799 to accept position as head of Marine Hospital in Norfolk. Died 26 November 1830.

Scope and Content Information

Correspondence and other papers, mostly 1810-1860, of the Barraud family of Norfolk, Virginia. Correspondence of Dr. Philip Barraud (1758-1830), his wife, Ann Blaws (Hansford) Barraud (1760-1836), and their children, included Daniel Cary Barraud (1790-1867), Otway Byrd Barraud (b. 1801), and Leliana (Barraud) Baker (b. 1805). A number of the letters, as well as some poems, are from St. George Tucker (1752-1827), a close friend of Barraud's when he lived in Williamsburg, Va. Subjects covered include the War of 1812, medical service in the American Revolution and social life in Norfolk, Virginia. Also included are the commissions of John Taylor Barraud (1826-1860), U.S. Navy, and his narrative diary, 1844-1847, while serving off the Mexican coast; a contemporary copy (1820) of Thomas Jefferson's thoughts on the education of women; grants for bounty lands awarded Daniel Cary Barraud for his service in the War of 1812; a composition on Cato by Jonn Taylor Barraud (1826-1860), for the College of William and Mary; and the draft of a letter from James Barron (1758-1851), to President Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) regarding Dr. Barraud's public services.



This collection is organized into 3 series. Series 1 contains Personal Papers and Correspondence; Series 2 contains a Dairy; and Series 3 contains the Addition to the Collection, 1992.45.


The collection is arranged chronologically by date.

Index Terms

    Family Names:

  • Barraud Family.
  • Persons:

  • Barraud, Ann Blaws Hansford, 1760-1836.
  • Barraud, Daniel Cary, 1790- 1867.
  • Barraud, John Taylor, 1826-1860.
  • Barraud, Otway Byrd, b. 1801.
  • Barraud, Philip, 1758-1830.
  • Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.
  • Tucker, St. George, 1752-1827.
  • Subjects:

  • Medicine--Virginia--History--19th century.
  • Jefferson, Thomas, 1743- 1826.
  • Medicine--United States--History--18th century.
  • Mexican War, 1846-1848.
  • Norfolk (Va.)-- History--19th century.
  • Norfolk (Va.)--History-- 18th century.
  • United States--History--War of 1812.
  • United States. Navy--History--19th century.
  • Women--Education--United States--History.

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Significant Persons Associated With the Collection

  • Ann Blaws Hansford Barraud,
  • Barraud, Ann Blaws Hansford, 1760-1836.
  • Barraud, Daniel Cary, 1790- 1867.
  • Barraud, John Taylor, 1826-1860.
  • Barraud, Otway Byrd, b. 1801.
  • Barraud, Philip, 1758-1830.
  • Daniel Cary Barraud,
  • Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.
  • John Taylor Barraud,
  • Otway Byrd Barraud,
  • Philip Barraud,
  • St. George Tucker,
  • Thomas Jefferson.
  • Tucker, St. George, 1752-1827.

Components List

Letters, 1779-1860.. 1-4, Folder
Series 1: Letters
  • Ph[i]l[ip] Barraud, Rathbone Place, [London, England], to Daniel Barraud, Smithfield, Virginia, 30 August 1779.. 1, Folder

    Mentions his brother, Daniel Barraud's eldest son, Philip; sorry to hear he lost all when driven from Norfolk; death of Philip Barraud's mother; mention of Mr. Hansford; comments on the "plate" mother left Daniel.

  • [?], Hudsons River near New Windsor, [N.Y.] to Phil[ip] (Barraud), n.p., 10 April 1782.. 1, Folder

    Conditions in the army, including mention of "the Baron [von Steuben"?], Generals Heath and McDaugall, and Aduef; asks about Barraud's family.

  • Medical bill of Copeland Parker due P.[hilip] Barraud, listing visits made and medicines prescribed, June-November 1800.. 1, Folder

    Endorsed, "Received payment for P. Barraud. G.W. Maupin."

  • St. G[e]o[rge] Tucker, n.p., to [Philip Barraud], Norfolk, [Virginia], 14 Dec[embe]r 1802.. 1, Folder

    Will not be able to come for a visit due to his and his wife's poor health; also "Fan" will be visiting soon; mention of "Poll"; Henry arrived and is helping prepare his [SGT] book [Blackstone's Commentaries] for publication; [Nathaniel] Beverley [Tucker] will winter at "Bizarre" with is sister; best wishes for upcoming marriage of [Ann Hansford Barraud and John Hartwell Cockel]; hopes to meet soon, possibly at Swann's Point.

  • John Barraud, n.p., to "Mr. President, [the] R[igh]t R[e]v[eren]d J[ames] Madison", W[illia]m [and] Mary College, Williamsburg, [Virginia], [1806].. 1, Folder

    School composition on Cato.

  • M.W. Allen, n.p., to her daughter, Miss Honoria O'Grady, Norfolk, [Virginia], 21 August 1807.. 1, Folder

    Encourages her to write neat letters, "clear of blots because it looks very ugly;" promises to send a present for every "handsome letter sent;" upset that Grandpapa will not let Grandmama whip her as she has heard that she [HO'G] keeps herself dirty and "kicks up her heels in the street;" praises the value of whipping and studies.

  • A poem by [St. George Tucker], entitled On Domestic Happiness, 20 March 1809.. 1, Folder

    Inscribed to Dr. [Philip] and Mrs. Barraud, 22 June 1809.

  • A poem by [St. George Tucker], entitled "The Sheep's Head," 17 June 1810.. 1, Folder

    Appended is Philip Barraud's explanation of the story. 10 Jan. 1827.

  • Agreement between Dr. [Philip] Barraud and Mr. Parker to cure Harry [a slave?] of the "Veneral complaint" for $30.00, 26 March 1812.. 1, Folder

    An endorsement reads; "The poor fellow cure was made, consequently no pay can be demanded."

  • Paul P. Barraud, London, [England] to Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 29 August 1812.. 1, Folder

    Talk of British- U.S. relations; also mention of the safe return of Philip's son from Paris, [France].

  • Jo[h]n Hamilton, [London, England], to Dr. [Philip] Barraud, Norfolk, Virginia, 14 September 1812.. 1, Folder

    Had safe voyage to England; news of Spain, telling of Madrid being occupied by the Marquis of Wellington, and stating that "the seige of Cadiz is raised, and many successes of the British in that country render it likely that that country will soon be evacuated by the French"; also news of Europe, stating that a "reconciliation with America is expected."

  • P[hilip] Barraud, Hampton, [Virginia], to [St. George] Tucker, n.p., 10 January 1814. [sic] [1815].. 1, Folder

    Expresses feelings before battle with the British forces; reminisces about childhood. Endorsed as "1815."

  • P[aul] P. Barraud, London, [England], to Philip Barraud, Norfolk, Virginia, 12 May 1815.. 1, Folder

    Discusses peace between U.S. and Britian; family news.

  • P[hilip] Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], to St. George Tucker, Warminster, [Virginia], 20 September 1815... 1, Folder

    Words of caution about handling a business transaction in which Barraud is also involved; physical condition of both; repairs to home in Norfolk.

  • "Mother", [Anne Blaws (Hansford) Barraud], Norfolk, [Virginia], to her son, Dr. John Barraud "at General Cocke's Bremo," [Fluvanna County, Virginia], 14 Sept[embe]r [1819].. 2, Folder

    Family news, including [Daniel Cary Barraud]'s marriage; discusses their health, and the possibility of his returning home after he has recovered; Capt[ai]n Crane is courting Miss[?] King, although Gabriel [?] doesn't believe that she [Miss King] really cares for him; Capt[ai]n Wadsworth, Mary Eliza Taylor, and Mr. [?] Randolph believe that Gabriel wishes that it were she whom he was courting; mention of the Constitution "breaking ground" and the upcoming arrival of the Columbus, both of which will provide "reinforcement" for the local girls in the way of entertainment on board; she, however, has not permitted Lelia to go - "this does not prevent their serenading us every night or two [though]"; Beverly Kennon and Miss [?] Skipwith have "parted by mutual consent [and] the families are not up on visiting terms"; expects a visit from William Nivison and his son any day; yearns for fruit since a large storm destroyed their peach trees; mention of Louisa [?], Nancy Moreland and "little Nan."

  • John T[aylor] Barraud, "Bremo," [Fluvanna County, Virginia] to his mother, Mrs. Ann [Blaws (Hansford)] Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 3 January 1820.. 2, Folder

    Report of family at "Bremo"; mention of John Hartwell Cocke, and a visit by Wilson Cary; various children interested in studies including Philip, who is "trying French but is rather thick tongued"; tells of an unsuccessful hunting expedition, stating that Otway [Byrd Barraud] is a "poor hand with a gun."

  • St. G[eorge] Tucker, W[il]li[a]msburg, [Virginia], to Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, 14 January 1820.. 2, Folder

    Glad to hear health has improved; mention of his "poor, sick and afflicted child, Polly" who is confined to her bed, with neither Dr. [Alexander Dickie] Galt or Dr. Smith able to find a name or remedy for the illness; describes her illness; tells of a visit by Sally Peachy and her sister Nanny.

  • Th[omas] Jefferson, "Monticello," [Virginia] to [John Hartwell Cocke], 14 March 1820.. 2, Folder

    Contemporary Cy. Discussion on the education of women.

  • John T. Barraud, n.p., to his sister Lelianna Barraud, n.p., [ante 1821].. 2, Folder

    Sending a bundle of clothes for her "Mammy Jenny"; inquires about her reading.

  • St. G[eorge] Tucker, Warminster, to Philip Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 19 July 1821.. 2, Folder

    Discussion of their health, including poem expressing religious feelings; family news.

  • Otway B. Barraud, Norwalk, [Virginia], to his sister, Lelianna Barraud, "Bremo," [Fluvanna County, Virginia], 4 September 1821.. 2, Folder

    Family news; tries to persuade Lelia to remain at "Bremo" because of a "violent disease" prevalent in Norfolk; describes a "large gale" which blew two Richmond steam boats up the Eastern Branch.

  • "The Father," [Daniel Cary Barraud], n.p. to "Cousin," Miss Judith C. Applewhaite, n.p., [1822?].. 2, Folder

    Announces the birth of Mira Rosa Barraud; the mother is doing well.

  • [Ann Blaws (Hansford) Barraud], Norfolk, [Virginia], to her daughter Lelia A. [(Barraud)] Baker, Suffolk, [Virginia], December [1825].. 2, Folder

    Family news; delay of the Tucker family's visit because of the death of Charles Carter; describes how she will fill her time while her husband is away; did not go to "Bremo" because there was only room for 4 people in Mr. Cocke's carriage; heard that Patsy [?] is to marry the Baptist preacher, but doesn't believe it; mention of Louisianna's "affair" and the attention being paid to her by a "certain Presbyterian gentlemen"; has a pot of pickles for her and her "work table," which needs to be repaired.

  • H[enry] Clay, Department of State, Washington, [D.C.], to George Hay, Judge of the United States for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond, [Virginia], 14 February 1826.. 3, Folder

    Enclosing the commission of John Pegram as marshall of the United States for the Eastern District of Virginia; requests that he deliver it to him.

  • P[hilip] Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], to St. George Tucker "at Joseph C. Cabell's," Warminster, Virginia, 17 July 1826.. 3, Folder

    Mentions Tucker's recent visit; Barraud family affairs; comments on the deaths of Jefferson and Adams.

  • St. G[eorge] Tucker, Warminster, [Virginia], to Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 20 Octo[ber] 1826.. 3, Folder

    Comments and sympathy of brother-in-law, [Robert] Taylor; other family news; mention of disease in Norfolk.

  • P[hilip] Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], to Mrs. Lelia A. [(Barraud)] Baker, Suffolk, [Virginia], 24 October 1826.. 3, Folder

    Invitation for her family to come for a visit; family news.

  • St. George Tucker, W[illia]msburg, [Virginia], to Dr. Ph[ilip] Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 8 January 1827.. 3, Folder

    Death of Henry [St. George Tucker]'s daughter, Frances.

  • St. G[eorge] Tucker, W[illia]msb[ur]g, [Virginia], to Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 14 March 1827.. 3, Folder

    Mention of the fire in Norfolk; quotations from Tucker's brother [Thomas Tudor Tucker]'s letter concerning Barraud.

  • St. G[eorge] Tucker, W[illia]msburg, [Virginia], to Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 16 April 1827.. 3, Folder

    Recollection of the time Barraud lived in Williamsburg "now [a] deserted village"; visit of Tucker Coles; other family news; regards from Sally Peachy and others.

  • St. G[eorge] Tucker, W[illia]msburg, [Virginia], to Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 4 May 1827.. 3, Folder

    Mention of Frank Willis, Mr. Tunstall's appointment in Washington, D.C., Helen and [Tucker] Coles, [Thomas Tudor Tucker], and other members of the Tudor family; received the leather from Cary.

  • H[enry] St. G[eorge] Tucker, Winchester, [Virginia], to Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 10 June 1827.. 3, Folder

    Thanks him for the letter of sympathy; family news; plans to travel north.

  • E.A. Eyre, [Christianburg, Virginia], to "cousin," Mrs. Lelia Anna [(Barraud)] Baker, Norfolk, Virginia, 4 August 1827.. 3, Folder

    Family news; went horseback riding; heard that Norfolk has become quite "gay," mentioning a party given by Dr. Selden for Elizabeth Johnston, a "sweet tempered sprightly girl."

  • Th[omas] T[udor] Tucker, Washington, D.C., to Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, Virginia, 5 Dec. 1827.. 3, Folder

    Acknowledges letter of sympathy upon death of St. George Tucker, his brother.

  • [Ann Blaws (Hansford) Barraud], "Bremo," [Fluvanna County, Virginia], to her husband, Dr. P[hilip] Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 24 Dec. [1827?].. 3, Folder

    Family news; mention of John Hartwell Cocke; describes in detail the visit to the "Rock," and a waterfall; social gossip; birth of daughter to Louisianna (Cocke) Faulcon; Nancy [?] is making a flannel waistcoat for herself; asks opinion of the sale of the "Dover Estate" for $1,000, stating that it is a "most elegant place."

  • [Ann Blaws (Hansford) Barraud], Norfolk, [Virginia], to her daughter, Lelia [(Barraud) Baker], n.p., [1828].. 3, Folder

    News of family and friends; mention of the Cocke and Tucker families; election of General Jackson causing a "great bustle," with Doct[o]r Andrews giving a "great Jackson dinner"; lecture on the evils of women who lead men on.

  • N[athaniel] B[everly] Tucker, St. George, [Mo.], to Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, Virginia, 24 April 1829.. 3, Folder

    Discusses the death of his wife Eliza (Naylor) Tucker, and thanks him for his condolences.

  • J[ames] B[arron], n.p. to General Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, Washington, D.C. , [May] 1829.. 3, Folder

    Reports that Dr. Barraud was to be removed from his post, and commending Barraud.

    Including AMsS, 14 May 1829, by P[hilip] Barraud, Norfolk, Virginia, being a statement about his education, and services to the United States by being in charge of several hospitals, including a military hospital, 1776-1779, the [Eastern State] Hospital; and the Naval Hospital at Norfolk. 2 pages. Also including ADr., n.d., by [Philip Barraud], n.p. stating that his appointment by the Adams Committee was without his consent [an apparent defense against replacement under Jackson's "spoils system"]. 2 pages.

  • "Father" Philip Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia] to Mrs. Lelia [Anne (Barraud)] Baker, Suffolk, [Virginia], 20 Nov. 1829.. 3, Folder

    Re: family affairs; is building a "handsome portico" at the South door; explains the supplies used, including marble, and the style of architecture as Doric.

    Including AN, n.d., by [Ann Blaws (Hansford) Barraud], [Norfolk, Virginia]. 1 page. Also including explanatory note concerning letter. 1 page.

  • P[hilip] Barraud, South Quay, [Nansemond, County, Virginia], to Otway Byrd Barraud, Petersburg, [Virginia], 20 Feb. 1830.. 3, Folder

    Health is improving, as is Mother's and Lelia's; had some shirts "prepared" for him, and are now being forwarded.

    Including AL, n.d., from [Ann Blaws (Hansford) Barraud],[South Quay, Nansemond County, Virginia], giving health and family information. 2 pages.

  • "Grand Daughter," M[ira] R[osanna] Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], to Mrs. Ann Barraud, South Quay, [Virginia], 22 December 1832.. 4, Folder

    Imagines the baking of mince pies and cheesecakes for Christmas; tells of the installing of a new stove, and her father's concern that it won't hold enough coal to heat a large room; describes a recent fire and other family news.

    Including ANS, n.d., from D[aniel] C[ary] B[arraud]. 1 page. Also including explanatory note concerning letter. 1 page.

  • J[ohn] Marshall, Richmond, [Virginia], To Otway B. Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 20 April 1834.. 4, Folder

    Did not know his father [Dr. Philip Barraud] during the [Revolutionary] War - only afterwards; nor did he know Dr. Applewhaite as he was "fortunate enough not to be sick during the whole of my service [in the Revolutionary War]."

  • Litt[leto]n W. Tazewell, Council Chamber, [Richmond, Virginia], to Richard H. Baker, South Quay, Suffolk, Nansemond County, [Virginia], 22 April 1834.. 4, Folder

    Included commission appointing him judge of the General Court and Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for the first circuit, filling the vacancy made due to the death of Robert B. Taylor. (Commission not enclosed).

  • W[illia]m H. Day, Smithfield, [Virginia], to Otway B. Barraud, Norfolk, [Virginia], 21 July 1835.. 4, Folder

    Concerning the service of Dr. Orr [in the American Revolution?]; tells some Orr family genealogy; and mentions the marriage of Dr. Applewhaite's sister to Dr. Orr.

  • W[illia]m H. Allmand, U.S. Ship Jamestown, Porto Grando Island, St. Vincents, Cape de Verdes, to "Uncle," John Allmand, Norfolk, Virginia, 27 August 1845.. 4, Folder

    Details of the cruise of his ship to the coast [of Africa ?], Madeira and the Canaries; prospect of relief in 8 months; tells of his shipmates buying Madeira wine; describes the inhabitants of the Canaries, and their language, which is similar to Latin; tells of a court martial on board the Yorktown.

    Including N., n.d., explaining relationship of William H. Allmand to George P. Blow. 1 page.

  • "Norry" [Honoria Allmand, later Mrs. John Taylor Barraud], Boston, [Mass.], to "Brother," Albert [Allmand], n.p., 31 May [1846?].. 4, Folder

    Discusses his drinking problem, the family's grief over it, and the prospects that he will be dismissed from the Navy because of it.

  • Grant for 80 acres of bounty lands to Daniel C[ary] Barraud, Surgeon's Mate, 5th Regt., Virginia Militia, War [of] 1812, 6 February 1852.. 4, Folder

    Issued by the Dept. of the Interior and signed J.E. Heath, Commissioner.

    Includes various assignments on verso, 1884, and engravings of Andrew Jackson, and wild horses.

  • Commission of John T[aylor] Barraud, as Master in the U.S. Navy, signed by Franklin Pierce, President of the United States, 18 April 1855.. 4, Folder
  • Commission of John T[aylor] Barraud as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, 14 September 1855.. 4, Folder

    Signed by Franklin Pierce, President of the United States.

  • Grant of 80 acres of bounty lands to Daniel C[ary] Barraud, Assistant Surgeon, Col. Mason's Regt., Virginia Militia, War of 1812, 2 April 1856.. 4, Folder

    Issued by the Dept. of the Interior and signed by J. Minot, commissioner. Includes various assignments on verso, 1884, and numerous engravings depicting a battle from [the War of 1812?], a farmer, an Indian raid, and portraits of Lieut. Gen[era]l Winfield Scott and Jeff[erson] Davis, Sec[retar]y of War.

  • Invitation to Miss C[ourtney Cordelia] Barraud, Norfolk, Virginia, to a soiree at the Ocean House, Norfolk, [Virginia], 20 January 1857.. 4, Folder
  • Stock certificates of the Union Car Works, Norfolk County, Virginia, issued to John T[aylor] Barraud, with engravings showing the Union Car Works factory, various horses and carts, buggies, and wagons, a streetcar and a train, 4 February 1857 and 25 January 1860.. 4, Folder
  • Receipt for the will of John T[aylor] Barraud, deceased, at the Circuit Court of the City of Norfolk, 17 November 1860.. 4, Folder

    Signed by Jno. Williams.

  • Receipt for loan of $101.00 to M. Barraud, 2 April 1883.. 5, Folder
  • Offer of R. M. Peale, Springfield, Mo., to buy land warrants of the Mexican War, Indian War, War of 1812, or Civil War Homestead filings, October 1904.. 5, Folder
  • Confederate States of America ten dollar bill, 17 February 1864.. 5, Folder
  • [Ann Blaws (Hansford) Barraud], Norfolk, [Virginia], to Mrs. Lelia A. Baker, South Quay, 9 May n.y.. 5, Folder

    Baptism of Mary; mention of Joseph Cabell; family news; details about clothes that need to be altered, and a dress that needs to be lined.

  • L[ouisianna] B[arraud] Cocke, Bremo [Fluvanna County, Virginia] to Dr. Phillip Barraud, Norfolk, Virginia, 28 March n.y.. 5, Folder

    Expresses satisfaction with the news of their acquiescence in her engagement [to John N. Faulcon]; hope her brother continues to recover; plans to visit in a fortnight; mentions her garden and visitors; mentions mutual acquaintances. Adds postscript to Aunt Lelia; requests two dresses be made for her in the next two months.

Diary, 1 October 1844-21 January 1847.. 6, Folder
Series 2: Diary

Narrative diary of John Taylor Barraud, U.S. Navy, while serving on the John Adams, a 20-gun sloop of war. 5 page typed summary included. The diary covers the time from Barraud's arrival by ship in Norfolk, Virginia, after an absence of 3 years. In early 1845, he goes to New York, N.Y. for assignment on the John Adams, which later travels to Pensacola, Florida and then to the Mexican coast. A large part of the diary consists of comments while sailing between Pensacola and Mexico, includes comments on the land, sea, and diplomatic aspects of the Mexican War. In late October, 1846, Barraud sails to Boston, Massachusetts, from whence he travels to New York, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, Portsmouth, Virginia, the U.S. Naval Academy, Richmond, Virginia, via canal to the mountains, and back to the Academy.

Addition to Collection, 1992.45, 20 Jan[uar]y 1851.. 7, Folder
Series 3: Addition to Collection, 1992.45

S. Lawson Barraud, Moquclumne River, Caleveras County, Cal[i]fo[rnia], to Dr. Cary Cocke, Lower Bremo, Seven Island, P.O., Fluvanna C[oun]ty, Virginia. Concerns his life during the Gold Rush.